LUCY IN THE SKY Official Trailer FOX Searchlight




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you'll see time to wrap it up just a few more minutes [Music] I saw my house from space not literally that my life yep there it is excuse me major Govan has a theory that he can tell who's walked in space just by looking at it is more than theory you keep your eye on this one to show you how it's done I'm so proud of you lobbying on the moon and back you know Michael Collins gosh the Apollo 11 definitely the command module for neon buzz so you know that after he dropped them he circled the moon for hours inside the module he wrote I am now truly alone and absolutely alone from any known life I am it I need to get back out there yet know the younger so you're just gonna have to work harder look at you straight arrow you never done anything wrong in your life I've done plenty of things wrong really hit me dr. Plimpton said you skipped your last recessions I'm giving everything to this program to the mission kills me to say it but our girls been pre inconsistently Kolob or planned attack she's tough cookie if the laptop not everyone can handle right I'm pulling you out of the running for a ride no if I were man you excuse me I know what you're doing but you can old house this is not a drill cadet grab a stuff what are you doing with her I'm officially beginning to work you acting so strange [Music] I'm scared all systems go it's a bike up there only players worry anything makes sense I hear that [Music]