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[Music] [Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another vlog hope you're having a great day it's jesse james west here and i am feeling amazing today we're gonna be cooking and training with two lovely ladies they're twins i'll let them introduce themselves when they get here they're gonna be cooking for me i'll be cooking for them some good energy today's me pretty wild if you ask me kendra why are you not subscribed 55 of people watching this video aren't subscribed right now let's get that number up because it literally went backwards it's supposed to get better it got worse it means we're getting more views we gotta hit that subscribe button turn on those post nodes and hit that like button too if you're feeling generous but obviously no pressure you being here is more than enough let's get on with the day all right the girls are here boys stay in the room you're good okay i'm watching them let's go say what's up all right normally the elevator bites back but lately it's been good the ladies have arrived you guys ready for a cookoff i'm making something are you baking yeah because i suck at cooking ladies and gentlemen welcome to la casa to jesse wow and my other roommates too they're locked in there i'm not letting them out while you guys are here anthony you could stay in there this is the workspace we're gonna be cooking up stuff but i think we should introduce you i'm maya matoy i'm the oldest twin i'm micah i'm the youngest and with montoya twins we're originally from emerald texas but we lived in la for quite some time and we've been on youtube for like five years something like that something like that i'm excited to eat whatever you're gonna cook up yeah i've never made what i'm making right now first time is the charm definitely our dad used to bake for the air force so i think we should be okay okay so cooking runs in the family yeah let's let's just dive right to it but there's one thing you need not allowed in jesse's kitchen if you don't have an apron on who wants red who wants black black they both just sound like that's right it's red so i'll take black yeah no it'll blend it jessie's favorite is already oh my gosh what did i get myself into what we don't wear chef's hat too wearing a hat already i'm not doing all that no chef's hat no i'm gonna i have to make some exceptions okay should i turn the oven on yes 350 degrees you bad girl oh oh turn it on okay my bad that was awkward are we finna cook i'm baking there's a difference are we finna baking do you bake no nothing no no i can cook pretty decent i just don't have time to let's go where's the energy yeah all right you guys ready okay well we're all in aprons and you're not so ah give me one second and we are in the outfit pants off let's do it okay so what ingredients do you have and let's cook i got almond butter i'm sorry baking powder cinnamon bananas this slime oh we're getting cracked out cracked out oh this is micah's extra virgin olive oil for the extra virgin coconut oil vanilla extract old-fashioned oats almond milk almond milk cool cool cool dark chocolate cause it's healthier let's go i'll get the bowl it's like a babysitter my eyes oh this is a cute bowl yep it's all tiny we could use this i could just wash this i use it for french toast okay in a large bowl we're gonna mix the mashed bananas how many bananas are we mashed two to three let's do three oh my gosh what you're sus i'm not suss this is the one killing the banana all awkwardly prefer promiscuously defined promiscuously i really don't know what that word means we're just gonna plop the eight inches right in there you say it like you know what eight inches is say like i wish i knew what it is three bananas down the hatch i'm just gonna go to town on it okay okay you don't have like a potato masher we're a bunch of boys and meat heads you think we have any sort of useful utensils you know what maybe this is your kitchen i'm using a spoon this he's wasting so many dishes for no reason it's for anthony is clean up don't worry anthony's dish for you that's fine mashing almost done what's the next ingredient two eggs it's gonna ruin it you have to make it with love or it's not gonna turn out good for me love is intense it's aggressive though this looks aggressive not intense do you ever see a man crack an egg with one hand yes all right you're about to see it again any shell nope yes there is no there's not okay that is so minuscule and then when it's in your mouth i bet it's not though it's gonna be like the biggest crunch ever mine's gonna end up tasting bad i'm trying our economic sexual joke boom ladies if you're looking for a man who can cook it ain't me okay what's next mix milk how much one cup we have a scale for this is going so splenda dude i did there [Music] chocolate chip banana baked oatmeal the cookie sort of thing i guess so we're going to figure this out mine is i think the correct term is migas fried corn tortillas with egg and onions you don't eat cheese so no cheese so simple are you guys liking the jesse james west experience so far i wish i was a morning person like him yes there's a lot of skin showing so i wish i had that confidence i mean we're here we're doing the thing boys are back in town right i didn't hear anything so what's next [Music] well maya's food's baking micah is now gonna teach me how to make don't tell me but we're gonna make her dish pure virgin olive oil vegetable i'm kidding okay now we got some eggs what are we doing fry up some shredded corn turkey espresso how many well i feel like you eat a lot so we're eyeballing that's all we do in this house i'll do two okay we need to heat up some vegetable oil first this is a sin right here oh my gosh how many calories this is i'm gonna dabble it a little bit so we'll go moderately oily okay oh yeah what i have so many jokes i have to keep to myself i'm nervous okay there's females in my kitchen listen when in doubt just oil up step one peel the tortilla what are we doing next step one saute some chopped onions wow i suck can i cut those for you finely diced like these delts are diced yeah oh my eyes porn i forgot something gotta have these get out of here amateur don't you have goggles for your hunting days no i'm not extra extra slice and dice baby slice and dice more oil oil up baby i feel like you could add one more yeah let's do it oh my gosh spontaneous spontaneous the ladies love me i'm on my cool j it's a good thing you're strong because your jokes are not that was harsh you know what it's my cooking show that's what how many eggs i feel like hey we should just use egg whites but you know what this is your cooking segment today okay and then when that's done it's done beware of the jokes crap in there but you're very sensitive no i hope you all aren't sensitive i am the most sensitive don't ever make a joke to me or i'll just cry you hear that ladies it's okay my eyes literally girls i am very in tune i cry like once a week oh bamboo you want to scramble like cut it all up every time we touch i can't just be it here we go it's time for the reveal if it doesn't turn out it's jesse's fault because he up to the temperature and we don't know how long it's been in for oh my gosh no you're gonna burn your mouth look at it steaming ew why don't you touch it like that that was so good jessie start mine i'm trying i'm trying to multitask i let you cook the eggs till i always burn them i burnt it okay points deducted [Music] ladies and gentlemen it is time to grade the food okay how do we want to grade this taste presentation and prep we'll start off with prep time since it already happened you you got a ten you probably like a four you think i'm gonna cook this for breakfast every day presentation this one gets a ten this one gets a four feel like that's not fair ten four he decorated both of them i tried my best okay how much tell me when tell me when i'm going to oh my god what whole model taste test that's amazing it's a nine fat jessie's back look how hot it is oh my god 12. health six oh my god it's all good now the girls are gonna judge my cooking ability you're gonna try this and you're gonna try that and tell me how i did it's fine but really it's so good when you bite it it's not that hot it tastes like like raw cookie dough i like raw cookie dough what do you know what do you i think with our assistants you did good i'm gonna give you a solid segment yeah all right so we're gonna be cooking up the girls some anabolic french toast you guys know me i eat french toast every single day it just makes sense since they cooked me some food and taught me how to do it i'm gonna cook them some food and teach them [Applause] the wetter the better if she ain't dripping i ain't drowning case closed so it is time for the ladies to try my magic anabolic french toast moment of truth initial thoughts texture is weird i don't like the sugar free syrup that was like a long like aftertaste it's not bad though is this really healthy though yeah it's low calorie but it's like bread oh what a lot of bread it's low calorie it's all matters seven out of ten it needs like strawberries okay what do you what do you think powdered sugar i'm gonna give it a second the texture's like eggs though look at the french toast i had ten delicious listen ate it all too every time i eat every day for breakfast every day i would get you don't get sick of the same foods never yeah that's why i could never meal prep because i will get i would get the same foods all right ladies and gentlemen it is time to go to the gym my stomach is full and so is this cup of transparent labs pre-workout get your pre-workout code jesse saves you 10 off when in doubt you just dip your finger in it coat jesse baby let's go [Music] how are you hi i'm good how are you what are you doing what kind of trouble is this we're getting in today i'm training two influencer girls youtube [Music] we're gonna do the bar challenge see if it goes over my butt mine's let's go jessie got that ass [Music] one two three get your eyes baby protect your knees all right so ladies we're gonna be doing some barbell back squats have you not available [Music] so every time i train someone i say one more more they go hard and then i'm like okay i want more and then they go hard i'm like you have so much more in your system i'm gonna keep pushing you hey listen i'm not gonna lie to you i lost my phone for 45 minutes it's now one o'clock and we gotta hurry up we're doing leg press both of them are gonna like press at the same time it's a fun game i like to call double trouble [Music] that was completely made up that's not an exercise [Music] okay the days of the week what [Music] one pump stump baby [Music] [Music] it literally needs to be dragged out of here like i did a triple drop set i am not fine all right ladies and gentlemen we're going on the next exercise we're doing hamstring girls okay add thickness to the leg that's what we want this has an extra c at the end let's get to it we'll do three sets i'll do four about 15 reps squeeze the muscles so i'll pay you to take it it's really stinky so we're gonna do some rdls we're gonna hamstring glutes you guys are gonna work your butts a little bit all right you ready [Applause] life is a lie when you're going off you breathe out flex your core breathe in hold tight go down you exhale on the exertion fun fact just use this fake weights what what'd you say i get many dates you're right all right well that's the wrap of the workout everybody we're gonna end it on a high note one hell of a workout homeboy hey [Music] she wants to go for another round we know round two is always better but today we're only doing round one okay no round two ladies and gentlemen welcome back i'm just kidding it's the end of the video what do you mean listen subscribe to the girls subscribe to me we're chasing a million they're chasing a million i think we help each other out we can get at least pretty close link down below at least five subscribers at least at least five at least five but yeah drop a like for the boys back home do not forget to stay relentless maybe turn on your post notice it's up to you i'll catch you guys later thank you to the girls peace you