LazyTown S01E30 Robbies Greatest Misses 1080p HD

Door. Skychaser! Yes! Ha. Not bad. # Welcome to LazyTown, a place where you want to stay # You'll meet Robbie with his rotten plan # And Sportacus saving the day # Stephanie is new in town # And soon she and Ziggy are friends # With Pixel, Stingy and Trixie too # They're gonna have a blast together # Go, go, go, get up, LazyTown # It's the start of a brand-new day # Things are upside down here in LazyTown # Adventure's just a moment away. # (Laughs wickedly) Ah, yummy! (Laughs) Mm-mm. Well, let's take a peek. La-la-la-la... Mayor, don't step on the skateboard! Skateboard! Oh, oh, oh. There's no skateboard. Got you! (Laughs) What's that? This, it's a trophy... Trophy?! ..the award ceremony at five o'clock today. Ah, so who is getting the award? I can't tell you, Ziggy. It's a secret. Ah. Please?! Oh, no, I can't say. I can't tell you. No, I can't tell you that it's Sportacus. Sportacus! What?! Oh! Shh! Quiet, Ziggy. Please don't tell anyone the secret. I won't, but doesn't Sportacus win this every year? Oh, so he does. Why, so he does. Well, I'll put a stop to that. It's about time that someone with real class won the Person of the Year Award. (Stomach rumbles) Well, that was classy. Hey, Uncle, what's the rush? Oh, I'm getting ready for the Person of the Year Award ceremony at five o'clock today. Cool. But I can't tell you who won, so don't ask. OK. It's Sportacus! (Gasps) Oh, I did it again. Oh, please don't tell, Stephanie. Don't worry, I won't. See you later. But I might! (Laughs) They'll never suspect me in this disguise. No-one ever suspects the mailbox. (Laughs) (Laughs) Ah, wonderful. I have to get closer. Closer, closer... (Thud!) Too close. (Groans) Ah. Hey, there's the Mayor. Children. Wow, a trophy. Can we give you any help, Mayor? Oh, thank you, Trixie. Ah-ha! I'm just finishing decorations for the Person of Year Award, which is going to Sportacus. Oh no, I said it again! Oh, my. Sportacus! Don't spoil it. Whoa, Sportacus! Wow, that's a big trophy. Yeah. Sure is. I wonder who's going to get that. Ooh, I don't know. Mayor, be quiet. You need some help? Mm-mm, mm-mm. He's great. He's fine. (Speech muffled) Yeah, he's fine. (Bleep, bleep!) The kitten's stuck in the tree again. Meow. I gotta go. See you later. ALL: Bye! Sportacus is winning! (Sighs) Oh, my, that was close. (All laugh) Too close. Can't he stop flipping for one second?! (Grunts) Meow. Meow. You must be more careful next time. Meow. Only reason Sportaloser wins the Person of the Year Award is because is keeps saving, saving, saving. Ah! Saving, saving, saving, saving, saving, saving, saving, saving, saving. (Grunts) (Gasps) I can't watch! Come on! (Gasps) Guys, guys, guys, there's a monkey outside, and he's playing the trumpet. (Gasps) This I gotta see! Oh, my gosh! Where is it? Where? Is he out there? (Giggles) Oh, yeah, huh? (Sighs) I don't see anything. Fooled you! (Laughs) That was a good one, huh? Ziggy, telling fibs isn't funny. Then why am I laughing so hard, huh? (Laughs) Because you're weird. Yeah. (Sighs) That's the reason. Who else keeps chocolate in their underwear, huh? I don't keep chocolate in my underwear. I was just joking. Oh, joking. Meow. (Bleep, bleep, bleep!) (Sighs) Whoa-ha-ha! I can't stop him! What else can I do? Wait, I'm the Master of Disguise! Ha! (Laughs) # I'm the Master of Disguise # I can vanish from your eyes # I can be in different places with my many funny faces # In disguise (Laughs) # Sometimes it's so nifty when I'm really, really shifty in disguise. # It's disguise time! # It's so easy to deceive you # With the sneaky, little tricks # And I make you believe each character that I pick # Hey! # When you look for me, I'm gone in front of your eyes # People call me the Master of Disguise # I'm as sneaky as can be # No-one sneakier than me # I can get sly and loathing when I dress in other clothing in disguise # You walk right by me, not knowing that I'm sly me # A scary dinosaur with a loud, ferocious roar # I'm so glad that I'm so tricky # Even so Saint Nicky # When you look for me, I'm gone in front of your eyes # People call me the Master of Disguise. # (Laughs) I'm the Master of Disguise. I'm so good! (Laughs) I'm so good, but a good disguise isn't always enough to get Sportacus. (Grunts) (Sighs) I've tried everything! Boots. Mwah! There you go, sir. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! No! Didn't work! (Sighs) Cannon. Fire! (Boom!) Whoa, whoa, whoa! (Thud!) (Screams) (Screams) (Thud!) Didn't work! Jump on the seven-minute dome! Quick! There's a spider on Trixie's shoulder! Spider? (Laughs) Got you again! Oh. It's candy time. Anybody wanna join me, huh? (Laughs) Anybody, huh? (Sighs) I get it. Nuts. Holes. Disguises. (Growls) Candy shooter. Ta-da! Ha-ha! (Gasps) Oh. Help! (Roars) (Grunts and roars) They all failed. But wait a minute. What if I tried them all? He'd never be able to escape if I tried all of my tricks together at the same time! (Laughs) (Blast!) Taffy, Taffy, Taffy! (Bang!) (Pow!) (Blast!) (Bang!) (Pow!) I'm a genius! (Laughs) (Laughs) Mmmm. Whoar! Yar-har-fiddle-dee-dee. Whoar! Ha-ha! Finally, I'll get rid of that blue sports elf forever! (Laughs) But first I need a new disguise. (Laughs) (Mutters) Perfect! Ha-ha!! (Grunts) Ah-ha! Moo! (Puffs and pants) (Laughs) Poor Sportacus. He doesn't like candy. Well, too bad. (Laughs) Oh. (Gasps) What?! And now to put my evil plan into action. (Grunts) Oh. Huh? Down you go. (Laughs) Sportacus, come out and play. (Laughs) Oh, Stephanie! Guys! Guys! I saw an evil cow with all kinds of contraptions, and he's right out there! And you need our help to stop the evil cow before it's too late? Yes, exactly! This is getting silly. Yeah. Yes. I don't care. If you're not gonna help me defeat this evil cow that's gonna take over LazyTown, I'll just do it myself! (Scoffs) Bye! (All laugh) I heard that! (Scoffs) (All laugh) Oh, they don't believe me. (Sighs) I know I saw a cow. (Gasps) Moo! I'll hide in here. This is really not good. I have to go get the other kids. Oh. Wait a minute. It's dark in here. I can't see Sportacus. I have to find another place. Guys, guys, guys! You have to see this! There's a mailbox, and it's alive, and it's gonna make a lot of trouble. Yeah, right, Mailbox? And there's a talking cow inside of it. Ziggy? Huh? Keep telling fibs, nobody will ever believe you. Can I prove it to you, please? Huh? Please, please, please. OK, I'll be right back, guys. Oh, I'm winning. Stephanie, come on, we're on a mission. I'm beating her. I'm beating Stephanie. Stingy, she's gone. I'm winning, I'm winning. Stephanie's gone. What? Ziggy, there's definitely no cow here. Oh. (Gasps) Where can he be?! Ziggy, this isn't funny anymore. No, but I... I'm going. I saw the cow! Stephanie! (Grunts) (Sighs) Now this one's ready to go. They're back. (Sighs) (Sighs) Oh, so, did you have a chat with a talking cow? There was no cow. But was... Ziggy. Oh, well, what's the use? (Grunts) (Grunts) (Whack!) (Puffs and pants) (Smash!) Ooops. (Gasps) Yes. Alright. I'll lay low. (Groans) And wait for Sportacus. He'll never recognise me in this disguise. Excuse me? What?! Excuse me, Mr Cow? Go away, it's not normal to talk to a cow. You're causing a lot of trouble, mister. No, I'm not. Yes, you are. I heard you. Fine. I might as well cause a lot of trouble for you too. What? No, no, no! (Bleep, bleep, bleep) Someone's in trouble. You're a very mean cow! I bet your milk tastes sour. Where do you think sour cream comes from? A machine? (Laughs) Help! Help! Hel... Call for help. Perfect. Perfect. Skychaser! Door! Hey, guys, hasn't Ziggy been gone a long time? Yeah, maybe we should check it out. Yeah, maybe we should. Yeah, come on, guys, let's go! OK. Yeah! Help! I'll just climb up here to get a better view. (Grunts) Ah-ha! (Laughs) I'm ready for him. Here he comes. Time to play ball. (Laughs) Fire! Whoa! (Laughs) Well, let's see if he can stop this. (Boom!) (Roars) Ha! (Gasps) Ha! (Bang! Bang! Bang!) Sportacus! Racket! (Blast!) (Laughs) Yeah! Go! Set sail. Ha! (Bang! Bang!) (Boom! Boom!) Moo! (Roars) Watch out! The pirate ship! (Gasps) (Laughs) Watch out for the anchor! Where did that come from? (Growls) And the biggest for last. Where is that weaver of lies? Yeah. Yeah, where is Ziggy? (Gasps) The bulldozer! Oh, no. Not another one. Sportacus needs sports candy. Oh, yeah. Wham! (Gasps) Oh, no! (Tyres screech) No! Stop, stop! No! No! That cow's in trouble. Skateboard. Ziggy, I'll be right with you. Yeah, OK! Sports candy. Sports candy! Thanks. Yeah! Yes. Stop. Stop. Whoa! (Thud!) (Shudders and screams) (Crash!) (All gasp) Oh, no! What happened? Help me, I'm stuck to the tree. I'm not kidding. Sportacus! Oh, no! Stephanie! Help! Ziggy, are you telling the truth. Yes! Yes! Help me! OK, OK. Come on! Sportacus! Where is he, huh? Where is he? The wall fell down, and he's underneath it. Oh, no. Oh. (All sigh) (All gasp) Look! Wow! He's there! (Weeps) Yeah! Wow! Yay! Sportacus is OK. ALL: Yeah! (Weeping) Cow, are you OK? Look! ALL: Robbie Rotten. Oh, not again. (Laughs) Robbie. Well, I better be moo-ving along. (Growls) You cow! (Laughs) Bye. What give him the strength to lift it? Hey, look, an apple! With a bite in it. (All gasp) Sportacus. (All laugh) That's how he did it. Yeah! (Laughs) Ziggy, we're sorry we didn't believe you. No, Ziggy... Huh? ..I'll never believe you again. What?! Ha! Got ya! Oh! (Laughs) (Grunts) # Bing, bang, digga-wigga dong # Funny words I sing when I am dancing # Bing, bang, digga-wigga dong # Silly words than can mean anything # Get on up, it's time to dance, yeah # It's so much fun being up on our feet # So we go up, up, do the jump # Move around and clap your hands together # Down, down, turn around # Having fun is what it's all about. # Yeah! Ah-ha! (Sighs) Ah. Milk?! Where did that come from? Way too healthy. Closed Captions by CSI - David Hull