LastMinute WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Rumours You Need To Know

[Applause] hello there everybody what Culture wrestling's Adam clear here back again with our most bankable source of pre pay per view hits last-minute rumors now it to the Royal Rumble on the horizon and where the rest of its big fall paint with you brothers and sisters can under deliver somewhat on the shock the stones of surprises and the special guests the rumble never lets us down and mercifully for those of us who make a living off the content capital C there this year is absolutely no exception all fall of the main event matches the women's - and the men's - title matches they look fairly cloudy at the minute pretty much anything could happen with them so we're expecting all manner of shocks and stones surprised especially guess what I've just said to happen at the rumble now admittedly the winner of the men's does look slightly wrapped up but the entire rest of the card could throw up surprises so you know the drill by now we have scoured the murky dirty horrible depths of the internet to find the big rumors that are doing around about the show so you don't have to so with no further ado my name is Adam Cleary this is the wrestling rumors advisory board and we've slightly changed it this year the star rating the rumors instead of doing the slightly confusing words and this is every single last-minute rumor for the Royal Rumble you need to know number 10 John Cena is out very out of nowhere this one and we've already sort of done it as a new story so he's gonna get it out of the way quite quickly John Cena despite his impassioned promo on the other weeks Raw about being in the rumble and then winning it so we've go on a break Ric Flair's completely made at record according to report in the Wrestling Observer he is out of the show completely now the story goes hear from WWE's perspective that he picked up an ankle injury against drew gallo tiger drew maka way drew McIntyre the other week on Raw and now his involvement is questionable but the actual story is that he was gonna get jumped by laws Sullivan on the show who would then enter the rumble in his place setting up a match between the pair of them at WrestleMania but of course because the last stuff that's all up in the air now we don't want to speculate too much on this one as the details surrounding the whole last thing are both murky and quite sensitive but all we know is he's taking a break from WWE at the moment to concentrate on his health and he's gonna be welcomed back as and when he's feeling better that's obviously now we're not going be in time for the rumble so they have scuppered the scene of plans entirely lightning head lame lightning fist me I mean sure John Cena could be out but what about what John Cena likes the big so I'm surprised he's missing the biggest show of the year number nine Kevin Owens returns this would be nice now wouldn't it Kevin Owens has been off our screens for months I want to say since about October and bobby'll actually put him on the shelf but despite being cleared and fit and ready and willing and gabled God remember that catchphrase to return WWE have apparently let loose though he's not going to be back until WrestleMania at the very earliest which is weird why would you why would you have him at home for three months when he's fit but where weirdness sprouts in WWE the internet will always turn up right on time you spray a little bit of common sense on it the reason they're trying to put you off the scent of a Kevin Owens Royal Rumble return is because they want to put you off the scent of a Kevin Owens Royal Rumble return thus making it a much bigger surprise there's good logic to it as well as the main event scene is currently chock full of people who think this should be at the top of the card Brock their bronze their fins their sets their drew is there there's not really much room for Kevin Owens to come back in at the top of Raw but since Bobby Lashley put them on the shelf and is the Intercontinental Champion and doesn't have a logical opponent for WrestleMania see your own going with that one but he got me such a nice time with his cats j'espere cook Kevin Owens we're beyond huh yeah that's right I speak for it by the way Owens ich liebe dich I'm looking for two JBL saying he's got a good feeling he's gonna win number eight ec3 debuts now of course when I say Davies I don't mean makes his actual television debut who's already done that hasn't he's been motoring around Raw and Smackdown like some creepy sex offender in the bushes but he's yet to make his in-ring debut on television for the company so the logical place to do that is the relatively neutral ground of the Royal Rumble nice little poetry to that one because if you remember it was Royal Rumble weekend where he's first spotted in the crowd at NXT takeover announcing that he'd signed with WWE so having him debut the rumble and picking a fight with somebody in building towards a Wrestlemania feud seems like the obvious way to do it the talk at the minute is dean ambrose 3 c 3 and i would honestly rather certain organ who cares [Music] ec3 debuts at the Royal Rumble I'd say there's only a 1% chance of that happening hey get it what 1 1 % that's not funny yet by all means debut the one guy that have a stinker a take over for the past three years number seven Shawn Michaels mercifully mercifully there is almost zero chance whatsoever of this actually happening the sad fact is that with the return already under his massive weird belt on his strange patent leather trousers you can rule nothing out for Shawn Michaels in the future he was the only man in wrestling who stayed retired right up until the moment that he didn't even if by his own admission his crown jewel comeback was a bit of a stinker and it reminded him why stayed retired in the first place he could now in my incredibly humble opinion a Wrestlemania match for him feels a little bit like too much of a stretch you didn't enjoy himself enough back in the ring form to really want to go one-on-one with somebody else's age and just sour his legacy further but a Royal Rumble returned a brief one with a crowd get the pop he gets to do his entrance he gets to have a fitting end to his career beyond the crown jewel payday that does make sense and according to a report in the citizen I really had a delve deep for that one that could be what happens actually quite like the idea that we perfectly honest he probably feels at his last time out wasn't really worthy of his legacy and I'm sure the US crowd feel slightly robbed that when he did come out of retirement it wasn't for them so it does sort of line up but not happening how will he find the time between his naps I wonder if you live grones hair back or you know stay bald for a movie anyone may look now in old Shawn Michaels says he's retired but I think he's got one eye on WrestleMania Jesus Christ number six Shayna Baszler debuts only a matter of time for this one now surely yzma Shayna basil has dominated the NXT Women's Division pretty much since she took the title from em at WrestleMania weekend last year I want to say when she goes to the main roster she is a ready-made star and by the way the main roster is absolutely desperate for a vicious heel she has a title defense against Bianca bel-air take over this weekend who also feels ready made a step into that spot so yeah I can't see her being on developmental anymore because well she's not really got much more developing to do not really quite sure what you do with it after she debuts because WWE don't seem to like women walking straight into the main event scene when they come up from NXT like Becky Charlotte's Sasha Bailey Alexa bliss niya Jax amber moon anyone else I've forgotten they all had to do something before they got anywhere near the title picture but then again they did roll with that rule out fall Ronda Rousey who's obviously quite similar to basil in her background she'd be a good Ally should be a good opponent if she hangs around so don't you know what they're gonna do with her but expect it to start on Sunday I guess someone's gonna have to take wonders but an anagram of Shayna Baszler is lazy hen ass bro what you thinks about as much sense as Shayna Baszler coming into the rumble Vince meet Shayna a winner in MMA in the nastiest heal with having years nice to meet you Shayna what size were all but you number 5 a host of NXT appearances of course that's the thing about NXT wrestlers being in the Royal Rumble it doesn't always have to be a fully fledged call-up they can just be there now if you scour the internet for long enough which is pretty much my entire job admittedly you will find every single name in NXT being touted by somebody to make an appearance but the most consistent and indeed the most credible names that keep cropping up are Alistair black The Velveteen dream and Pete Dunn those 3 make a lot of sense in this regard because obviously that people the crowd would love to see they'd get huge reactions but all three of them feel like they're still work for them to do on their respective brands I think I was too black needs another run with the NXT championship I think velvetine dream eaters just polish off is TV stuff a little bit more and Pete don't is currently the flag bearer the guy doing all the really heavy lifting on nht UK now as I say all of them would be hugely well-received this Sunday but I would be astonished if any of them are making it a permanent thing yet you just picking random names out of a hat now aren't you clearing yeah yeah yeah okay I mean the most important thing is how is tight it's gonna make a tit of himself this year just don't put your coffee in there otherwise people will accidentally get eliminated number four hole Cogan I mean I hope not but the talk that Hogan is gonna be the special guest host of WrestleMania 30 fires continues to gather slightly problematic steam look I'll just get this out the wakes and then really do a full video on if Hogan is obviously a legend he is wrestling without him that probably wouldn't be a WWE right now and you cannot question his contribution to every single person that currently goes between those robes but should they have brought him back in the way they did where he was still largely unapologetic for what he did know now am I saying he should never have come back am i saying there weren't ways to do that absolutely not II almost definitely should have eventually and they're almost definitely were good ways to do it but cynically using the death of Mean Gene just to wheel him out in front of a US crowd to make sure nobody nobody would boo that is minging that said though he is now definitely back and there's nothing interchangeable SOI boy cooks like me can't do about it so if he is gonna host Wrestlemania then I don't know kicking that off at the Royal Rumble huge pop from the crowd nice little announcement does make a bit of sense I personally think the weight to fill half an hour on TV with it but they go when it comes crashing down we come back anyway as my close personal friend Rockets he would say oh go good week only right haven't point at the same but change the word WrestleMania to sorry because it's the closest I'll ever care number three Batista returns despite them only vaguely teasing it on Smackdown one thousand WWE do definitely have a big wet rubbery one for the idea of doom Batista versus Triple H at WrestleMania now I want a car that's probably gonna have loads of matches that the fans definitely want to see some concession does need to be made for Vince McMahon getting to watch to AP's units just run into each other crucially though when Big Dave himself spoke to groundbreaking international Jet Set hearthrob wrestling journalists literally me last year he did say he was open for a return if it could be done right the real question which is you how how big is your from there the rumors have continued to spiral at WWE will approach him as and when his schedule allows including these latest rumors in sports Kida and equipped with a research done by yours truly revealed that of all the films he's currently involved in they are all in post-production meaning his job is done and the only thing he's got coming up is the denis villeneuve remake of june which is in pre-production and doesn't have a script yet so won't start filming until it's have a thing sometime sometime after April almost like you've deliberately left a gap in his schedule from January to April can't think why anyway there's probably no real way you can setup him versus Triple H in the Rumbles three months to kill if you haven't come back and it's nice big pot than appear on television and say he's waiting for a challenge he's come back because there's unfinished business and then then you do something with Triple H for the next next few weeks and plus the last time he came back at a rumble with a night of doing something a Wrestlemania didn't quite go the way I'm sure he was hoping it would so this would be a nice way for the fans to remember him iMHO are they thin blue teeth there or bootie sir I was saying booties during the end of the day the big question we all want to answered is how big is Matisse's desire to get back in the ring sounds like a badunkadunk push good for him number two they unveil the rock yes so WWE have a little bit of a problem for WrestleMania weekend not sure if you're aware of this story but they pushed takeover back to Friday night and put the Hall of Fame on the Saturday instead basically the the thought process there was that people will fly in for take over on the Friday because I'll have nothing else to do on the Saturday in New York but twiddle their thumbs they'll go to the Hall of Fame as well and it'll be this great big weekend for everybody awkward one thing they seem to either forget or not care about was that Ring of Honor are having their g1 super card that Saturday night which means the Hall of Fame which is our was long and just consists of people talking is going head-to-head against a wrestling show at Madison Square Gardens that would be really really really good as well as everything else that happens on the Saturday night of WrestleMania weekend I'm not an expert elementary but I'm not I don't think they're gonna win that so how do you fix that how do you guarantee the people will either watch or attend the Hall of Fame when there's gonna be literally millions of things better to do that night well the simple answer is you put a name on it that people cannot afford to miss you make that Hall of Fame a destination event a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the way you do that is with a rock now WWE have wanted the rock for a Hall of Fame for many many years now they tried last year we know that the trying this year we know that they don't get it we'll try again next year but the stars may have just aligned perfectly for it to happen because of this movie the page film the rock isn't just in that he has produced that it's his baby he is investing a lot of his soul into that doing well and if no BWA offered to promote that to the heavens and to give him a platform from which he could promote it as well then he could be talked into it it doesn't matter if the rock is in the Hall of Fame sorry I really can't tell ya let me so we can join legends like Drew Carey Coco beware and the bloke who looks like is that his forehead cloud spending millions just to own ROH never change Vince actually you know do change because Ross absolutely Shh number one ember moon wins straight up there is so much going on in the women's division right now I mean it's got the hottest story probably at the hottest belt I'll give you got the two hottest single stars if the winner of the rumble does not somehow advance the story of Becky Charlotte and Rhonda it doesn't somehow get them closer to a WrestleMania match I will what will I do I'll eat any one item off this shelf they have so many hoops they have to make the three of them jump through to make that WrestleMania match happen the three of them as it stands aren't going to come into contact at the Royal Rumble two of them are competing for different belt across different brands and one of them is in the Rumble itself so how the hell you pull that together with only two pay-per-views left is astounding even more astounding of course if an outsider wins much and the only name being touted with any kind of credibility in that regard according to Digital Spy is ember moon if you remember she made her debut in last year's Rumble and she's been in the women's midcard but not badly booked I would say that obviously protecting her for a bit of a run later on and could it be now I don't think so but I mean I've been wrong before I mean here's the thing we've heard today that Ronda is probably gone after Mia and from there they're gonna hope that a number of women step up to fill that gap but obviously see ember moon as being one of them they called her up that quickly from NXT and let's face it she's really really good but pulling the trigger on it as a main eventer now when you still got so much extra to do fields a bit I don't know what it feels like it feels like a complete stretch that's what it feels like nope you know what I think she's got a good chance or I clear my each put them put the gun down mate yeah yeah it's Becky's yes it's Betty's year ember moons winning wax at so there you have it those are all the last-minute rumors for the 2019 Royal Rumble that somebody came up with in their brain wrote down than I read on the internet somewhere put in an article converted to a script presented in front of this camera and decided that you yes you needed to know them no need to thank me it's literally literally my job let me know what you made of them all as well as any you've heard in the comments below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe in the meantime though I have of course been what coaches Alan Cleary and I'll see you Sunday bye