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how do you teach people to believe in a future that they can't see or experience with their senses yet but they've thought about enough times in their mind that their brain has literally changed to look like the event has already occurred the latest research in neuroscience says that's absolutely possible we know that and how do you teach a person to select a new possibility in their future and begin to emotionally embrace that future before it's made manifest to such a degree that their body is their unconscious mind is believing it's living in that future reality in the present moment and they're signalling new genes and new ways ahead of the environment now to their body begins to change to look like the event has already occurred we've proven that that's possible now think about this so the more you think about your desired future the joy the gratitude the the feelings you want to have that are more positive the more you think about it as it's as a future thing happening the more your body shifts now exactly so your body is believing it's living in that future reality in the present moment now think about this the stronger the emotion you feel from some condition in your life the more altered you feel inside of you the more you narrow your focus on the cause and the brain freezes an image and takes a snapshot and that memory now is embossed in the brain it's branded in there so then people think neurologically within the circuits of those past experiences and they feel chemically within the boundaries of those emotions and the stronger the betrayal the stronger the trauma the more the body is living in the past right so then so how you reverse that so now if you truly got passionate about a future we've all done this you get a wild idea in your mind and you start holding on to that vision and you're preoccupied with it all of a sudden the thought in your mind becomes the experience and you start feeling the the energy of the future now the stronger the emotion you feel from that vision the more you're going to pay attention to the picture in your mind and now you're remembering your future vice versa the stronger you pay attention to the feeling of the past pain you're gonna create the pain in this moment exactly so then so it requires a coherent brain and we now know that there's a formula for that and we've got beautiful research to show that people can do it they just have to practice and it requires a coherent heart because resentment frustration impatience creates a very incoherent heart and when that heart becomes incoherent you stop trusting yourself there's no energy that you get you stop trusting in your future so then if there's physical evidence in your brain and body physical evidence to look like the event has already occurred it's quite possible you'll be thinking neurologically within the circuits of your future and you'll begin to feel chemically within the boundaries of that emotion of your future and how you think and how you feel is your state of being and now your state of being is living in the future instead of the past now the moment you disconnect from the emotion of your future because traffic or some coworker your ex or whatever people come up with now you're back to the energy of your past and now you're gonna start looking for will analyze and why hasn't it happened well if you're feeling the emotion of your future why would you look for it because you would feel like it already happened and that is the place where the magic happens so then you can't just do this get up and then return back to your old state of being you got to maintain that modified state of my climate when I practice well let me finish by virtue of the face right now how do you make well of course of course I mean we all take blows in our lives and and we all react emotionally but the question is how long are you going to rewrite right so then if you can't mediate and regulate your emotional reactions and those emotions linger for days that's a mirrors for some people mood and then of a month's temperament years personality trait so then the person's personality is literally based on the past but they don't know that because they're doing it over and over again it becomes a subconscious program so now if requires a coherent brain and a coherent heart then we have to train people how to self-regulate so we've done thousands and thousands of measurements we've partnered with the heart math Institute to teach people how to create and sustain heart coherence how do we do it well besides going to your worship what's a simplified version I'm sure it takes more time than well it really doesn't it really doesn't it just requires getting still closing your eyes putting your attention on your heart changing your breath so that you move into the present moment and when you slow your breathing down you slow your brainwaves down when you slow your brainwaves down now you're accessing your autonomic nervous system so then you train a person how to open their heart and feel an elevated emotion and it takes a little practice and just like a flower that takes time to bloom it takes a little bit of time but if you work and trading the resentment the frustration or the impatience for gratitude appreciation and thankfulness and you keep at it they'll come a moment where that system switches on and now you're feeling grateful for no reason at all that's that's not a bad thing because gratitude the emotional signature gratitude means something's happening to you something has happened to you you're receiving something or you just receive something so your body then when you're feeling gratitude is in the perfect state of receiving so then that means then you'll accept believe and surrender to the thoughts equal to the emotional state of gratitude if you're living in resentment you're living in fear you're living in patience you could say I'm healthy I'm healthy I'm healthy and wealthy and wealthy and with all you want and that thoughts gonna stop right at the brain stem and never make its way to the body because the body's not there because why because you're feeling resentment and that thought isn't that that thought is not consistent with the emotion of resentment resentment has a different set of thoughts right in other words once you start opening your heart it begins to move into coherence it begins to produce a measurable magnetic field up to three meters wide now that's frequency that's energy and all that energy that frequency carries information carries an intent so then when you're feeling gratitude and your heart is open you're broadcasting energy into the field now frequency a frequency you lay the intent of the thought of your health or your wealth that frequency can carry the thought of your wealth it can carry the thought of your health if you're suffering you can't the suffering does not carry that energy does not carry the thought of your wealth carries a different set of thoughts so then so then we're teaching people how to self-regulate because if you're gonna believe in that future that you're imagining with all of your heart it better be open and activating driver and you better know how to self-regulate and you have to know the moment you disconnect from the energy of your future because of some circumstance in your life and you lose that feeling if you're practicing it on a daily basis with your eyes closed then the next level is to be able to open your eyes and do it right in the moment and be able to self-regulate and change the frustration from some experience in your life back to the energy of your future now that requires great awareness and great effort but if you have a community of people that are practicing this on a daily basis and they're connected to their future because that's where they're in their mind is they begin to want the future more than the emotions of the past so we've done enough measurements now Louis to know that we can teach people how to do that and we have evidence that people can sustain it for 45 minutes to an hour it's a skill now they know that they know how to do it so now they have brain coherence and heart coherence well once the heart begins to become orderly and coherent it acts as an amplifier and it drives an energy to the brain so now the brain is getting more energy once the heart is open and then you're thinking different set of thoughts in this field of informations is this intelligence that lives within you and I that's governing everything material in this world it's a self-organizing intelligence you have access to it so you better get present with it as well as you can get present with anything else and just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist I'm starting to realize how conditioned we are into believing how limited we are and as you start peeling those layers away and you break through those beliefs those self-limiting thoughts and emotions on the other side of that is where the miraculous happens so you got to be willing to be in that place of discomfort long enough to reorganize order and begin to create more coherence and all of a sudden you get this recalibration that goes on in the brain and body and then the extent of that is that the ultimate thing is you start to see feedback in your life those synchronicities those coincidences those opportunities you're scratching your head going everything is falling into place yeah I'm in the right place at the right I think about just comes to me because your energy is synchronized it's yeah look I mean when you have coherence in the brain and heart you have a laser of energy and it could read information much better you're living in stress and your brain is shifting its attention from one person to another problem to another thing to another place to go each one of those things there's an assignment of neurological networks in the brain so the arousal of the stress hormones drives the brain into this high frequency and you're trying to control and predict everything in your life and those your brain circuits are firing like up like a lightning storm in the clouds when your brain is incoherent you're incoherent and and you can't you don't have a signal you're you're not a Wi-Fi sitting it not connected to the field how could you how could you connect the energy and information if your signal hasn't become orderly and so that when people synchronize their energy and to coherence they can synchronize to a possibility in the future in the synchronicities that our feedback from the environment are just a reflection of your energy and that's the universe saying follow the breadcrumbs do it again follow it again do it again and now all of a sudden the person's not waking in the morning like off got a meditate now create my future they're kind of going like I'm getting out of bed because I don't want the magic to end right they want to they want to sustain that state so that the old reality that they've lived in begins to transform into something new and because there's no longer a vibrational match with everyone and everything in their past present reality there's a vibrational match to their future and now their future is starting to give those signals