LazyTown S02E01 Rockin Robbie 1080p HD

what I love 4k and I love to move what Canyon moving together no that's cool [Music] is rockin Bobby [Music] nice sure must be in big trouble [Music] looking back is everyone okay I heard a terrible noise how where okay that was just our band and we're learning how to play yeah Wow it's great that you're starting a band I love music can you play the drums huh can you I sure can give it a try alright [Music] [Music] do you recognize that speak recognize it it's my favorite sport ACCA's I know that drum solo isn't it rock and roll do it by joining me back Oh Johnny be bad he was my favorite musician when I was young I've never even heard of him Johnny be bad was the coolest musician in the world we all dressed like him we all wore a hair like I have a picture Oh Johnny me day we copied everything he did we're trying to be bad while purple shoes you are purple shoes just trying to be bad it's bananas it's bananas oh we all wanted to be just like him like to hear his music wonderful oh come along I've got an album if I get a fun oh this one's called rock your socks off [Music] what are they Joey can get ants out of their pants [Music] [Music] what they're in person that's a wonderful idea why don't we invite him to sing here then lazytown could weird all copy dramedy bed and do whatever he says oh yeah and then we can give him a trophy for being our favorite singer so yummy bad is coming to lazytown and everybody will listen to him and do what he said time hello there Hansel [Music] [Music] let's rock and roll bird come on oh go call him oh my oh I'm such a nervous Nellie what does that mean imagine me talking to Johnny be bad no way I'm home to yourself Oh Oh Dino okay now I'll go first how do I look Melbourne oh yes of course let's see Noah little cursor live by 5:00 dad it's ringing here I come dude hello babe hello this mr. Johnny be bad remember well sir you want me to come to play a concert and give me my big old folk yes do people still think I'm cool will they do whatever I can true Oh Johnny if you said Bach like a dog they mock like a dog dog I'm doing excuse me bark like a dog listen woof woof goodbye I know the question oh he's sang to me right into my ear oh it must be even better Johnny bad is coming to music let's go [Music] [Music] sorry [Music] now what what did I do with that Johnny be bad Oh Milford Mike what's happening man you're him you're too yo get it out dude Johnny be bad you're looking okay Johnny would you go outside and say hello to the children can trace it Oh they'd love to meet you Wow are you okay huh come on okay pull yourself together stay cool go come on let's get out and Lee so kid yeah well children children this year anyway here is everyone Johnny be back [Music] whoa hey why don't we play the game cats a rock star yeah okay frog Rob Graham is all rotten brother please today's the man these children he's got to get ready for the big show see see I don't have to worry about where your concert because they were really concert now to put my rocky plan an attack except the trophy think it rid of Sportacus forever [Music] come on tada for you whoa what happened to your hair it looks terrible it means I'm wearing my Johnny B bad wig wow it's you you look cool man you're so cool I just wanted to make sure you have everything you need sorry thing I mean well there are some things there I need before I can see why towers with booster I can go get it and what 20 chochmah cookies what we rubbed ahi and and that golden trophy Myers ha ha ha after the show will there be anything else yeah why don't we get wrinkled Sportacus now what did you say something about getting rid of Sportacus all that jumping and that's all - I don't know about that I can't go sing somewhere else don't see psycho I'll talk - Sportacus on I'm sure he'll understand that's what I'm talking about I've got mad it must be my invitation to the concert yes but please don't come to the concert please don't come to the concert what table this is exciting [Music] beautiful women I can't believe he's here if in the front row yeah dear mayor of course I'll stay away from places [Music] [Music] maybe I should keep my on just to be sure no mister be bad Nauticus agreed to stay out of lazytown yeah my job now remember the concert starts in three minutes my wig I'm sorry three minutes there won't be any concept come on Jackie let's face our hair Maya testing one two three hmm may I have your attention please the show will be starting in one minute turn off all cell phones and pagers oh [Music] don't use the mega blast gigabyte err okay you two make a mm oh yeah yeah all the send amount of form thousands all seismic up on mountain or anything else that may disrupt the performance thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] just a little bit you're missing him I must get to miss baby buddy yeah miss busybody hello miss to be bad Wow yeah hi I'm Johnny don't be bad yeah yeah you want me to say it out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] at least you got the trophy back here Oh Sportacus well you can admire people but you shouldn't copy them yes mayor you should always be yourself I still wish we could have a Christmas well true we've been everything - I ready [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] that must-have dumbest thing I've ever done rock and roll now that was the dumbest thing I've ever done [Music]