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a model please we are to say [Music] the resource controller and migration okay let's close these things now we need to go to F first of all it's inside our database migration and this is a new migration string okay and and say you're ready to be controller kick take a controller just now inside of outs yeah you just need to do this we can use this later so let it be here we need to make a resource out okay this is fine okay now we need to make a database so first of all let's close these two women they won't get the places okay okay now we need to go to a every file and also give it the name of Louisville let's save it and now we will need to clear our config so which we have to certain okay and this we can run or migration which we understand migrate okay this is we can fix this issue way going to config and then database and here inside your MySQL array here we can remove this Emily for I'm here and now in their zone again right this time my great fresh okay so databases are a great database migrated in now we can see your tables here and there's our category table okay so now we can close this so we can close this one okay so we will need now we can create some services so first of all and it's create and you order here and services and inside services we will create another file HTTP service yes okay here we will create two first of all we will import ideas from HCL's look at this we will have to make them into functions one for separate table quests X EOS and you need this URL and we can get the base URL here like 80 degrees look whole / thousand but I think the better way is to have a stroll in our application our WebEx so let me leave early - for Maryland passport basic rosters like storing a state etc so let's just create there's just install WebEx here we just need to run this command we can now make another fire here inside which I was recorder and hit okay and for now we wanted a few things like host thousands API and for other things like images etc we can also now we can import extra here you okay so now we can this home you got it from stove door state dot okay and now we can make another one for I request which content files so let's go it is pasted here and we can elect HTTP file it will be the same like this but it will also contain default now let's go to our we use and and said we use we have categories here we will need to do some operations right script and parent is with our controls and we have not created two controls yet so here we need to have a model so we can use non-poor straight model but better tools models from bootstrap view so click on documentation and here we can install it by we already have we you and bootstrap so we just need to install this let's copy this without editor and let's install it NPM now we can use it to buy going door approaches and here we can use it like and hold it like strips refuse we can use a smaller so how can we do that here if we search for model and here you can read all about these models but I will just pick this one and here ll paste this code and I can use simple buttons so I don't need this we'll have to make a form here you don't get action you will need some form control so let's copy this room number for strength let's go to narrow version and here you can search for [Music] and you can go to like in Japan and the psychic should be here because we are using it here so we don't need this and they're spying it with our particularly dark name which is here okay that's it you can copy this text right here and chose an image so what we can do here we can remote X because to help this type of and it doesn't does not work with this thing like we mother it does not work wait I tell files what meeting to do how can we take the value from this now I mean how can we take a file from it so we just need to have some even here like change and we on a call a function like attach the witch and let's gender society - mhm here okay so now we need to make method here so methyl and inside that we need to have this we need to do some code like using and but people this we will need to complete this model here I'm in this form so what we can put a char here and we put two button like time button and let's go to class of button it in between default and you should say cancel and once I'm gonna click on this we read call and let method like right you take a model for example and we can copy this paste it here let's just close primary and give it this call this say this will be on submit [Music] we also have things like right [Music] so here we can make a button so let's put these because we need a button here and in front of this click on ok and now we need to close off tip legs and we can give it a class of ml bottom so it will be in same line so let's go and load it ok have some air let's check okay so it really is not defined okay let's make sense weird isn't it you're skeptical read it or not just go to me so let's change this I'm Kitty delete our name the category start to get irritated or name and I think there's enough good lord yeah this is working so now once you click this we have to give it in action we can just tell this state free on click we have to call name category model and since I guess it will show the new category model that's it step on this and once we click on this okay disappear but there are some a stand mistake like it should be unlived this one also and this thing should be done right lady and they should not be user component method h-honey and Nuka TV or something like that so let's search for this and this and the second my sermon this thanks for my in center and let's copy this and there was this note now this look good but the problem still here like this is too dark we should see something behind this so I think I don't know what is it like this we have to make it our GP for example rgba 0 0 0 n 0.5 okay let's look craft let's copy this source folder and inside sauce you here or EFT or SCSS this put it here and discover this here and put it here ok let's save this note ok I think do we know we ship the note by holding shift and load no ok thank you need to like important here ok no yeah it's fine so the model is appearing and now if we go to console you look like this any other bonus submitted because we are not doing anything here but only consoling a message so older studies and the next career