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for you actually me bro is that the real card JD yeah it is bro what's up dudes loves that he goes do I have a mansion Wow I wish I had a mansion that's adorable you like to turn down your TV volume a little bit what oh I just hear everything twice how are we going where are we going junk Junction okay I just turn it off put you back there turn it off it'll get better sorry what hey I'm gonna make my leg okay I trust you I'll try to stay alive oh you're good bro I got em both I see that I will try to find you one don't worry about the house life you got a girlfriend or what what'd you say same bro we're in the same boat dude good call amen that's that's my whole life that's been my whole life for 25 years dog but don't worry it's gonna wait it out yeah so nice wait I don't have a vehicle let's run together be careful how many wins do you have seven okay yeah I don't worry I'm gonna run on foot you can catch up to me perfect I go over to run out of foot you catch that's because you know what you should run up maybe if we win about that are top ten all right I'll consider it a highly consider it so you said you amber said you have eight wins now I 707 sorry I think I'm eight I have on this account I have three wins yeah yellow eyes dropping shows I have ten in total we could try to find more yeah on my other account on my other account I have 2400 win okay three I have 2400 wins on my other account yeah I am pretty good you can do 90s mom's yellow madam I'm getting nervous now because if you wear a bush the bush will will take let's take some shotguns me in the body I won't take any damage whoa nice pogchamp dude that's sick no be careful there's enemies over there all yo here's a backflip yeah I'm trying to learn wait you know you said you know how to do 90s yeah I'll distract them oh I got him sighs oh my god let's go dude we can win this game okay whoa don't say that hey well we listen look at me we're not about that life whoa stay there stay there stay there back we gotta go through I'm gonna kill this guy bro I leave filming you gotta get out of there [Music] yeah huh no I have the purple trooper yeah I have a girlfriend you like marshmallows music yeah add that for any songs he's really good thank you I know they did somebody don't think you have to go hard on Dawa high school games - oh nice that's good though oh my gosh at his high school no way this kitchen is the best shot this place oh yeah yeah I'll go add you oh wait do do do you know do you watch it do you watch live streams I you know who Courage's yeah I'm current encourage JD actually actually bro do you know do you have my twitch account you don't which I'm actually courage dude actually yes dude bro I'm actually courage man what's up this is my this is my second account you played on northeaster worse I used to I do I do I moved to California can you count to give me proof sure sure actually me bro hey bud listen I happy you're excited don't worry man we're gonna roll together well hey listen now we can win together right hey courage right there in the lobby let's go somewhere let's go be here oh all right okay I don't know he just jumps dog he just jumps I am I hear you dude a nerves man I've had many times I've had many times playing where I'm nervous don't worry you got a battle through it bro yeah go grab him bro don't get him sure yeah of course like a shield i'ma help you out you're not gonna shoot okay I like you get the kill oh please help help money help coming I got it don't worry yeah let's here follow me follow me over here go ahead I got ya this bro what's up dude Wow thank you bro even more than Tim the tat man whoa okay that's ittle crazy now Thank you Thank You bud thank you playing random duo's that I matched your brother we almost won the last game but we'll see we'll see I could only stand for one more game so I have your brother at it maybe in the future we'll play it will play together again all right he did dude don't worry I've had that happen many times oh my god yeah but when I knew him I started five-thirds loves bad egos I'm down bro it's two brothers funny we're good we're going we're gonna win to all your viewers use your coats of course supporter crater code Wow do I have a mansion wow I wish I had a mansion I wish I had a mansion maybe one day uh ninjas your favorite hey I was playing with ninja earlier dude today yeah I wish I wish do but yeah he's he's a cool dude huh yeah thanks for watching his dreams he's awesome and it's a lot with you he said he's like being the typical older brother chat it's hysterical man hey what my are freshmen school are we're everyone well that's nice dude are you better than your friendlies are you better than ever now you didn't practice your aim something I was just money you should practice yourself oh yeah brothers right I think you don't you just have to practice aiming yourself get in creative mode and you probably economy keep roaming should I maybe should I make this a youtube video or what I dream and a YouTube video dad might be proud of me that's adorable Oh keep dying the best line you can handle it [Music] he's accidentally cadet he just accidentally did that he just accidentally headshot at me bro we try a thank you guys that means a lot okay one day we'll try another time don't worry about it hey I appreciate you guys staying positive there managed I tried for us I tried but hey that was Gigi's right really well it really mattered that's what really matters thank you guys well that means a lot to hear listen you guys are both cool kids you've been raised well keep having fun and and what I'm sure we'll get games in the future all right yeah one day we were all right Gigi's boys nice to meet you guys hi guys kids good that's about [Music]