Last Man Touching the Log Wins Ultimate Survival Challenge


Team Edge


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in today's challenge we're going to find out which one of us is the smartest and the toughest in this endurance trivia challenge once we get into position and put our hands on the beam you are not allowed to take it off last man standing wins and our host today is the most unbiased lovable most just most caring just post kobe way to butter them up this guy hey today we're gonna have up to five rounds last to answer the question wrong get the punishment or the last two to get wrong may get a punishment and also just because you know me sniff snip i might just randomly give off punishments because i feel like it we ready gentlemen let's get started hey bobby bobby do you need like a ladder to oh no i'm perfectly fine without a lotto thank you very much whoa this is not stable [Music] hey so the first round name that singer the first person to get it correct wins question number one perfect shape of you thank you [Applause] i like that egg balance that means you're gonna put a spoon in your mouth that's holding an egg and you must hold it and here's where it gets tricky you have to answer the next question with the eggs in your mouth brian oh don't drop the egg oh this is done if your egg drops you will get a punishment this just made it so much worse next question you make me feel so young fly me to the moon huh what's up i don't understand it nope it is not the way you look tonight john legend no rihanna alicia keith alicia keys no no no no no what frank sinatra yes that is correct that is correct yes you can take it off bobby you must hold on to the egg in your mouth all right bobby hold on to that egg next question banana pancakes upside down that is correct jordan got it right that is jack johnson bobby still has the punishment not that you're gonna get this next punishment brian it's not that i didn't get it wrong bring out the piggy head oh this is heavy this is not even light why me why not bobby oink oink oh how about this i can't see all right bro this is heavy i told you it was heavy bobby did you take it out of your mouth i told you to hold on to it until your punishment's over during it bobby you get the dentist goggles oh sick bro it's like 20 degrees hotter in here next question get rhythm ring of fire oh johnny cash that is called rag bobby good correct bobby i'll let you choose who gets the punishment oh brian what's up with that hey brian yeah the piggy helmet's already heavy we're going to make it heavier right now it's heavy for the week oh this is heavy do you see the size of my head hold on i can't see you oh this is heavy dude if the chains fall you get another punishment hey guys i love a good exercise we got some pilates give me about five squats right now good five squats five squats right now get low brian get low five good squats one brian is sweating around two come on bro three your stupidity is magnified in my glasses all right guys i wanna see your balance take one leg off a pig bro come on give me get me out of this all right brian you can take the helmet off [Music] do not rest it here we go next question friday night rebecca that is correct jordan all right bobby i'm gonna make this a little uncomfortable for you now i need you to hold this bag of ice with one hand you can hold it however you want bobby why do i do these challenges call me maybe oh carly ray jumper that is correct bobby that is correct so jordan you will get this punishment it's a little dark in here so i want to make it easier for you to see let's give you the night vision goggles how many finger am i holding up you know what do we have another bad guys that's great here you go jordan i want you to hold on to this all right here we go all right brian you've had those chains on for a while i want you to take off those chains who do i give them to bobby you feeling generous brian yeah i'm feeling do you want to give it to bobby yeah all right i feel generous let me give this bag to ice to him i cannot see anything that's happened i'm so confused oh that's heavy all right so we're gonna move into round two and round two bobby is geography do you know your geography yeah the white clouds don't rain as much when the darker clouds geography let's see if you guys can name this continent all right usa canada north america central america what a murder question geography the last to get it we'll get a punishment north america north america big continent big continent big continent give me the ice you've held it long enough let's take this away all right cam bring me a pool noodle out please oh bobby jordan's give up right [Music] oh okay okay bobby bobby what is [Music] all right ladies and gentlemen so we're going to let the fog settle down a little bit we're also going to test their endurance i'm going to take a break real quick while they still hold i'll see you back in a bit bye [Music] oh back [Music] all right so we are back from our little break our team looks like you guys still have a lot of energy i don't feel like i'm doing a good enough job to make you tired okay hey cam bring out the two pool noodles please oh you guys don't look tired at all my feet hurt they hurt you don't look tired at all and i don't like that you guys are not oh tired here we go the next round is restaurants the last two to get it wrong get a punishment double-double in and out get it up ryan bobby you get you get it bobby give him a good one to the face you both got it wrong so you both get a punch three layer queso nachos barbecue taco bell taco bell taco bell del taco that is correct brian del taco is the correct i don't go to del taco taco bell's way better you know what yeah we went we made a video about it check it out right here okay we're going through again boys ah we're going through again look at jordan jordan finished brian may not make it hey cam cam bring out the cannon oh oh now it's getting juicy i'm losing circulation to my i was just informed that we have it at a nice 150 psi bro that hurts hey i love this watch what happened brian you get to pick who gets the punch man jordan he didn't even hesitate going for the strongest one first hey yeah i'm going to go for one of the legs are you ready no are we ready no three two one yes i felt that i got meat oh i'm at that stage where i just don't like you all right bobby i'm liking this cannon way too much i'm coming for your leg brian actually bobby take off those goggles you've had them on long enough thanks but wait don't have to answer a question no you don't i'll just take one you can take one i'd like you guys i got a question for you okay left or right no oh i pick if you don't make oh okay i'm in the rugs okay ladies and gentlemen bobby is officially out the cannon struck too much beer in his eyes bobby you know you have to not sit on these things while you wait for us to finish i'm starting to lose feeling in my right left foot both feet i'm ready for a good old-fashioned rob paper oh best out of three to see who gets the nice warm welcoming of this cannon rock paper scissors shoot oh jordan has the first one oh best out of three here we go rock paper scissors shoot oh one more time rock paper scissors shoot rock paper scissors shoot here we go rock paper scissors shoot three two one that was a bunchy kevin that was a oh that was a bunchy kevin all right brian are you ready name the author the adventures of tom sawyer bro you don't know that mark play oh so does that mean jordan gets the punishment bring out the piggy helmet and the chains and the gun we're getting towards the good stuff i was about to quit but wait until at least this punishment's over so he gets it then i'm out did i have to go to the bathroom so bad just quit like i feel it's like everyone's helping you all right here we go i can't see turn it now you won't be able to see it coming hold on it's falling off one oh that was butchy i think the piggy is squealing right now jordan what i was about to get out before you got your punishment but when kevin said what they were doing to you i had to wait i want you guys in a half squat go down this thing keeps falling over oh just piggy want to go to the market all right what is that what are you doing this thing keeps off all right guys full squat now bring it down a little bit more i want to see who's going back straight up back straight up there he is he's suffering right now center all right just if i just here's your question what is the second element on the periodic table helium he got that right no jordan stand up bro stand up wow take off the piggy helmet i'll give you that oh bro that's not a squat that's a full squat bro all right brian stand up here we go next question name the place that serves this plant-based breakfast sandwich impossible burger sausage egg and cheddar sandwich cake tops starbucks carl's jr jordan put the chain on brian i need to see effort brian's not giving any come on jordan oh jordan's hanging on there bro this is some competitive boys right here okay all right as you're waiting for the next question full squat gentlemen full squat you're right full cockatoo right there what place serves this pots hot dogs bacon jam cheeseburger red bull slush red robins jumbo popcorn chicken popeyes oh no way he is a game character popeyes sonic it is sonic stand up brian full squat please i'm going with a chain this is the worst all right good squat brian here we go i love it i'm gonna take my time on this one i love when people are in the full squat huh bro that's not a squat hamstring all right here we go jordan look at the shake wait look at the shake look at this all right first to answer this correctly wins are we ready yeah all right who serves this mcdonald's chili dog cheese winner yes brian sorry i can't get you up you got it i'm good that was painful he's out i was burning my leg so bad hey jordan's our winner actually we're all winners except for bobby today make sure you guys go watch this video that is what we did the last to leave the circle wins we were getting shot by paintballs it was painful but funny and go watch this video that youtube recommends for you right over here go check out kevin description down below inscription description down below peace