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THE BEAUTY OF LODI Do you have a cigarette? Since I thought you might have some... Walking along here in Pietrasanta, on a Sunday... with all the newsagents closed, I thought... Well, I thought... Look at this stuff! It's tar. Won't come off. You need a pumice stone, the sand does nothing. Do you have any nail polish remover? - No, I have cigarettes and that's it. Do you want one? It must be 4 already. I never bring my watch to the beach. There are waterproof ones that protect against the sand, too. They cost the same as the others, more or less. Yeah, since it takes me so long to get changed... And here in Pietrasanta, you know... Why, how long does it take to get changed? Sunday means a lot to me! How come? Well, why do you think? I race! - Ah, well, good for you! Anyway, that's my passion. Well... Goodbye, then. Hey, want to come see me race? I don't even know what you race! Come up and see, it's more exciting than this! The sun will go down soon. - Yeah, that's for certain. No, really. The meeting starts at 5... but I won't start until 6 - 6:30. Oh, and the place... you know the road that goes up... This is Pietrasanta, not Milan! Bye. What are we even doing here? It's really late! Quiet, it's wonderful. Look at that, the 125! It won't last long, will it? And you were right, it's great! Where's your sister taking us, Giorgio? What's wrong with her, today? Listen to that racket! Where do you get off? She's dragged us around all day! Stand there and watch your race! That way we can sit down, too. You're already sitting down, it's not like it'll kill you! Right, what would she be doing at home? Listen to your fuss on Sunday, too? At least you get to complain, it's no fun for us! Anything else to do here, or have you seen everything? Come on, let's go! It's getting cold, too. Drop by the hotel, that way I can grab a jumper. Hold on! I'm supposed to take you out for fish, right? Go ahead, take her with you! We don't have to be together all the time, it's not like we're married! If you want to stay here, stay here. If not, take your little car, leave mine here... as for the fish, you can tell me all about it later. You, take their car with them, and give me my scarf back... we'll eat dinner together or meet up later, okay? Are you coming dressed like that? Are staying here, Adriana? I hate the sea air. Did you ask if we had a tree to exchange? No, we don't have one! What, now that you're here, you're leaving? Hold still, will you! - I ended up on the track! Look at this thing! Come here! Do I have to get up? Hold it still, with your hand. - Hey, that hurts! Something broken? It could be a sprain... but you won't know until tomorrow, if it's swollen. Yeah, places like this can be so boring after a while! The pharmacy's just here. Take this, keep it raised all night and it'll be gone by the morning. How much? - 100. What kind of place is this, with no one around? It might be Sunday, but what do you mean he's gone for dinner? If he's a doctor, he should be here! It doesn't matter! Don't make a fuss... I'll just do it tomorrow. - Hold on. Do you know how to do x-rays, at least? What would I know about x-rays? - Oh, great! Thanks! What are you doing here, then? You might as well close... and go and eat dinner, too. Don't you have a family? All kidding aside, let's go and check the trains... I have to be there early tomorrow. It's over 10km from here to the station, aren't you hungry? Wherever we go to eat, they'll have a timetable. We'll ask them for a copy and you can check right away. Right! Where can we go, this late? - They're all open. On the coast people eat late, didn't you know? Why not here? They have good food, you know. You must be crazy! A place for dancing! With this leg, look at it! I can't put weight on it, can I? I can't walk that far! - It's right here! Come on, walk! It's worth it. Oh, what a cute little dog! I have one at home, 3 months old and he's already eaten a pair of shoes. The service here is really quick. Let's see, are you sure it's the same? Yes, Miss. You can check! It's good - I don't mean anything, it's just that sometimes... Just a moment. If I have to wait for this salad much longer... I might lose my appetite. We're almost done here. - You don't want it anymore? No, what? I want it, I want it. Just that I want it now. - Right away, Sir. Are these from today or yesterday? Look me in the eye, I can tell. From today! - One each, then! These are fresh, too? - Of course! There was lobster, monkfish... and we're eating seabass. Once I've eaten, I feel like a different person! Were there lots of people here for August break? It's best to stay at home and not go out. Have a house here, do you? Let me drive for a while, yeah? That way you won't get tired. No, when other people drive I always get sick. It's easier when I'm driving. Not even here where it's straight? Just to see what it's like. What did you say your name was? - Franco, why? Ah, was that your Mum and Dad at the café before? - Yeah, right! They own the shop where I work. Aren't your arms cold? What do you want, two espressos? If you like that breed of dog from before... I can bring you one next time, I have two. Cut it out, will you? Leave me alone, got it? On the beach! What does the beach have to do with it? You know, on the beach... Do me a favour! What, you think that because you have a Giulietta, you can... just do whatever you want? We've been driving around since 6! See how pretty this is? Don't you like it? I'm getting a headache. - Ah, a headache? Wasn't it your leg that hurt? Both of them. What do you want from me? - No, I'm going home... and I'm sick of talking about it! I feel ill, too! No! You leave me alone! That's enough, got it?! I can't do it, I'm tired! Enough, I told you! You don't need to make a scene! - I'll walk! Just as long as you understand. I'll take you to the station, it's not far! Come on, what is it? You're not upset, are you? Stop it, you're making me feel ill! We'll be there in 10 minutes... Come on! I'll do it! No, not here. I'm lying on pine needles. Your aunt is here already! God, that must be the one from Piacenza already. Go take a look! My dear Giorgio! - Hi, Auntie! I thought I'd come early: not just for the grandparents... instead of coming from Piacenza just for that, in this heat... Roberta and I are going to see this cattle stall that won the award. I can do it all in a day. Your uncle will be here later. I didn't bring my mother-in-law: those conditions, at her age! Are you ready? Auntie, with all the things to do this morning... I don't even have time to check on the fields! Maybe we can go later this evening, with your husband. No, I don't want to wait around. I don't know about you... but I want to see this cattle stall at all costs! And it's not far! Just an hour in the car... and once you're there, you'll be happy, too! But with everything to do here... That's why Giorgio is here! Eh, Giorgino? You can take care of it, can't you? We'll go and come right back. I'll take care of it, but we have to be in church by 11:30. Don't be late! And what about the two old folk upstairs? We kept them up until 10 this morning. What about your grandma, up by 6 every morning? She has her eggnog. Two this morning, already. Here, take your dressing gown! Tell Galbiati I won't be coming this morning. - Okay! How elegant, how fresh! - Thank you. What a beautiful creature! She looks just like my Pia, do you know her? No. My dear, this is their moment! We're old, Ines! I'm giving it all up, that's what I told my Achille! Worked? We've worked. Married? We got her married. Lives in Bonn now, you know. At the embassy, what a career! And after all we've been through, it's time to take a step back! My husband is writing his memoirs. I'm taking my photographs. They're wonderful, you know? Of Santa Margherita! Sunsets! I'll leave you with Mr. Poggi, he's excellent. He's the nephew of the one who did all the Vittoriale. But you call me, okay? Not tomorrow, though. I'm going to Salice for a mud bath. Call me on Thursday. Mr. Poggi! Mr. Poggi! Did you and Giorgio come up with a present for those two old folk? Since it's a golden wedding anniversary, I got them something gold. I've got it here, hope they like it. Why gold if they have everything? And Grandma doesn't like anything. Giorgio and I paid for the unified contributions, that... you know, this year are a real slap in the face. That way Grandpa is happy, too. He always likes everything. Mind your heads, here! Look at that, how wonderful! Half a billion, all of it. Do you have that? We don't! What do you think? Between us, you, my mother-in-law and the mute... Look at that, 5 men for 700 cows! All automated, you know! Enough with this agriculture! All you care about is land. Why put all that capital in... just to get out 2 or 3%? Why not a furnace or a nice garage? It's less risky and is a sure thing! Right, but where's Mr. Poggi? Mr. Poggi! - Here I am! You're wanted in the kitchen, Miss. Miss, come here! - I can't right now! Look at that, the king of chefs! Petronilla! Cordon bleu! Listen to that water! - Well, same as usual. Mr. Eugenio wants to drown today, too. I told him, bit I don't know. You should speak to him. Grandma here, Grandpa there, Don Giovanni and the Commendatore. That looks okay. - Look, look! The same old witch, looking through our things. You can't leave her alone! - Then take her away! Giorgio, go upstairs and see if they need anything! Go and help him, Auntie! No, Darling, I was just opening them to put them all in order. Of course, thank you! - So many telegrams! That's very kind! - And that poor girl! Let's go upstairs. With all that stuff in the garden, and no one to... Alemagna will take care of it, they do it every day. Outside is only for the young ones! All the old folk, we'll sit inside at the table. - Really? Excuse me a moment. Go up, I'll be right there. Tell him, okay? - Yes, Giorgio. Anything for me? If you keep firing people from the dairy... sooner or later, you'll find one that wants to skin you! Cut it out! - What did I say? So, who were you with? - Just a stupid thing at the beach... Who would have thought? - But, you... Do you know what he wants? - Exactly! Go figure! How come? Who is this guy, anyway? I don't know, one night, nothing. - Do I know him? Did you show me? No, no. Listen... is he capable of bad stuff? Well, in his own way... They're here! You're not changed, yet? Quickly, upstairs! Ugo, how wonderful! Such lovely flowers! Fanny! Fanny! Already washed, already dressed! Always ready, I am! And don't forget my decanter on the table today, too! Did you congratulate Grandma? With that water of yours, it's all flooded! Quick, they're already here! - Alright, alright. My Dulcinea! Dulcinea del Toboso! Where did you put the sealing wax? I've put the tax stamps in your drawer, I'll keep the key. With all these people in this house today, my dear... "Busy bee, the weary spirit may never repose..." Did you put the new 1,000 lire notes aside for gifts? New or old, they'll take them all the same... and not a word of thanks. You know how I feel about gifts. It might not matter to others, but it matters to me! They don't even look at them, just spend them straight away. If it were up to me, I'd give them only the most ruined ones. If you don't need me, I'll go get changed. It's all ready downstairs. Is your brother downstairs? - No, in his room. Send him downstairs, there should always be someone checking on them. When one is upstairs, the other should be downstairs. You! Has your husband forgotten about my insurance? I've not received anything. - He only has two hands! With the wedding anniversary, we've not even spoken today. You want to do the meeting today, too? Call Milan right now! - Let me get dressed, it's late! Wait! I saw the cattle stalls with Auntie. Alright, that's today. There's time later. Look at this. The Coburg, jumping! Look! They're going up? - They're going down. Let them go down. Call them right away. While they're still! - Okay. We wait, then we buy. To the accountant! Then tell him to call me as soon as he gets back. While they're still. Yes, they're still. Call me right away, I'm going out soon. Aren't you ready yet? We have to get downstairs! I'll help you, quick! - What's the hurry? Don't you get that simple suits you? Less make-up... less colours... much less jewellery. Let me see! - Cut it out, now isn't the time! This way we know you won't come back without them. I mean, won't lose them. - Miss, telephone! I'll take it up here, it's the accountant. Hello, Sir? I'm sorry, what? Hello. Are you crazy? What are you doing still up here? Everyone's outside! I don't know. I'm busy. I don't think so. Yes, maybe. Is it him? - Yeah. "The fog upon the steep hills rises..." Very good, let's go! What did he say? Later! At least find out what he wants first. - What he wants? It's already half-past and he said to be there at 1. But let's think about it. Going to the police seems a bit... A bit what? You were there too, you should have tried. Stuck there on the telephone, what could I have told him? So suddenly, without forewarning! Why don't you go? For me... - Me? Why? I don't even know what he looks like. And besides, it's your problem. With all this stuff to do, don't even think about it! But, all kidding aside... do you think he could be dangerous? He's not the type that would be happy with his piece of the pie! If I'm not there at 1... he's quite capable of coming here and making a scene, got it? Expect me to know the number of the police station, too? At least you can take care of that! Where's your telephone? - There. "In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit... come down on you and remain with you forever..." Is it almost over? 10 minutes or so. - Okay. The sergeant says that to go, too... because if they don't catch him in the act, there's nothing they can do. They'll be there, then? - Yeah, they're sending two plainclothes officers. Says that if anything happens, they'll be there. Okay, I'll see you out there in a quarter of an hour, thank you. "Go in peace, and the Lord be with you." Hi. I have something here for you. Hey, you! - Come on. - Get your hands off me! Move it! Hold this! Hands off, I said! Miss.. It was you? Are you crazy? What's wrong with you, calling the cops on me? I brought you the dog and you want to ruin me! - Easy! What have I ever done to you?! Don't you even have a fireplace in this house? No way! Just that fake one under the window. One of those electric things, or a gas one... No, what do you mean? It's not like we bought this house to come and stay here. What, you got it with the doors closed and this furniture inside? Where did you put those tax stamps? Get them out, come on! Let's see. Don't you have some cardigans in this place, some blankets? There's no light here? - It's there by the door. I'll check if there's something to drink, there should be. All of these. Careful! Of course, this placed is closed all winter long! Take this mineral water over there. - The serviettes! Be right there! Go and get some ice. Let's push the tables together. A nice risotto, but you can cook! Pull the cork out of this for me. What can you do? Now my father will decide, I don't know... Is it ready? - No, not yet. We'll flatten it to build a hotel. All of it? - Behind we'll put an annex. Come on, cut it out! Shall we dance? - No way. Try this Camembert that we make... wish chestnuts and lard. See how different yours is, made with acorns. For me, this will only crumble if you keep it in a shop. Oh yes, when the octanes go away. When it's dry, it changes colour, but the creaminess stays the same. And your brand of Stilton, eh? Try selling that as a real Stilton. Well, it might pass with some port... And if we sell it with an instruction manual... This is the new Dutch one that Giovanni's father makes. I already told him that it's not that good, you try it! This one is great when it's really young, with any wine. Really young what? What? - I'll choke, cut it out! Greedy! - Come on, I'm spilling it! What did you say, greedy pig? - Come on! She doesn't know what she wants. She never tells me everything! Roberta is that kind of girl, don't worry about it... You can dance the twist with her! - No, not with her! Come on, it's ready. We make it with parsley, spinach and eggplant. It's so good! With your brand of Brie, it's bad even on salad. Enough, no! - You call that a souffle... it doesn't even stand up! Come on, drink! - This, too? - Try this one, too! It's our sweet wine! And some cheese, I still have the flavour of the other one in my mouth. Tomorrow, then. Sounds good. Yes, at 4. We said 4, right? You're coming, aren't you? - Yeah, why wouldn't I? Will you come? - Yeah, I'll come. They never put these receipts in the proper drawer. So many tax stamps, though! And to think, we sent for some to be bought this morning. You guys, listen... You guys eat something different every day... but for me, since it's getting warmer... just make me my broth, that's fine. Don't buy newspapers this evening, I'll take care of it... I'm going out. Are you two going to the cinema this evening, too? I'm taking the car out for a ride, I won't be gone for long. Thanks, Miss. An espresso! Where's my coffee? Sorry to barge in with everyone outside... but this will only take a moment to clear up. Do you still have Franco Garbagnati here as a prisoner? What do you think, Miss? Even those poor folk outside aren't all wrong... We have the builders down here in the archive... had to pull out everything. - Really? Anyway, if you... Ah, a piece of paper. Write the name down for me and we'll take care of it. This heat at the start of May, it's not right, it's not normal. It's not healthy, this early. Have you seen the tourists in Milan? Already in shorts! - Full of 'em! And since we're waiting, I'll get a nice cup of coffee. No! If you'd be so kind as to call them right away, hurry them up... I'll sit right here and look around, don't worry about it! How many prisoners do you have in here? Not even 50. - And staff? Between cooks and officers, 30. - So many, it's not proportional! Do you have a hand in all of them, or do they send them? I get that the State has its say... But places like this, you know... Not bad, though! Nice and high! Seems smaller, coming up the stairs. Some nice shops, offices... And in the centre, too! Are we on the second floor? - Yes, yes. I bet, they're double the height! We're the same height as the third floor if you look over there. Is this a national monument? - No! Then what are you waiting for to knock it down? It's not pretty! Put up a nice building like the other ones around here. I'd say you're limited to 6 floors. There's always one set back! And if you put it up for sale, or even sell the land it would work. With the money you make, you could put up a nice prison out of town... that would cost less in maintenance! What are you talking about? - I was just saying, since it's a shame. He's not been here for a while! What do you mean? Did he do all his 6 months? 6? No, he did 4. Then do you know where I might find him now? If the address is written here, I can tell you right away. If not, what can we do? Let's see. Miss, you were born in a shirt! I'll write it down here, happy? You're an idiot, got it? Got that? An idiot! - This guy's crazy! Come on, Miss! A Cognac, a Fernet, something... First, let's get you out of here. - Are you headed to Bologna, too? We'll take you, it's not far. You're at the Baglioni, right? Yes, the Baglioni. - Right! Hey! The first one of you to finish his shift... take the lady's Giulietta and drop it off at the Baglioni, in Bologna. 5 for you, and 5 for the petrol. And take it easy, okay? I wouldn't want to put you out. I can make my own way there. If we don't help each other out, among roadsters... This beer is warm! Let me call for another. Don't worry, maybe later. I'm not that thirsty. - Do you want to sleep? We could get up. - Why get up for? If I get tired, anyway... And so what? I'll sleep tonight. My shift starts at 1. They never call at night, anyway. And there's the other guy there. How do you find it there? Do they treat you well? Well, you know... How do you organise sleeping when you're not in service? Well, considering we're in a station like my one. It's lucky that we're just down the road from Modena. We take advantage when the truck goes... - Stop exaggerating! It still hurts after yesterday. You always have something that hurts! First it was your knee... You should get yourself looked at! I don't always have something that hurts. Just twice, that's all. Any only when you're around. I'm fine on my own, you know? Yeah, right. But what if you're away all day... won't they say anything? Well... I changed my shift before coming here last night. They saw what happened to me, too. Were you just passing, or what? What are you doing this summer? Same place your went last year? I should have organized something already, it's getting late. I'll end up going to the coast in the South of Italy with my brother. I should get up. What are you doing? Staying there? No, I'll get up, too. I'll give you a ride. Look at these overalls! There was a car we couldn't lift... It's fine! I only just got here, I've been to the hairdresser. Not a bad hairdresser, either. It was so hot in town this morning. Have you already ordered for me? That pizzaiola you liked so much yesterday. Miss, is that pizzaiola for two ready? Right away! The pizzaiola? - Can you hurry it up? Thanks. A nice place we've found here, eh? It's nice and fresh, and doesn't cost much. The food isn't bad, and you don't have to wait. Miss Lodi! - Yes, here I am! - Phone call for you. Hi, Giorgino. Yes, wonderful! Is it hot where you are? It's nice and fresh here, cool enough for a jumper. I'm at the restaurant! Where else do you expect... me to be at 2 in the afternoon? Did you send it, yet? Thanks. Express delivery, okay? Oh, tell Grandma that if the inspectorate forms bother her... I'll get the accountant to do it, I won't waste my time on that. Sort out your holidays! Going to Giglio or staying here, it's fun for me all the same. In that yellow envelope in the first drawer! It's all ready to be sent, just needs the date. Good! Have fun! Is he okay? Say hello from me! Bye, bye! Give him a kiss from me! Just a moment! It's so hot! Had to run all the way here. If you need a chequebook... - Do you have it? Sign here, please. Where are you, in a hotel? - Yes. Which one? You can put "Motel Verde". - Okay. We'll take care of the deposit. - Thank you. Franco, come here. Here. You can fill out the deposit slip, I'll do this one. The numbers written here, you put in this column, okay? Here. What are you looking at? Nothing, what do you think? Aren't you bored? - No, no. I'm smoking. I have some newspapers to read. I won't be half an hour. Go ahead! Want one of these? No, you keep it. Go on then, give me one. Films are on the fourth page, finances at the bottom. Last year... at this time... what were you doing? The same thing, more or less. Going swimming... Right. Then what? - Eating, sleeping... Going to the cinema, to the hairdresser, dancing... Really? Want to put some of this on? - No way! You don't feel anything now, but when you get burned... and have to work, you'll see! This water leaves such a slimy taste in your mouth. I'm taking one of these. I've never seen you smoke much. The usual 20, more or less! Do you realise... that you drank a litre of broth by yourself? Get your fingers all yellow and you'll get a slap! - Here. Thanks. We should go, otherwise they'll be closed. You don't, but I'm working tomorrow. We could stay until this evening. - Then what? I'm very happy to see you. - Me, too. How's your brother? Is this your friend? Don't we know each other? Ever been to Marina? - No. Sorry for not inviting you in, but... What was I going to say? Ah yes, Mother fell down again. Always have to keep an eye on her, at the doctor's, at the tailor's... She's so stressed she can't speak. Can't tell everyone her problems, and she really wants to! So, what did you say on the telephone? A garage? What kind of garage? For you or him? Let's hurry up though, I have to be back by 1. Are you drinking? You're not the first, 2 hearts and 1 garage! The area is full of them. I know of 2-3 that are available, we can track the others down. Uncle Carletto, before he died they would offer him one all the time. They you know, the poor thing. With Auntie and the driver... waiting downstairs to leave for Milan, and nothing from him. Got it in his head that he was poor. He wouldn't go to the hairdresser for fear of not being able to pay. That's why Auntie died, too, but she died in the plants over there! And they left 2 billion! The idiot accountant that would always tell them to go easy on the spending. Uncle went to the bathroom to kiss the photo of his mother. Always did it before leaving. Then he shot himself, the bathroom all the way up there... no one heard the shot downstairs. 3 hours they were waiting for him... to go for his shock therapy in Milan. You never met him, but your grandparents... Don't you work as a notary anymore? No, I can't move from here! Fill her up! Here! Here, with the fog and the flies... the only advantage is that there are these pumps between fields. They go from there to there. They're ours, up until that turning. At least the petrol is free. When you leave, ask for a full tank. I'll let them know. He was there messing around with any old wreck. Does it break ice, or what? It's broken here, here and here! Two houses and two kids are what they are, you know. It's her fault, but there you go. There's not much profit, for me. Keeping livestock is a really expensive passion, too! With that piece of land that they're selling and not selling. All backwards, with the workers in the house... my grandpa that thinks it's a good idea to visit Vienna at Christmas. For someone that wants to study in peace... If you ask me, it's my brother's fault. Why do we need public relations? All this back and forth with nothing to do? What for... No, this won't do! I've had a look back there. Alright, let's go. - No, wait there! You go and have a look, too. - No, there's no need. He knows about these things. - Look, there's no vents! There's not even any vents! That's enough for today. You can't speak to this guy about work. No, it's just an investment. I'll use him because he's very good. But you... why don't you invest, too? - Me? No! If it's for him, why not a pizzeria? There's a nice one over there. Wouldn't you like a nice pizzeria? Tell me the average turnover of a garage in a month... one that isn't big or small, established for a few years. Normal, you know. - You'd have to work out the tire renewal... Add what the body shop brings you... And then there's the car hire... How does this come up? Ah, you have a Hensenberger. Not bad. Where's the car wash? What time is it? - I don't know. It's there, look! Hold on, I'll check. Excuse me, what time is it? Send up some food. No, before that. With two slices of pineapple and a beer. No, Dutch. Alright, German. Turnover, revenue and outflow, charges and expenses... I see, thanks. Who knows... Always sitting there eating! - I didn't know you'd be early. Do you have my costume? - Yeah. Leave it, I have change. You drive, Robertina. Franco, try it for once! If you don't like it, we'll leave. It's a nice town, Mantova. Don't you feel cold? - What do you mean, cold? Listen, I've not seen it either... but everyone that's seen the Sound and Light show in France... said that it's wonderful. They do it in castles on the Loire! I'm sure I'd love it. If everyone likes it... why shouldn't you like it? Here there's as much space as you need... but the ceiling can't be there. I'd take the whole roof off. Put in a nice retractable glass roof... That way the crane can in right away. But Franco, think about it... We're already far out, and the time it takes for the town to get here! The important thing for me is, where will you find this kind of space? And the restaurants out there? So many cars! Alright look, we've seen everything we wanted to see. Talk it over between you. - Yes, when we've decided... The industrial zone goes right to the end of the motorway. Apart from these 3 days of holiday, always ask for me. What is it? - Nothing, you're just dirty. Get dressed, it's the maid! Give it here. These trousers need ironing. And make it quick, please! Of course. What are you doing, are you crazy? And with the window open, everyone can see you! Here speaking with nothing on! Sorry, what's wrong with that? Should I even have to say it? Well, when I'm around you can do me a favour... and do as I tell you! I shouldn't even have to say it! Damn it! Are you hurt? Burned it. Ignore that part, they still have to pull everything up. Come on. Try to imagine... white tiles on the walls, the floor a brick-red colour. The workshop should start there. In the corner, a treadmill that turns... to test the suspension and brakes. Here you turn, and find yourself facing the auto electric shop. What do you think? Careful! And a workshop for the radios, that almost no one has. And then we can set up for polishing. In all those American magazines, they do it in less than an hour. Excuse me, have you seen the gentleman? Has he been gone for long? Did you see if he took the car? This is an important occasion. That's why I rushed out there. It's been used as a place to tune up racing cars... Running off without saying a word isn't right. Give me a hand, here. Take a shawl or a jumper, though... otherwise you'll be cold tonight. This one looks best on you. Even if you didn't wake me up, you could have written a note. And listen: no racing cars... and no more racing for you! We can call. You can go and see, perhaps you'll change your mind. Pistons are all blown, eh? And the cylinders? Three or four? Four, I told you. It's never happened before. It's not yours, you know. I might want to go home sometimes, no? I got it, it's the second time already. Anything for dessert? - So? What does that mean, so suddenly? It was so warm in Cremona! I bet, the son in front and behind! Much warmer than here. See what face you've come back with! - Listen... what are those things with the flames? That's a banana flambe! - Order some, they're good. He'll have a banana flambe and that's all... for me a stracchino and that almond cake. - Right away! That way we can share everything. Do you think we were going too fast? Right, when he drives... Are you still here tomorrow? Because my brother-in-law is here with the kids. We can leave them with the mother and spend the day in Braila... if you feel like it, you know. Give me a buzz on the telephone, you know the number. I'm off! I'll see you at the place! We're there all day, there's always people on Sunday. They come up because we opened up a tavern downstairs. Franco... shall we go down and eat? Let's go eat, aren't you hungry? - No. Come on, it's getting late. Then call one of your nice friends... they love broth made with stock cubes! That way you can talk about your mother, your Maserati, your dead grandmother. It'll be nice! - Are you ill? What's wrong? Let me feel. Cool, but nothing to worry about. If I'm ill, you go eat. I'll go and watch the traffic, maybe I'll feel better. Where are you going, idiot? So... you must be stressed, or I've no idea what's going on here. Right, because it's either stress or a stomachache or a headache. Don't be an idiot! You think that for you it's all complicated and for me it's all easy? There are times when I don't feel it either, you know? You? I say one thing and never know how you're going to take it. I still don't know what you like, what you don't like... what you want. What do you mean? I don't want anything! And what do you think I want? I don't want anything, either! Right, you don't want anything... but we're still always here. Nice person, you are. You're fine everywhere. Wherever you end up, you're happy. - Go on, complain! Don't be dramatic! And I'm not complaining... Do I ever demand stuff? Sorry, but being together from morning to night... do you think it's really necessary? Even to go to the post office or under the arcades? We can always find each other. - What do you mean? To eat I have my place, in the afternoon and evening. What are you looking at? - What would you do in my place? Well, for me... it's never happened. Right, enough! Look, there she is! Exactly the same as my mother. When she doesn't know what to say: "Enough, enough!" Not even hanging around to listen. When someone else is right... Let's go to the Pappagallo in Bologna tomorrow night, eh? And after that we can go to the tailor's for the winter clothes, eh? Not Cramondo, no! I told you, not that place! Quick, put this jumper on! - But that's your brother's! What does that matter! Come on, it's cold! Come on, let's go upstairs! Let's go home! Call toll booth 21 for me! Coffee. - Sure. Miss, I think he told my colleague... that he was going home. Telephone! Hello, toll booth 21? Is Franco Garbagnati there? Are you sure he's not there? I know it's not his shift, but sometimes... I know, thanks anyway! What are you doing? You can't! Wait a moment! - Follow us! He'll make it, won't he? Thank goodness! We won't speak about the car. What can you do about it now? But we need to sort things out. We need to find some determination. Us two old folk, and with the all the contracts to renew these days... and these farmhouse pacts... I've never said anything... when you decided to come or go... without telling us where you were going and who with! But at least some regard for the household demands! You know what your grandpa and brother are like! It's not their fault, but they're not cut out for it! Look, I can't carry on doing it all by myself! Well, you like him don't you? Why are you following him around otherwise? Then you know what I say? You marry him, because I'm tired of it... and you bring him here right away! A man around the house is something we could do with... given our condition. He's smart enough, isn't he? He's shown some initiative... private initiative! And if you think about it... you'll see that this is for your own good, you'll see! Got all that, have you? Tomorrow, the day after... you bring him here, understood? Your grandpa sends his love... even if here's here worrying. Bye! Well? What do they say about the garage? Nothing? If you like, we can do it up at our house in Lodi. Well, that's good.