Last to Leave the Ice Bath Wins Extreme Trivia

hey hey hey hey [Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome to team edge today we're doing our extreme trivia challenge trivia with a CH trivia guys today we're doing ice bath trivia these boys are gonna hop in this water right here the water's like lukewarm is kind of warm but every single time they get a question incorrect I'm gonna pour a bag of ice in there wait real nice and cold a whole bag a full bag we will be dumping one whole bag of ice for trivia question you get incorrect so it's gonna get a little nippy in here let's see who taps out first boys shirts off hop in blow away before before way what would Jordan before we get inside join have you just turn around for me real quick so why is it I'm hearing a lot of crying right now if we can just get some hey Bobby you're all high and mighty cuz you're out there bro oh I'm gonna soak it all in I love being in this position all right ladies let's get this thing started so round number one is called a straightforward trivia and this one we're gonna be going one at a time it's really straightforward you guys won't get it okay Joey you have the first question okay it's an individual most of the birds cannot swallow their food without gravity of the birds most of the birds cannot swallow their food I'm reading exactly how for it the birds I've heard of that band most of the birds cannot swallow their food without gravity true or false all right so I know that all the birds when they swallow when I when I see them they like it that's how you eat though the answer is true yes Oh Joey escapes the I know ice for me Jordan oh no your question is also a true/false question okay penguins propose to each other with singing proposed for what format which are you eating I'd say true the answer is I don't Jordan bambam homeboy oh it's cold whatever psychopath invented this game I hate you one bag of ice dude it's already so cold oh my gosh is it just a block no looks like it's like oh I feel it I feel it right now dude oh my gosh as you should you're in it Brian yes ma'am it can take a photon 40,000 years to travel from the core of the Sun to the surface but only eight minutes to travel the rest of the way to the earth if I know my liquid hot magma you don't I'd say that's true Brian that is correct oh wow you had a 50-50 chance so did I do exit trivia what is the collective name for a group of lions fried that is correct a pride of lions Jordan Oh Jordan which is the fastest land animal I'm gonna go with a cheetah you are correct yes Brian how many compartments does a cow's stomach have okay it's either a or all the above in carcass five hey hey why she makes it worse Bobby hey 30 colas you have the bag how would you have the bag okay dude it's for it says five on here I didn't write this down I didn't pack tractor hey it is your dough clothes are getting numb you know why cause it's ice you're so smart who is the only u.s. president to have a national park named after him is it a Thomas Jefferson is it be drinkin Partington plug he has an hour Theodore Roosevelt's George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Jefferson that is incorrect Jefferson Park Oh No Oh No now we're moving on we're leasing out Disney and Marvel movies by one sentence this question goes to all three of them whoever tells me the answer first does not get any ice but their opponents get iced all right guys for this round I'm gonna give him a chance to get away from the cold so that means heating blanket and drying off for a little bit all right first question after he is wrongly accused of murder a boy goes into hiding we're turning years later to clear his name Tom Sawyer no luck my pin Brian you have the opportunity to get out and get under the heating blankie do you want to take this opportunity can i bank it for later sure no you can't bake it for later this next questions for the ice and land fakes his own death and goes on a killing rampage because he's insecure about his looks the Hunchback of Notre Dame oh I'll give you a hint the color red Red Riding Hood a depressive shut-in goes on a rampage in her own hometown I don't understand that either you wrote these Bobby it relates to what you guys are doing frozen yeah - capes the ice that means one bag of ice wave Oh oh no hey Bobby hey Bobby let's talk this out hey hey hey bro hey let's talk this out talking about hey you know we can work this out funny I think you're hot out this is so cool oh dude oh no Judy are you quitting already no I gotta move back question number three upon being stripped of his most valuable tool an arrogant man must go on us Reggie duck straight home to find the power within dr. strange what Iron Man no say that again for yes support me in the comments please wait Bobby I get a pass remember he dumped one on the wrong you didn't say that yeah what do you think I should do what do you think that's fair you dumped ISIL down here I think Jordan put ice cubes down there but they're posted are you okay further bro do you believe me have I ever cheated you got the question wrong I can't believe you did that I did not anything run it back wait wait wait I gotta ride you poured some out sure a man takes performance-enhancing drugs to excel at his dream job Bobby this one is not going well for me next round is a big law oh no this question is going to go one at a time to each one of you okay what is illegal to buy in Providence Rhode Island on a Sunday peanuts is our final answer yes and correct its toothbrush [Music] you mean toothbrush was that a multiple-choice no you know I'm supposed to know that yes Kruger Atlanta Georgia what is it against the law to do in a to attract write it like final answer yeah and correct tie it to a telephone pole these are bogus some doofus decided a ties draft with a telephone pole my brain is like malfunctioning and like I can't think straight right now throw a hole do this is bad but didn't work out alright Brian here's your question in Massachusetts guys shut up in Massachusetts what can you not do to a pigeon right it my rants are still writing you don't have to shove them like in your mouth to get one and correct the answer is scary oh I'm kind of going off script here bomb ask one question about myself but this one's for a perk not for ice whoever gets this question correct it gets to step out for a couple minutes with a nice warm heated blankets the question now is what was the first question Wow look how ready is I am not doing well in this challenge I just I just say it legs all the way honestly I think I might bail I think I might bail no you can't I'm gonna bail Joey I'm gonna bail I thought you were tough I'm not I'm not tough I'm married I don't have to be tough anymore I need blood to my groin oh my goodness that was painful this is bad dude I might have to give up soon this is like this is probably some of the worst pain I've ever been in in my entire life do you broke your leg bro this next round is called it riddle me this if you get the riddle correct you do not get ice Jordan you're up first what has to be broken before you can use it what has to be bro trust Ava an egg that is correct oh let's go a glow stick I'm tall when I'm young and I'm short when I'm old what am I don't matter give me the ice I can be here all day that is incorrect Jordan Brian that was it helpful move right there the answer was a candle brah I'm not joking around the man I got all day in here that isn't alpha man okay Oh Jordan next question yeah what question can you never answer yes to what type of question oh it's incorrect it's are you asleep yet is the outro premiere boy all right let's do this Jordan's out alright okay I always try to play tough I'm cool good ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching brian is our winner for today so big congrats to brian you went to the edge point be sure to go check out our last bit of trivia video which is do not leave the dumpster we got real messy you got all dirty and it was basically the same thing with this just gross Ness hey guys don't click this video right here this is a video that YouTube recommends for you because it knows everything about you go subscribe to our Channel and get some of that dewy sweet merch of this like this see you guys