Lady Gagas Shallow Becomes High School Grads Speech

the whole teenager Sydney Helgeson says she didn't plan on speaking at her high school graduation but she is [Music] graduation speeches are a tradition but when words fail music speaks so I'd like to dedicate my version of tomorrow to the tune of Lady gaga shallow to the class of 2019 the North Dakota native wasn't even nervous singing it's just something I do and so yeah I wasn't super nervous I was more nervous when I had to audition to give the speech than when I actually gave the speech at graduation she got the idea from this James Corden and Alicia Keys parody of shallow on The Late Late Show the response has been overwhelming I thought it was a really cool way to share all those memories and kind of have a last tribute to the class and all the amazing moments that we shared together and so it was really cool to talk to everyone after and you know people said it brought them to tears and just how special it wasn't so that was really cool now Sydney is looking ahead she snagged the scholarship and in the fall she'll begin her freshman year at the University of Alabama but she's still holding out for the icing on the cake I'm hoping you know maybe Lady gaga [Music] for Inside Edition com I'm Stephanie officer thanks to our teachers who showed us the