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now I will use some template some free template so these guys provide some free templates and we will use this one so I have already download this you can download it from here and I have to t have it and I will just go here and from this we need this nail bar and this rapper so let's copy this and inside your man just paste it here I don't like these comments and I don't like I don't want this table because I don't need this okay so need to call with this we've got furniture yeah this looks good now okay now I don't want this thing to be here because we have to make some components so we need three components for now when I spoil the nail bar - well - sidebar and when I spoil the butcher so let's cut it from here and here we will make a new file the edges that you template the best format is okay and that's me it here for this okay and we also need a component of this and it will be sidebar now here we need to import that also okay and now all the butcher okay now let's test this okay so these things are fine but your sidebar is not working so we just need to I can we need to CSS and X here I as include adults with boosting style so we just need to yeah veneers from here the cookie this close this and here ever taste it now it's just again yeah this is fine now so I don't need this thing here okay we don't have the font awesome right now so whatever do I just come back here so I have to copy this thing just copy this and paste it inside your public yeah just paste it here okay so now we need to copy this from here and we can get a link okay no it's just it ya know lichens are also working so now we just need to remove this from here and it's inside if that we you okay we also need to remove this because here we have to put and we need to make a new folder here use and you can make a template okay so now we need to have a router so you can stare out your view router okay copy this you know and s come on okay we need to make another and jazz five North cases chess okay and this will contain our routes so first of all also to import just create it and xn side tell me to use this yes okay so we need Stroeve V this welcome this one and we just created it here okay now make us both this and we would export this okay now inside out AI Jess we need to import [Music] now just test this okay okay sorry this because we write it small yes King now we need to make another view also and it will be category we just get a good start here and here we need to have this and the same will come things so let's copy this paste it here but will tell me this also this one and you will call this categories just donate this not the body just this thing here we need to have a stable - okay we can copy this to eat fish okay no need to make and here imported like this okay this is fine now and say your sidebar you need to make some links so let's just remove this from here and it goes to this thing this and also this class come on a sec to come here this so it will contain effective glass only if it is the current view so this close to here okay and we can do this let's just this snap should be categories once when we click on this load movie when the stash box you have to do a few things here and set this - for so here we also need to help instead of welcome here okay this is fine now we also need to have actual length here when we click here we are getting the length but it's not good to be like this we just need active instead of this let's go to about here we can get our load there is only active so what we need to do we just need to give it a color of white okay so let's copy this let's get here reload okay now it's working okay now from the dashboard you can donate this understand with this okay