La belle noiseuse REMASTERED with Jane Birkin 1991

That day, on a Monday of early July, between 3 and 4 p.m. — Excuse me! Assas and Montpellier, it's the same code? Yes, 67. - Thank you. - You're welcome. Can I help you? Give me that photo! Come down! Be nice. It's for me. Come down, or I'll go up. I'm coming. For Nicolas and Marianne that day... was not like any other day. Give me that! It's terrible. - Who sent you? - I'm freelance. You know, there are people and I know them... who'd pay a lot... I don't want any fuss. How much? A lot. Tell me the price! A hundred... - 100 francs? - Times 10. Was it just to kill the time that they played this scene, or were they hiding their fear of what was going to come? For Marianne... this fear was absurd and without a real cause. I'll call the police. You'll end up in jail. If I were you I wouldn't do it... Are you trying to scare me? You know something? I know... everything. I've got no money on me. Let's make a deal. - You'd like to visit my room? - Yes... I'm sure we can talk. Why has she suddenly got so uneasy? Because of this visit to the Frenhofers? It was decided so quickly... It came just out of the blue. I want a coffee. Of course. Take my cup if you don't mind. - Sugar? - I never take sugar. You must have heard... your eyes are beautiful. You must have heard yours aren't bad either. Going up? Going up. It's him? Yes, it's Balthazar, it's Porbus. You're OK? You slept well? Great. We're coming down. Take your time. I'll take a coffee in the yard. Marianne's fine? Very well. Come on. Porbus. This man changed their lives a few months ago. I'm too early maybe. Geneva's closer than I thought. I know you. You drive like crazy. It's true, I missed you. When I say you, I mean... Here she comes! Above all Porbus is a chemist. You're splendid. Thank you. A simple formula can sometimes bring much money. That's a way to start collecting houses, women, paintings. Yes. It's going to be about paintings. Nicolas is a painter. Shall we go by car? It's very near, you must have been past it before. And Marianne... That's the only thing you can see. Marianne loves Nicolas. You're impatient? No, it's Nicolas who's so excited. Don't exaggerate. I'm telling less than the truth. How did you come from Montpellier? We called a taxi. It's the only way. You see, this way is to Prades, and this one goes to the Pic Saint Loup. Do the views inspire you? Brought your brushes? No, I can only work in my place. So the Maître will be sad. He likes what you do. He's as interested in you as you are in him. I doubt it. Something's wrong? I'm jealous. He's less and less interested in me and more in Frenhofer. Is he really a genius? I couldn't find any books about him. There was one... in 74. Sold out now. And his last exhibition? Before you were even born, dear Miss. I wonder how one can live there. One can very well, I assure you. I'll buy a bigger one after my next show. I wouldn't live in such a place. You'll change your mind. Maybe they can't hear. Of course they can. Maybe they're... I don't know. Magali! You're such a big girl now. Where are Monsieur and Madame? I don't know, I was after Justine. She eats all the hydrangeas. I've got to go back. Liz! Edouard! Anybody home? I'm sorry... I was helping Françoise with the tart. Hello. I'm Marianne. Oh, sorry. You've come all the way on foot? You must be dying of thirst. A drink? Anything that's cold. I'll take it off first. And Frenhofer? Françoise will offer you a drink. And where's your nice blue car? I took my nice red car. A brand new one. A red one? I've heard people with red cars pay higher insurance. Never heard of that. Why? Red means they're dangerous. Really? Marianne? - Pardon me? - Am I dangerous? I don't know. I don't know you enough. Yes, he is. To whom? Especially to you. I'll remember that. You like books? Yes. It depends. English ones. English novels best of all. Thank you. Is it an original edition? You'd have to ask Frenho. Where is he, I wonder. I reminded him this morning. Look out, it's very dusty. I like dust. You're a real booklover? Not really, I like what's inside. Marianne is a writer. Come on, Nicolas... Is it true, you're a writer? Yes... no, I mean I write a little for myself. Not only for yourself. I admire you... I can't even write a postcard. That's why some friends get angry. Me among others. You're not a friend. My tart! What am I then? Marianne, come here. What's he doing? Maybe he just doesn't want to see us. It was just the right time! So you're here... The room of chimaeras. It's my favourite... because it's useless. It's beautiful. Impressive. There are no ghosts here? No, only Frenhofer and me. Besides, it's not really the place for them. By the way... Tell us what you've done with Edouard. I don't know. He disappeared after breakfast. It's strange. Maybe we'll go out? Magnificent. It's me who did it. There used to be a jungle here. A jungle of... how do you call it? - Laurels. - That's it. Rose laurels. For Frenhofer it could've remained a jungle for ever. Thank you, Françoise. Will Magali stay for a while? She has her dancing class. What a pity. You haven't seen Mr Frenhofer? No. He's in his studio maybe. Certainly not. He simply forgot. He might have forgotten. When he thinks of one thing he forgets the rest. But he mainly thinks of nothing. Maybe we came at the wrong time? No, it's never wrong. At last. You've got it. Oh, I've just remembered... I've got this thing, arsenic soap. It's for insects. Is it dangerous? Can I touch it? What did you use before? DDT. DDT mixed with soap. Don't change it. And throw your arsenic out. But it seems it's an old formula. Doesn't matter. I care for you. I don't want you to be found one day with a black tongue. Why? You suck your fingers. - It's not true. - Yes, it is. Excuse us. It was a professional question. Balthazar hasn't told you... Well, he's not too early. Give it to your mother. Wait. Put it on my desk. Thank you. Today's what? Monday. Yes, Monday. I completely forgot. It's Marianne. Excuse me. You know Nicolas? I completely forgot. Unbelievable. It's a shame. Inexcusable. It's so hot... Come on, we're not going to cry. I know why you're here. Let's go. It's cool in there... Something's strange. Something strange's happening. I'll put a panoramic table here. With a telescope. With a slot for 10 F coins. You'd be able to watch the view. We don't care about the view, do we? I feel you're already shivering inside. It's this way. It's here. It looks like a church. Actually it's an old barn. Stables were downstairs. Would be nice to work in an atelier like that, wouldn't it? I haven't been here for months. You've gotten awfully lazy. You know why I forgot about you? Because I was scared. Scared of you. Of us? Yes. Don't take it wrong. Liz and I have come here to a state of perfect stability. Happiness, you could say. You're bringing bad luck. You've gone nuts, Frenho. I'm not blaming anyone. Nothing can be done. Besides, the worst'll come to you soon. Have you been drinking? You went to Roussel to drink? By entering the door you've brought trouble, but you too will be unhappy. I admire your work, but I never wanted to be an intruder. You invited me. Of course... You want to see, you want to know. You're more interested in my work than I myself. Exactly. Nothing new? Nothing for you, you old bastard. Come on in. Here are the oldest. And here also. It's all in a mess. I don't keep it tidy. You're not coming up? It's nicer. This one's prehistoric. I was 12 then. You can have a look at them. This one's what? Not bad. It's somebody else's. And here... No comment. This is extraordinary. Not bad. It's nothing actually. There's no blood. If I go the whole way there's blood on the canvas. You're going too far. Not at all. On La Belle Noiseuse you see blood. What's La Belle Noiseuse? - For 5 years you said nothing? - It escaped from me. This one I like too. Can I see this Noiseuse? It doesn't exist. It was just an idea. I gave it up. It does exist. What? It does exist. It must be here. Why La Belle Noiseuse? Just because. It's a name of a 17th century courtesan. Catherine Lescault. She had a crazy life. Reading about her life... I suddenly wanted a painting. I just saw her like that. It was 3 a.m., I couldn't sleep... Because of me. Laugh! It's your fault. Me? Yes, the Noiseuse it's you. What does noiseuse mean? It's from noise. Nuts. Like going nuts. - You know it? - Yes. In Quebec everybody says it. I lived there. "You're a noiseuse." That's it. Nuts. A pain in the arse. So, the painting exists... No. I told you already. If the idea doesn't make you sick, maybe we could have dinner. Come on, it's ready. I couldn't forgive Nicolas if he left me in doubt. You love him? Hell of a way to ask questions. It's embarrassing. It's a good sign. Means I'm interested. Let's have fun. Let's drink. To life! This wine's good. Delicious. No, thank you. The Moriers are charming too. It's a pity the old man pushed his wife under an express train. Afterwards he hanged himself at home. In the house up there. It was the Duchess of Uzès... you say that...? who gave it to him. By the way, all his children finished badly. All of them went to... agronomy schools. And he had 12 of them. So, you love Nicolas. And he adores you too. It's plain to see. Don't take it wrong. He's like that. It's all right. I'm listening. Would you accept it if he loved painting more than you? Would you accept... losing him for a painting? Anyway, if Nicolas didn't want to go the whole way, I'd lose him. I'd leave him. Lose? Why? We want the truth in painting. It's cruel. ...You haven't lost me. Almost. Wait, let me handle it... It's OK. Where did I put my glasses? Oh, sorry. I know. I left them in the studio. - I'll get them. - I'm going with you. May I lean on you, Nicolas? I'm wobbly. Wait, I'll help you. What's happened? Nothing. A bit of epilepsy, or something like that. Leave it. Françoise will do it tomorrow. Can I ask you a question? Who were you before meeting your husband? I wanted to be an architect. But I had no talent. Why? Because... It must be difficult to live with a man like him. It's completely unbearable. But I'm nuts too, so somehow we're getting on. Anyway, I couldn't live differently. You had no other projects? My project was living with him. It wasn't so easy. You know, I've got my odd jobs too. I don't take odd jobs. You've published already? Yes. A children's book. For 13 to 14 year olds. What is it about? That's interesting. I love books for children. It's a story of a diplomat's daughter. It's in a military dictatorship. She falls in love with the dictator's son. It causes a revolution. The title is A Secret Weapon with Golden Eyes. Oh, it's nice. No, it's completely stupid. Just to get my hand in. And... I've had enough of odd jobs. And I don't want to depend on Nicolas. A year ago we were both the same. He still thinks it is so. You want a piece of tart? No, thank you. Something's changed since his first show. I must defend myself. It's him who's fragile, I think. Anyway, we'll end up by fighting each other. I know it, I feel it. I understand. I know... He won the war. Nobody won the war. Each looks after his own wounds. We made peace. The treaty's solid. Solid rock. Here they are... So, let's go back to the ladies. Wait... Can I have something to pick me up? You want to stay at night? No, somebody's waiting for me. Besides, I feel fine now, just fine. I don't want to stay here. It was difficult even to come. When I see a recent painting... the suffering here is unbearable. At least it's cooler here. There's silence. Silence? Can't you hear the forest? The sound, the murmuring, all the time. It's like the sea. Just like the sea. It's the fossil sound of the universe. It's the sound of the origins. The forest and the sea mixed together. That's what painting is. Don't you think? No, I don't. For me it's not that. For me painting is the stroke. A colour that stands out. A cadmium yellow, a flashing red. Something sharp, finished. Really? Every time I felt I'd finished a painting, completed it... I always said to myself I should have gone further, try a bit harder. Take the risk. Haven't you ever damaged a painting going... "further"? I have. Several times. You have to take the risk. But not everybody is capable of it. Not everybody can invent new things. I think... all the artists, even the least gifted, should take risks. Not those that are not capable of it. What should they do? They should help the others. You should start painting again. I'm too impatient. And not interested any more. I need a masterpiece, or nothing. What about the Noiseuse? Impossible. It was Liz and now it's too late. It was almost a catastrophe then. Why not Marianne? With Marianne...? It may be possible, it's true. More than possible. It's her. You mean you want Marianne to pose for you? Why not? It could be interesting. When are you leaving? It should be in 2 days. But nothing's definite yet. Take your time, think about it. It's OK, she will pose for you. I have to leave, I've got 120 kilometres to go. But when you finish I want to see the painting. As for me, I buy it. At market price. It's an honest deal. - I'm leaving. - What's her name this time? I'm sure her name isn't Natasha. Kiss her from me. You can count on me. So long, ma belle. See you soon. Very soon. We'll be going too. You're getting away too? We'll see before you leave? Of course. Sure. See you tomorrow Marianne... Good bye. Why "see you tomorrow"? Who else? Frenhofer said, "see you tomorrow, Marianne". I think he'd like you to pose for him. Very much. What's all this about? He asked me if you would. And you said yes. Well, I said yes. Here's the herb tea. You're meeting her tomorrow? Meeting isn't the right word. They're nice young people. They've got something. Yes, they're nice. He has lots of talent? I should say so. And lots of passion too. He's almost made me start anew. Both of them gave me back the taste for it. It's been a long time that I haven't... I think I'll try again. I've had enough of self-portraits. Why not? It's a good idea. I'll paint her. Her... I know what you mean. Listen... You don't have to do anything. Really? Thank you. Besides let me explain... Explain what? How I should pose? Naked, I suppose. I've seen his paintings. I didn't mean... Maybe it's not what you meant, but don't say you didn't know. You sold my arse! Move your feet! Listen Marianne... He wants something different than a simple portrait. It's more... Maybe I was wrong, but I had to help him. Even if it were the masterpiece you should have let me decide. It is the masterpiece. Anyway it can be. It's La Belle Noiseuse. A project he gave up 10 years ago. He wants to start it again with you. I don't give a damn about it. That guy's ridiculous! "We want the truth in painting". "The truth is cruel, you need blood on the canvas". And you go for that! You're pathetic! Stop it! Look at me... Fuck off! We'll talk it over tomorrow... OK? Put it out! Good night, my love. I have a belly-ache. But, the next morning — I have an appointment... Come in. Follow me. Good morning. Tea or coffee? Coffee please. Sit down, please. I'm going to work. Come on, we'll make the duke's eyes. Oh, yeah! Am I too early? Not at all. You've finished? Yes. Always the same. Nothing in place. Sit down where you want... Help me with it, please. Here... hold it. That's right. Thank you. We can start like that. Doesn't matter. It can begin with any part. Sit down. Would you straighten your shoulders, please? That's right. Look at me. Straight in my face. I don't know if Nicolas draws. Some prefer to go straight to the canvas. A jump into the unknown. Everybody's different. Stand up, please. Come closer, please. Can you put your hair up, please? Can I have a brush? Step back a little. On this prop. Right. Look at me. Your stare disturbs me. Excuse me. A dressing gown is up there. Behind the curtain. Take one step ahead. Would you please join your hands behind your back? I didn't really think you'd come. Hello. Is Madame Frenhofer home? Yes, follow me. Don't mind it. I'm allergic to lion's skin. It's upstairs. It's high. Yes, very high. Oh, you frightened me. I thought it was the police. These species are protected. I risk a sentence. And Magali... she is under age. Marianne's with your husband? Of course. I won't need you any more. Go and help your mum. Can you help me? Hold the wing, please. Wider, please. This one's going to be difficult. Has it been a long time... Has he had many models after you? It's the first time for many years. You're white as a sheet. Even green. Don't worry. Frenho's a gentleman. You don't have to be afraid. I'm not afraid of him. I should never have. I don't know what to do. There's nothing to do now. It's too late to ask if you're going to be hurt. Give me the wing... Let go... You're going to spoil it. What's the matter with you? This way. I also have a little bump where you hit me yesterday. Here, I feel it. How long are they going to...? I don't know. Maybe the whole day. Maybe 5 minutes. How much time do you need? I work with photos. The first time... When you first posed for him... Had you known him long? I hadn't known him at all. I did it to pay for my studies. He was so... so attractive that I fell at once... I really fell down. Knocked a chair down. The chair, the table, the colours... He helped me to stand up. I met Marianne in the metro. 3 years ago. She really felt like throwing herself down. I talked to her... and we stayed together. Very romantic. Very... He knew what he was talking about... when he asked if she were ready to sacrifice me for a painting. No... he talks without reason or rhyme. - Or reason. - Pardon? Or reason. Rhyme or reason. Yes. Without reason or rhyme. I couldn't stand if she got hurt. At first she needed me. Now it's me who needs her. If she went away all would be destroyed. All I am and all I do. Everything. Don't leave like that. We can wait together. No, I don't want to wait. I can't. I'm sorry. I have pins and needles in my legs. Let's stop. It's better anyway. I'm not doing any good. So, it's over? Well, yes. So, good bye. - See you in Paris maybe. - In Paris? Here. Tomorrow. I thought... You are... As it went wrong... you thought I'd let you leave like that. It's normal. I was as ill at ease as you. Even more... paralysed. I'll be waiting for you tomorrow... 10 o'clock. It's too early? Good bye. - It wasn't good? - Very good. A nightmare. For nothing. What does Edouard say? He says it's all right. Wait! Did he ask you to come back? Yes. But I didn't come for that. I'm not made for it. Please... Try. It's really important to him. I don't know... I do. Come back tomorrow. I don't know why he needs me. He made a mistake and doesn't want to admit it. I'm sure it's not like that. I'm sure. I felt it at once. I'm sure... you'll find it interesting too. You'll see. I'll see you off. This way. Tomorrow you just enter this way. It's always open. You don't have to ring. Good bye. Is it difficult? Yes, it is. Bastard... She didn't want to come back. I'd run after her. I wouldn't let her go. You're so interested in her? That's not the word. She pesters me. You mean she's a pest? Rather a nice breast. A breast. You bastard. I was sure... You went for a walk? I walked. - You came back long ago? - No. 5 minutes. So...? What so? It was good? More than good. Which means...? I've never seen that. This guy's a magician. He goes straight to the point. What happened to me is unique. You're saying it to annoy me. If the truth annoys you... He's finished? You're joking. I'm going back tomorrow. 10 o'clock in the morning. No sugar. Give me the... Take off your necklace. I feel like a beginner with you. So... I will do it like Academy students. Starting with the back... to see your foundation, your balance... see how you stand. Turn. Like that. Straight. Hands on your hips. Do I put my hair up? No, you just loosen it, it's OK. But stand straight, you're like all the rest of us. Nobody taught you how to walk with a sewing machine on your head? Imagine it like that. Straight! As if you were stretched up to the ceiling. It hurts. It means it's good. Lean against it. Bow. I want to see your backbone. Stretch your arms. The hand... here. This one... here... Right. I'll get a cramp... - You've got it or not? - Not yet, but I will. Tell me when you've got it. Put all your weight on the other foot, please. The nape of the neck's hurting. Forget about it. In the past they tied up the models. They hanged them by their wrists or ankles to keep the pose. It's not the pose I want. What are you thinking about... at this moment? - About your lover, Nicolas? - No. About me. I've got it... cramp. So move a little. Turn back. I don't want to see your face. The foot. Would you like some? You're never hungry? I could eat ten. I don't particularly like ham. Do you know Rubek? The sculptor... Dead now. Died in an avalanche in Norway... with his only model. Never heard of him. He did two or three things that weren't bad. In marble. A Resurrection... He could've been great... It's a pity. You get stuck inside of what you're searching for. Possession... They're all after a possession. They don't know it's impossible. Giving up everything is frightful. Her name was Irene. Rubek and Irene. A strange girl. A little crazy, I think. I'd known her before him. This way you look a bit like her. I must have painted her exactly in this pose. One of my first paintings. So disconcerting, their death. Almost all the girls, the models before Liz... there were so many. I forgot them all. I picked them up in the street. Every time a torture. It worked? They consented? Almost always. There was one... what was her name? I kept her a long time... there was something about her... A sort of indifference... provocative, almost insulting. Lie down. Naked she looked as if she were dressed and dressed she looked as if naked. Just the opposite of Liz. How about Liz? You met her in the street? No. In a café near the Odeon. Her back was bare, it was April and she was shivering. It was pouring buckets. I covered her shoulders with my jacket. So, she told me... What is it? I want a cigarette. Later. Come on. Here. Here. Wait... here. What did she tell you? The first time in the café? That she posed for money. I like coincidences. I don't know if that was it and she never tells. Straight, the fingers straight. Anyway, at first I wanted her, before wanting to paint her. For the first time, I was scared. The fear became the driving force behind what I did. A change of speed, like a whirlwind. I became blind. A tactile painting. As if it were... as if it were my fingers that saw... and commanded themselves. That's what I'm looking for. That's what I want. Yes, that's it! It was then, maybe... that I became a real painter. So, why? Why didn't I continue? I'd have died of it. Or else, she would have. Besides... It's enough now. Come on, we've had the rest. To work! Here. You look sad. Is it because of your fiancé? I haven't got a fiancé. What about Joseph from Triadou? I no longer see him, I no longer love him. And he's gone away. Far away? To Saint-Vincent. It's at least 2 miles from here! Oh no, you're not going to cry. It's the thing that stings. Come on, hold the perch, please. You know, once I was... sad, very sad. What was the reason? The reason's not important... Because of my lover. Mister Frenhofer? Of course not. I was your age. You know what I did? I took some modelling clay... and made a little figure. I glued a piece of my fiancé's hair to it... and I started driving needles into his body. I felt better with the first one... and with the thirty third I was real fine. What about him? You mean the fiancé? Never heard of him again. I'm sure he died at the age of 33. Like Jesus. But this bastard was no Jesus. I'll break you to pieces... I'll get you out of your body... get you out of your carcass. You've done it already. You think so? You think I'll take what you're giving me? I want to know and see the inside of your body. That's why I can't move at all? You're not free and neither am I. Like that! When I was little I loved pulling my toys to pieces. I want to see... How many models I exhausted... until their bones got dislocated. Once I put Liz's shoulder out of joint. - Now it's me! - Come on, I'm not hurting you. The whole body, not just some pieces... I don't care about your breasts, legs, your lips... I want more. I want everything. The blood, the fire, the ice... All that's inside your body. I'll take it all. I'll get it out of you and put it into this frame. Here! In this blank. Like that. I'll get to know what's inside... under your thin surface... I want the invisible. No, it's not that! I want... It's not me who wants... It's the line... the stroke... Nobody knows what a stroke is. And I'm after it. I'm running, running... Where am I going? To the sky? Why not? Why wouldn't a stroke burst the sky? As you wish, but I'm fed up. It's only just begun. No more breasts, no more stomach, no more thighs, no more buttocks! Whirlwinds! Galaxies, the ebb and the flow... Black holes! The original hubbub, have you never heard of it? That's what I always wanted from you. I'm going to crumble you, you're going to break up. We'll see what's left of you... when you forget everything. Don't worry, you'll get it back... if you still want it. You're rotten. I'm nothing. I'm doing nothing. I want nothing, I told you. It's the painting... You and I, we're just involved. It's going to be a whirlwind, a cataract, a maelstrom... Faster, faster... until you see nothing, feel nothing. Mach 1, Mach 2, Mach 3. Your ears aren't buzzing? I've no more ears, I can't feel my body. Very well, neither can I. That's almost it... almost. All we need is just... I'm sorry... It's what I'm saying? It's me... I'm sorry, it's not you, it's me... Listen, Julienne. I can't come back. You have to do it for me. No, I don't want to call him. I prefer you go to the gallery. He likes you. It'll be better. Tell him what you want, make it up. We'll take the photos next week. I'm doing as fine as I can. It's Marianne and it's not. She lives her own life. Listen... all I'm asking you is to take care of this catalogue. Big kiss. Yes, me too. Very much. Before the next pose, a five-minute intermission part two Can we continue? How long was I asleep? An eternity... a quarter of an hour. I was dreaming of... an enormous wild cat that was hanging from my finger. Here... - Like that? - Yes. Excuse me, I... I didn't see you. No, it's me... It's Edouard who... I didn't tell you to turn your head. So... Can you see anything? I think so... Yes. Is it really what you want? I can't stay, Françoise needs me. I have to go. I'm going. It's you who told her to come? It's none of your business. Why? What? Why did you abandon it? Abandon what? The old painting with Liz. Why are you so interested? Liz is not you. But it's that one... It's that painting you wanted to start again. You can never start again. Stop kidding me. Tell me why I'm naked in front of you. I need you. Why me? Why me? It was Liz then... You're too curious. You'd like to know everything at once. Before anybody else. Before things happen. You can only know after. And not for sure. What are you using me for? It's not me you wanted to paint, you said. It's you and it isn't you. It's more than you. More of you than you can imagine. If the painting's true... it will be you. I don't get it. Neither do I. All the better! But I need to understand! To understand, to know... Nobody really wants it. Nobody. Even the strong... I am strong... I think. We'll see that. You want me to flee. That's what you wanted from the beginning. No. I want you to fight. We've got to be strong till the end. I'm beginning to see you... Just beginning. But stand up straight! You want to stop? I think it'd be better. Something's wrong? I don't know. One can surely get something out of it. But not me. For a while I believed I'd found it... a miracle. But no... I've done that 100 times. I can do it again, better or worse. But what's the use... I'd rather die... You give up too quickly. You're telling me? You told me to fight. If you give up now I'll think it's me... that it's my fault. It's me. My words made you drunk. That's all I can still do. Enough. No. There's me. I count too. You've just hurt me so much, that for a moment I couldn't breathe. Neither could you. Something has happened. We can go on further. Further? Yes... To the famous point of no return. That's what I can't reach anymore. We'd better forget it. You took me with you. Whatever you say, you forced me to go with you. You can't leave me like that, all alone in this void. You're scared. I'm not scared any more. I'll be here tomorrow morning. 10 o'clock. You're sure she got angry yesterday? You seem to like the idea. I thought you wanted her... to be Frenhofer's model. I thought you wanted to see this painting. I've changed my mind. First of all, I want to see Marianne in person... and go back home quickly. Don't be in such a hurry. What do you mean? I'm up to his tricks. If Frenho has got his mind on... Excuse me. You've come for me? Listen, we leave it, we're going home. No, we're not going home. I thought you... You were wrong. We can't stay. I've got my work. You're free to go. I'm staying. See you tomorrow, Liz. Let's call it a day. Let's go to bed. Well, she looked quite determined tonight. Yes, she has set her heart on it. I wonder why. You really wonder. Is that so? What about you? It's you who set her up and down. Up and down, up and down... Don't exaggerate. We've been working... I noticed. Don't run away. I don't run away. I'm just tired. You haven't worked like that for a long time. It must be really important. What do you mean "important"? You know very well what I mean. Is that it? I don't know. I think you're playing with this girl. You don't care about the danger. What grand words. Don't dramatize. Sometimes you're a despicable coward. And you make me sick. And you... Good morning. Take your time. Edouard's still sleeping. Will you tell him I'm waiting, please? Of course. Be careful. Careful of what? He values his work more than anything else. It can cause a lot of damage... to people. Thank you. I'll try to defend myself. If he wants to paint your face... refuse. I'm sorry, no. - You want some coffee? - No, thank you. I've just had my breakfast at the hotel. Two croissants. I could've said: "I've just shit." You'd be just as interested. I really find you interesting. There's no need to... Look me in the face. That's the only thing you forgot. Help me. Look out! The way you work is your business... Let me be myself. You watch out for the painting! Let me find... my own place... my way of moving... my timing. If you don't like it, we'll stop. When I came here for the first time... I thought of my boarding-school chapel. I felt very bad at school... and well at the same time. Everything was forbidden. I was ill all the time. Each morning I wanted to stay... crouched in bed. Terrible fevers... Like that... Where are you? I'm here. Listening... Watching... Finally they got fed up and threw me out. Why should I go on now? It's not exactly the same. No... but the fever... is back. All night long. It's like before Nicolas. Nightmares... Nicolas did nothing for you? He hates me. He thinks I'm crazy about you. He's a bloody fool. A fool and a bastard. But first of all a fool. No, first of all a bloody bastard. After all, I don't know. Anyway, this is all his fault. And also mine. No... He just needed a pretext. It isn't true, I'm unfair. I think he's proud to have something to do with your work. Something like that. He didn't realize... he could blow everything. Why? There's no reason... Stop pretending. As a cat in front of a bird. What is it? Nothing... continue. Continue what? I'm telling you my life's coming to a stop. Everything's over between Nicolas and me... and I don't even know how it happened. He's the only man I could live with. Others, I spit in their faces. Including you. What violence... That's it. Now make fun of me. I don't care about you with Liz... but Nicolas... Stay away! But why did you move? The gesture, the look... they were just fine... I've almost finished. It's a rook. Our delicious crow... And this is the famous poison. Take it easy. I don't use it. I keep it because it's old and nice. A green neck... A painting by Oudry, one could say. I think there's one like this in the Musée Fabre, by the stairs. The head down... It's true, animals also pose. Tell me something. Did you know about Frenho? What about him? You understood... he wanted to start again with the Noiseuse, with the girl. He told you that? So what? That's the best thing that could happen. I don't know. He got so downhearted the first time. You can't always protect yourself. It's decent of you to say that. For you it's easy. When it's all over you come to collect the pieces. Except when it's me on the floor. It happened to me. Last time at dinner. Not that. You know very well what I mean. - Let bygones be bygones, Balto. - Don't call me Balto. There's no more Balto. Did he tell you about the painting? You saw it? Just a little bit. What do you mean? I hate you. You've come because of that. Just to know how it's going. A friendly visit, my foot! For hypocrisy you're the best. Stop it. I could've phoned, but I'm here. I felt like seeing you. You know very well... So why aren't you staying for dinner? I don't want to see him until he finishes. And I have to be in Grenoble tonight. You think he's on the right track? Get the fuck out or I'll stuff you. As you wish. Don't forget. On Saturday I'm coming, whatever happens. I hope he'll show me something. Tell him yourself. Are you Mr Frenhofer? He's not here. Here's Mrs Frenhofer. You want to see my husband? No, I'm looking for Nicolas Wartel. Do you know where I could find him? He might be at the village inn. Thank you. Good bye. I'm Julienne, his sister. Shit! Can I have some? More. So, I'm going to... tell you a riddle. What is it that walks on a hollow track, never goes to sleep and never goes back? I don't know. Is it you? No, not really. It's me? Not at all. Don't exaggerate. I give up. It's a river. A stream. Yes, sure. A river. Disappointed? No! You're always disappointed with the answer. You say it because... you think you'll be disappointed when I finish. No, I don't. I'm expecting nothing. I lost the notion of time. I could be 100 years old, or a baby. I feel I'm in a tunnel with no light, no rain, no wind, no sun, no cold, no warmth... There's just a very small light right at the very end... flickering... flickering... I found you. No, I lost you again. Why did you move? Did I? Of course, it's my fault. Yes, it's you who moved. No, it's you, come on here... You were like that... and where was I? - No. - What? Was I here? Here. No... Was I like that? - I was... here. - No. Or here? Here. Right here. What? Come on, what is it? Don't move. Look at me. So, I was like that. Tell me where I was. Where was I? Where was I? Stop it. Where was I? No, let's get serious. I am serious. We've got work to do. Come on! Where are you? I'm here. Where else? Stop moving, come on. Keep still, or I'll get angry. Excuse me, anybody called me? You're unbelievable! I thought you'd be sulking... but you couldn't get angry about seeing me. You got it right. It's fixed with the gallery. I don't care about the gallery. Tell me everything. Now you can take a rest. I'd like to go to sleep... Can I sleep here? Certainly not here, but you can rest in the house. There are rooms for friends. I have to telephone... There's a call for you. Yes, it's you? No, it isn't worth the trouble. It may get cold at night. It's nice. There are some nice things inside... I'm sure this one will suit you. I don't like jewels. You've never had anything like this. Try it on... Wait, let me do it for you. I said no! I've had enough of you treating me like a doll. I'm sorry... I don't know what got hold of me. It's all right. It's all right, it's false. Good night, Marianne. - You're not coming? - I can't. Not right now. Where are you going? To the studio. Don't wait for me. Damn it! What is it? You've been fidgeting for the last hour. I can't sleep. Neither can I. It's the room... Just like la rue de l'Echiquier. This one's bigger. The ceiling's higher... How I hated that studio... You haven't always said so. Before Marianne you'd loved it. You're disgusting. It isn't true. I shouldn't have come here. I didn't ask you... You had nothing else to do? Of course, I had a lot to do... but I always choose the worst... you. You know what? I found a job. It was high time... Guess where! You never miss me... You never want to know how I am, you never write to me... Stop it... Anyway I don't believe you. You found nothing, you're going nowhere. Believe it or not, Monday I'm gone and you will never see me again. Where's Wellington? The other side of the world. You never thought I'd be able to do it. I've been thinking this thing over for two months. A great site, excellent pay. You can't do that to me... Now, that was worth a million. I don't regret coming here. You do what you like... only it's a bad time for me. Yes, you can't stand the solitude. - Who can stand it? - I can. Don't worry, Nicolas, Marianne won't leave like that. You hate her... I'd surely give her my plane ticket. You'll like that. I'm not really sure if I'm leaving. I won't use this ticket. You're disappointed? No, but if it's because of me... Don't worry, it's not you. It's the guy who offered me the job. He loves me and it makes me sick. But if it's well paid... Come on, get me to walk the street! It's not what I meant. Still thinking about this call? I don't even have the guts to go to the Frenhofers... It's not difficult. Speak for yourself. I'll go there. Tomorrow I will. There's the coffee. I've been to the studio. I've seen it. I know. I'm sorry... I couldn't find you, so... Don't be sorry. It's bothering you. It's a work in progress. I don't like... Yes, I know. But tell me something... Since when for one work in progress... you have to destroy another one? It's not... An old one, OK, abandoned, OK... but there was my face there and I liked it. You had to wipe me out. It's not you I wiped out. What's the word for it? You replaced me, yes. You put some buttocks in place of my face. Give me some coffee. I couldn't do it differently. I can't go on with the work if I keep recollections, regrets... I just had to do it. And believe it or not, it wasn't easy for me. I can imagine. You must've had a dreadful night. Uncomfortable from all points of view. You think I'm just jealous. You expect I'll burst out. I won't. But ten years ago, when you started the work you've just botched up. Remember...? We didn't go out of the studio for a week... we slept on the little mattress... there was no day, no night... do you remember? I do. It's exactly the kind of memory I don't want. Not now... At that time you were still... so full of ideas and energy. You know what I thought when I saw you asleep? No. I don't want to know. And yet I'll tell you. No, you're right... I won't tell you. It's funny. It looks more and more like you. Do you realize? Ten years ago you quit searching. Just when you should have gone all the way. And you got scared... I'd have gone along. I was ready to accept all of it because we had each other and it was stronger than before. You mean stronger than before Balthazar? Who cares about Porbus! He suffered more than you and he's still suffering. It's about you and me. What you've done is... diminishing us. You've made us sick of each other. Don't talk like that. Why not? Because we've had a nice life together? Happiness, as you call it. But happiness at this price... is sad. You are sad Frenho... Look at yourself. That was it, this morning? No, it's not what I thought then. You're sad because you're no longer young. Your strength has left you. Ten years ago that painting was the beginning of a story. But now it's not a new beginning... It's the end... You're saying it so coldly. How do you want me to say it? You've lied for ten years. It's easy to continue. Everybody does it. Go on, if you wish. You're cruel. I'm just like that... Cruel. Haven't you noticed before? Don't get flabby. Stretch all the way all the time. Look at me. He says... he feels caught in a trap... that he accepted some kind of a deal. So I've come to you. He's worried about Marianne. He thinks they're going to have... how do you call it... an affair, or something. I think he's wrong, but he's right to worry. Frenho is probably finishing the painting. Marianne'd better not see it... when it's over. Why? What can it do? Frenhofer won't protect her. I'd been his model for a long time... his favourite model... unique, you could say. First... he wanted to paint me because he loved me, and then... Then because he loved me... he didn't want to paint me. It was me or painting, that's what he said. I don't understand. It wasn't a question of life and death. Why not? They say when you're drowning... you suddenly see all your life. All the forgotten memories. In a fraction of a second. Is it really possible to capture a whole life on the canvas of a painting? Just like that... with a few... traces of paint? It seems unbelievable... but actually this is what Frenhofer was searching for. You mean this is something... shameless? Yes, that's it... shameless. It's not the flesh that's shameless, it's not the nudity... it's something else. Lower your arm. Turn your face. Look at me. Raise your hand. Turn it over. Like that. It's different. No, it's more precise. You're searching for something... something you've once seen? Maybe. Is it finished? Maybe. Can I have a look now? It's finished? You'll tell me. Anybody here? Miss? Go away! Something's wrong? I'll tell Madame. I'm fine. What are you doing here? Where's Nicolas? - He went out... He wasn't well. - Tell him I'm leaving. - What will you do? - Get out of here. Without talking to Nicolas? Listen Julienne, you're not his wife. I put up with you a long time but now mind your own business and leave us alone. Shut up! Do you think putting up with you was a pleasure? Three living in 6 square meters... coming home late so as not to see you doing it... but I said we'd find a solution... So I found it, I just left. Only I know how much I paid for it. So you won't leave him like that. Anyway I can't stay with him. I don't love him enough. Nothing but yourself... It's not true... if only you saw... I must go before they found out. Who cares about them? It's all in your head. It's not in my head. I saw it. A thing which was cold and dry. It was me. What are you talking about? If you're leaving Nicolas, you tell him. I can't. So take a little rest. Wait one night at least. That's right. Tomorrow's another day. I'm tired. You can sleep in my room. I'll talk to Nicolas. You've finally escaped? I waited until mum fell asleep. If she wakes up... She won't. Unless she stumbles. She walks in her sleep. She's beautiful. - It's the young lady? - Yes. Now, listen... I am much older than you are... but we'll share a secret. Can you keep a secret? Yes. Hold it. Hold it firmly. Help me... Is this the secret? Hold it... It's like letters from Joseph... they're all stored in a shoe-box... that I hid in the greenhouse, in the kitchen garden behind the old watering cans. When it's raining I like going there... to read them. It feels nice there when it's raining. Yes, but this time... whether it's raining or not, you mustn't ever look at it. Never. Our secret... means you've never seen this painting. It doesn't exist. Do you understand? Yes, sir. How long should I keep it? Always. Even when I'm gone. What's the matter? Shooting stars... Make a wish. It's a bit late to make a wish. Why're you saying this? Because I stopped expecting things. You know what I thought this morning... when I saw you asleep in the studio? I thought you were dead... and me too... I'm dead... and then? It's a funny kind of love... sleeping together for the first time in a grave... I'd like to know... after such an exhaustion... what remains dead and cannot be restored. Everything. So, here we are. It's not the most wonderful moment for me. I can barely stand it coming to an end. Maybe you expected something different... So did I, in a way. A finished work is a new-born baby. I need time to understand what it is... what it will be. But I've no more time... It's my first posthumous work. It's much more expensive. What you've done is beautiful. You mean the painting? I mean the painting, the real one... and also what you've done. I hoped I'd surprise you. You'll always surprise me... always. Can I have a cigarette? You smoke too much, Marianne. I like blackening my lungs. Marianne put on her old mask again... or maybe she took a new one. I like your sister very much. You're lucky to have someone like her. I don't know if I'm lucky, but I will need to be. Oh no, everything's going to be fine. What's lasted for three years can't just break in three days. You think so? I'm sure of that. So, what do you think of that? It's nice, but I understand nothing. You don't like modern painting... No. All I like is Titian. It's Titian that I've done! You're satisfied? Is that what you wanted? All I wanted was a painting. I've got it. Let's have some more champagne. You're still here? Why not at work? I need grey weather and Parisian light. Who doesn't need it? I'd like to ask you a question. You said you're looking for truth in a painting... Is it always so? You're asking as a friend, or as an enemy? I don't think a painter has enemies. Except for his bad paintings. What should I think you mean? Think what you want. I will always admire you, but... I feel sorry for you, too. I wouldn't like to finish like you... in a comedy. Stay the way you are. I like you. It's a little cooler... That doesn't bother me. It's not that... I understand. For me it's also difficult. We both love someone for whom everything else comes first. That's life. No, it's a vocation. Your brother has a great talent. He owes much to you, he says. But he doesn't know how I believe in him. And how strong my friendship for him is. I never really dared to tell him. Someone of such modesty... We didn't have time to know each other. I'd be happy to have dinner with you... and him some time. So the story is coming to its end soon. I can't find the words. In painting what is said doesn't count. You're right. Let's talk about figures. What has become of Marianne... you won't know tonight. Marianne? It's me. It used to be me. I didn't believe you when you tried to warn me the other day. Forget it. Now you see I shouldn't have been afraid. No, you were right and I was unaware. I'm not unaware any more. I wanted you to know it. You're OK? I am afraid. I've packed our things. We'd better leave early to avoid traffic jams. We could take the long way through Spain. Barcelona... Montserrat... Subtitling: HIVENTY