LazyTown S02E06 Snow Monster 1080p HD

[Music] [Music] [Music] no location no slope temperature creasing door dissolved unlocking all the doors completed [Music] [Music] now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the lazytown snow monster what did I do with that hmm over here as I know it nothing over there No hi uncle first ah Stephanie what's up smell ah it's my bait I'm going ice fishing but I can't seem to find my fluffy furry fishing hat you mean the one on your head oh yes there it is I've been looking for it everywhere but what are you looking for Stephanie Oh a disguise disguise we're playing catch the snow monster outside I'm the snow monster so I need to discuss something fluffy and experienced and Amanda Seyfried asleep oh that's perfect can we trade hats on the Milford well of course right on there Pandya there you go you armed [Music] very pretty [Music] I'm the tremendously terrible snow monster my electro snow deflector will freeze the snow monster in the world my turn to be the snow monster my star wait a minute snow monsters aren't real well I'm not a fresh prey and I want okay no monster it's just a silly kids playing allow snow monster day sorry white I feel really Oh [Music] [Music] still nothing right got it close to Russia that's just scary sir maybe decisive it as strong as I thought [Music] [Music] save me [Music] [Music] okay oh yes Oh Thank You Sportacus oh my I thought that Isis days Rossum late can be really dangerous oh yes you're right about that but I think I'll put up a sign warning everyone about the danger that's a great idea do this let me know if you need any help oh yes Thank You Sportacus hi ah there we are no one will ever get into trouble on this late carry a little but now something tremendously scary is sky high - sunny - ready - windy classic [Music] yes I scared myself what softly sit out the snow monster is coming towards you I have the hat no one can catch me I tried why are you doing we're playing catch the snow monster and I'm the best no mr. catcher in the world hold on you need second best poor kids what did you like doing in the sewing you were a kid yeah my favorite was building igloos but that's a great idea miss bill home yeah right against did you help us sure let's go it's that special season the best time of the year and you should know the reason for when third time is here Oh Oh No [Music] is all done thank you you're welcome see you later hey you know what the Stig will need got a solar-powered boombox yeah music oh I'm gonna go get that I'll be right back how would I do it no portrait this all year November for taking the snow mountain is fun and turn to water yeah well then I would just build a water for it that would be a swimming pool yeah yeah perfect it won't look like being low now here comes the scary part [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right they won't come out of that big Laurel spring I got my we're gonna need a way we can stop him double guys get ready much peace and quiet in lazytown I'm so great I'm being a snow monster it's harder than I thought ah there's nothing better than hot cocoa on a cold day and you can of three ready what's happening sorry uncle Milford we thought you with a tremendous is scary snow monster no children there's nothing to be afraid of here come with me well you see now if they really were on snow monster we would see big big footprints of Oh like these oh yes goes on very big footprints oh they belong to I think a mommy or a daddy snow monster thank you if you're allowed roar like that way and if you have footprints and gore [Music] calm down calm down everyone Tereus no monster I've ever seen actually it's the only snow monster I've ever seen whoa I better make sure the door is locked what are we gonna do we can't go outside well we're gonna have to stay inside for the rest of the winter inside how much kids yeah oh why do you ask we're staying here - next summer you're gonna need supplies hey everyone again everyone I have an idea yeah okay I need to borrow your photos very different hat you have to put it on just please okay now you're gonna climb onto my uncle shoulders what I'm gonna wear my promise with you I'll get please get on with my hat I got the seat down what do you do Mary go supination now that'll scare the snow monster well Gary even more scary up here well we've got a scary job to do [Music] you're gonna work Figgy on their shoulders wrap to the sheet with a fluffy for a fishing hat huh yeah real scary yeah that'll work don't you worry Ziggy ha I'll look at you are you okay Ziggy yeah I'm fine okay let's try it again yeah what we need is a real snow monster catcher I'm going out there Roper tipsy don't try and stop me good luck Trixie we'll never see her again if she gets me tonight of snow monster can I have all our toys where are you [Music] mister she doesn't know I'm here [Music] you think they're okay well city and the mayor do look kind of scary and Trixie I mean she is the best snow monster catcher yeah what could possibly go wrong [Music] [Music] great the greatest fish stock the free I'm ready now to take hey guys got some hot music for a cold day guys what guys clarinet romantic [Music] [Music] no one staring the Tetra this is serious [Music] [Music] carries no one's getting away I don't think games what chick and man oh yeah are you okay well wait a minute that's not the snow monster [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] I guess we don't have to stay inside all winter yes and you know what that means little funny words I sing when I am dancing bing bang diggarigga dong silly words that can mean anything get on up it's time to dance yeah it's so much fun being up on our feet [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you