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you're listening to the coupe's English podcast to download the study guide for this episode which includes the transcript detailed vocabulary explanations real-world examples and a quiz visit our website cue lips calm see you l IPS calm hello everybody my name is Andrew and I'm Jeremy and you're listening to Q lips [Music] hi everyone welcome back to another edition of our catch word series the queue up series where we teach you very useful idiomatic expressions phrasal verbs and interesting English vocabulary today I'm joined by Jeremy Jeremy hello sir how are you sir I am very good today sir how about you this is one of the things that I say to my students all the time I always call the male students sir I don't know why I never used the expression before in my life and then suddenly I started teaching and all of my students became sir it's not a bad habit I do call people sir sometimes but with friends or people I'm close to like yourself we sometimes use it for fun it's just a way to lighten the mood I think that's how I was using it just now a little tongue-in-cheek because yeah I don't think you're like a knight or somebody that I have to refer to as sir you're up here but but it's kind of a fun expression to pull out from time to time tongue in cheek I feel like you must have done an episode about that one as well who I can't recall off the top of my head but yeah it must be their tongue in cheek just means we're being a little sarcastic right we're not being serious a little cheeky in today's episode everyone we are going to teach you two English expressions that you can use to talk about past experiences that you've had that really didn't end up going too well for whatever reason it was not a positive experience or just an experience that didn't work out the way that you had initially thought that it may end up but before we start teaching you these expressions I do want to let you know that there is a study guide for this episode on the cubes website and is jam-packed with lots of good things that we've designed to help you get the most out of studying with this episode so if you'd like to check that out just visit our website cubes com2 give it a download [Music] all right so Jeremy the first expression here it's hard to actually call this an expression it's more like a set phrase it's a chunk of English that's really common that you hear many people say in this situation it's a very useful phrase if you have tried something and it didn't work out mm-hmm so the expression here it's a little long guys but bear with us it is I tried doing the whole something thing for a bit but hey I tried doing the whole something thing for a bit but and when I say something we can insert any kind of experience into that slot I tried doing the whole freelancer thing for a bit but I tried doing the whole salesman thing for a bit but so it's a way of summarizing the entire experience of that thing into one word so if we say the whole freelancer thing for those who don't know freelancer is someone who works on their own someone who doesn't work for a company sometimes this can be difficult so the whole freelancer thing this means everything about the lifestyle of a freelancer so finding your own clients getting your own payments paying your own taxes all these little things that go with being a freelancer they are summarized or encapsulated into one phrase here saying the whole freelancer thing yeah when I hear somebody say this expression I really get the sense that they threw themselves into their work completely they really committed to the job and gave it an honest effort but didn't really work out in the end and another point that we should mention is I really think that we use this often to talk about career experience or job experience I think it's definitely an action it has to be something you do or something that is related to a lifestyle so careers affect your whole life but I could say I tried doing the whole homeless thing for a while right someone who tried living the life of a homeless person lat tried living without a home you're absolutely right because for example you know there's some trendy diets right yeah let's say a gluten-free diet you could say I tried doing the whole gluten-free thing for a bit but yes didn't like it okay so yeah you're totally right that it's not limited just to careers it's any lifestyle choice that you make this is when we say tried doing you can you can use this the whole hmm thing you can use this form to encapsulate lots of things the whole fighting thing in hockey just doesn't make sense to me yes exactly when you're summarizing any aspect of life the whole mmm thing that is large complicated thing that would be difficult to explain in detail on the spot so exactly well why don't we jump into a couple of examples here and we can let our listeners know how English speakers use this set phrase in a real life situation all right let's do it are you still working at the Starbucks downtown no not anymore I tried doing the whole barista thing for a bit but it just wasn't a good fit for me oh so are you looking for a job then no I started a landscaping company with my brother we're keeping really busy these days oh good for you that's great so in the example we just heard two friends bumped into each other while they were out and about and they were having a conversation about one of the friends jobs what does he do what is he doing these days and so one friend asked are you still working at the Starbucks downtown but this friend said no he wasn't he tried it for a little while he tried doing the whole barista thing for a bit but it didn't work out it wasn't a good fit for him so instead he started a landscaping company with his brother so here he summarized his entire experience saying that you know he committed and he really gave making coffee an honest effort but it wasn't a match for him so he started doing a different job instead okay we have one more example for you guys so let's get to it right now do you ever regret not going to college when you were younger no not really I tried the whole student thing for a bit but realized I'd rather just work and earn money well it looks like that was a good choice in the end yes luckily everything turned out fine and I have a solid career that I love you know I wouldn't change it for anything in this example a guy is saying that he does not regret not going to college he says he tried the whole student thing for a bit but it didn't work out for him he chose to quit school and to start working instead but now looking back he realizes it was a good choice because he enjoys the career that he has built for himself exactly so here we use this expression used to talk about student lifestyle right this guy threw himself into the student lifestyle he gave being a college student an honest try but it wasn't a good fit for him so he decided to quit college drop out and just do a diff thing instead and you know retrospectively now that he's looking back on this decision he doesn't regret it at all all right we have a second expression for y'all today and it is to give hmm a shot but to give something a shot but okay and we use this expression to give something a shot very commonly in English and we can use it to talk about any kind of experience all right could be a positive experience could be a negative experience but when we use the conjunction but at the end then it really clearly communicates that the experience was negative didn't work out the way that we had planned initially or that we had thought it would initially so let's illustrate that with an example all right let's do it you went rock climbing last week right how did you like it yeah I gave it a shot but I don't think it's for me I just don't think I'll be able to get over my fear of heights ah that's too bad yeah yeah well for now I'm just gonna stick with Yoga for exercise so in this example we heard two friends talking about exercising and one of the friends said that he gave rock climbing a shot but it just wasn't right for him he said I don't think it's for me okay so here he gave it a shot he tried rock climbing but he didn't like it the experience didn't go the way that he planned I'm sure before he tried rock climbing he went in with a lot of expectations that this might be a perfect sport for him but in the end it didn't work out so here we hear this expression to give something a shot to give rock climbing a shot but didn't work out to talk about yeah this experience that just didn't go as plant jeremy how will one final example for today let's do it now that mark has been transferred to the European office I'm hoping I can take over the assistant manager position that would be a great fit for you I think are you going to apply for it - I gave management a shot back at my last job oh yeah is that right yeah but I was extremely stressed and I just got burned out since then I realized that management is just not my thing in this example - coworkers are talking about a potential new job opening they both could apply for the assistant manager position but one of the two has already given it a shot meaning he has tried it before but he realized that it wasn't his thing meaning it wasn't something he liked to do so he is not going to apply for the new position he already has this experience of being a manager right he has this experience but it didn't go well he didn't like it and so he's not going to apply for this other new assistant manager job that's opening up in that company for those who don't know this Andrew currently lives in South Korea and I have also lived in South Korea before although I do not at the moment sometimes when I visit back home in Canada I meet other people that have also lived in Korea this is very common for young fresh graduates from university to come over to Asia could be any Asian country to teach English for a year or two and then they go home so these people you know if you only stay for a year you maybe didn't like the experience maybe it was too difficult for you so you could say for example I gave the whole teaching English thing a shot alright gave the whole leave in Korea thing a shot or I tried doing the whole English teacher thing for a bit but it didn't work out or I didn't like it or it was too difficult so you can put a whole phrase in that blank here I gave living in Korea and teaching English at a small school a shot but so you can insert a very long phrase into this gap this is important to know I think yeah and Jeremy I think I just mixed up the two expressions - which shows us that you can combine these two right they are very similar yeah yeah they're very similar almost the same almost the same exactly with the exception that you can use to give something a shot to also talk about positive experiences all right I gave rock-climbing a shot and I loved it you could say that so to give something a shot is very flexible in this regard just keep that in mind everybody and I think you'll be ok however the first expression we talked about usually implies that a negative attitude usually implies that it didn't work out I tried the whole hmm the whole hmm when you say that the whole thing thing it is usually used in a negative context whereas to give hmm a shot is both negative and positive can be either one exactly all right Jeremy well I think that about wraps it up for us today I want to thank all of our listeners for studying with us and we hope that you learned a lot here with us if you'd like to give studying with aq lips study guide a shot you can go to Q lips comm to find out how to download the study guide for this episode yeah there's even some free samples on our website I think there's maybe six or seven free study guides that you can check out so if you don't have the experience of studying with our study guides and you would like to give it a shot why don't 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soon everyone good bye by