Laser vs Optical Mouse Which Is Better for Gaming Simple Guide

the mouse is one of the most important peripherals if your PC Gamer sure it's a mandatory peripheral for any PC user but if you're using your computer for work or just browsing then any mouse will do and you don't have to think about it in fact some laptop users get by just fine without it but if you're a gamer you want to make sure your experience is the best it could possibly be so the question arises should you get a laser or an optical mouse well before we get into any further details will briefly explain just how the two of these work [Music] both laser and optical mice use a CMOS sensor to analyze the surface they're being used on and the speed they're moving at they do this by taking thousands of digital images per second where they differ however is in which light they use to illuminate the surface an optical mouse uses an LED light while a laser mouse predictably uses a laser and both of these methods come with some pros and cons so let's see how well they fare against each other in terms of sensitivity accuracy and price you may have heard the term dpi thrown around when it comes to this discussion or mouse sensitivity in general this stands for dots per inch and it used to be a way bigger deal than it is now but nowadays the gap between optical and laser mice isn't nearly as big when it comes to dpi not only can even a budget gaming mouse easily have a dpi of over a thousand but because of the technological advancements in CMOS sensors even a three-digit dpi mouse can achieve remarkable precision so while laser mice are technically still superior in this category they don't have that big of a lead anymore a much more important thing to consider anyway if the mouse's accuracy meaning how accurately it'll be able to analyze the surface that's on and this is where the difference is between LED lights and lasers really come into play as you can imagine lasers are accurate if they're good enough for surgery they're good enough for gaming right but that's just the thing they can be too accurate a laser can actually penetrate the surface it's placed on this means it can analyze the data in much more detail sure but this can also lead to the mouse over analyzing the surface during slow movements which can lead to some unwanted jitter although it does go in their favor that they can be used on any surface which isn't the case with LED lights because an optical mouse uses light you need to make sure the surface you're using it on is non reflective anything too glossy or prone to reflecting light and it'll end up looking inaccurate and just about useless and then there's the matter of price in these kinds of videos there's usually a big price gap like with HD DS and SSDs or 144 Kurt's and 240 Hertz monitors where one is generally much better but also much more expensive than the other one but this really isn't the case with optical and laser mice it used to be the case years ago when optical mice were considered the budget gaming solutions and laser mice were reserved for high-end rigs but it's just not the same anymore today you'll find both optical and laser mice anywhere between a handful of dollars and several hundred and these higher priced ones are usually slightly more advanced with additional buttons and pretty lights but this doesn't necessarily mean better performance our advice is to stick with the 30 to $90 price range anything lower and you risk lower quality in terms of performance and build but anything higher is generally just a marketing gimmick so which is better than and can we even decide on a winner seeing how closely match they are well yes and no we'd say optical mice are better for gaming just because they have proven to be more reliable and more responsible - which is extremely important if you're a gamer sure they'll generally have a lower dpi but like we've said this is a hardly noticeable difference anymore the only downside is that you'll have to use a mousepad to ensure optimal performance we'll leave a link in the description for the list of the best mouse pads currently available now this is great and all if you don't move around a lot but if you do then you should definitely consider getting a laser mouse instead after all their greatest strength is the thing to be used on just about any surface even glass this makes them a much better portable solution although their tendency to overanalyze Mouse movement still makes them less than ideal for gaming so what did you think which of these devices have you used and in case you used both which has served you better we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below also if you're getting a new mouse then another thing to consider is whether you should buy a wired one or a wireless one make sure to check out our video where we discuss just that and as always if you find this video helpful make sure to LIKE and subscribe and we'll see in the next video