LazyTown S02E07 The LazyTown Circus 1080p HD

[Music] [Music] there you go [Music] a lady concert ladies and gentlemen the amazing Trixie is about to perform a feat of incredible flavor yeah what you gonna do Symphony what you're gonna do I it's going to walk across the high wire okay here I come [Music] your turn come on come on you can do it too imagine you're a hundred feet in the air the crowd is down below when is your every move every noise pretty high I [Music] wonder about those little brats are you can do it come on I know I was but I still got scared when you're afraid just be a little brave at first it washed out of time and before you know it - watch scared yeah what thanks for it welcome how to knit next guys okay [Music] okay I think it's your turn yeah that's okay the high wears too low for me and too low Yeah right what you cannot areal of my wire I have to I do it all the time I'm really tall ik it's hard the trees really definite definite since you know so much about the highway word maybe you can yeah yeah yeah I'm talking yo hey I got some makeup in Halloween we can use okay all right yeah say he can do it I can do it [Music] we're having a circus so we're gonna need some animals choose pixels move you've been eating cheesy garlicky crunch shows all day and he smells like elephant's feet cool animal control something's died in pixels mouth you two clowns finished huh well which is it gonna be Trixie clown purpose or animals gee well animals it is okay let's go [Music] come on Stephanie be brave nobody else I'm too scared all the way up there did you walk across it all the way up there you're so great with land mass circus pepper oh my gosh ported away seat on circus like my dear see think frequency so noisy three animals roaring and won't cannons going away to do is to trick that glue jumping kangaroo Kristen came oh I can kiss him lazytown for sport disease just let me move for our circus [Music] I've got mail ts photos we are having a circus in lazytown will you do some circus stunts for us sign city what about this one [Music] it's spiced I love you her babies and gentlemen I give you Roberto wait sir rocket mr. ringmaster under the big top that didn't hurt let's art the show Kamlesh it on circus last great doing what in lazytown we're putting on a circuit yeah we're gonna have all kinds of access anything I'm gonna do the high wire who she is well markets will probably do that hey we got some animals and I'm ready to do some circus good if you're going to have a circus you mean lots of circus things like costumes then all you need is a remaster this hate ringmaster Roberto the Great's my days circuses are my game I can't write it and leave your worries behind homie they're lazy top circle it's right this way [Music] just look at this get ready for the show everybody this busy buddy I've got tickets for a circus exciting come along [Music] I do not want to be the tail oh that's okay how about we take charge first I'll be the head then later you can be the tail that sounds fair okay [Music] darling keys control again come on look at the place Oh wonderful now we're here we are in all the farms [Music] welcome everybody stop right up and join us at the circus I love to do is see you or everyone get ready for the show [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] danger and adventure atmosphere again [Music] after lunch stop right up and join us at the start time to start this [Music] Wow you think the okay I mean no one can stop me from last became in [Music] [Applause] [Music] I can't do the highway I'm too scared [Music] [Music] I don't think so this is all part of the show [Music] oh that is very high Milverton I can't do it I know all at one time I'll do it you are Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] perfect getaway that was fun trick don't try this at home I'm sorry I lied about being brave you were really brave on the high wire and you're brave enough to tell your friends or - yeah but we didn't get to see anyone through the high wire don't worry jack [Music] I came so close next time I'll get it in the end [Music]