Learn Irish Conversational Phrases 5 phrases to help you in conversation


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Fáilte ar ais, welcome back In this Irish language video, I'm going to show you five short and easy phrases that you can use in the Irish language Let's start with this one - as soon as possible In Irish this is chomh luath agus is féidir as soon as possible Beidh mé ansin chomh luath agus is féidir - I will be there as soon as possible Our next easy phrase is how to say I'm looking forward to it Tá mé ag tnúth leis - I'm looking forward to it and if you wanted to say we are very much looking forward to it, you could say this - Táimid ag súil go mór leis Our next phrases are to do with the Irish verb Abair Which is to say - Abair so for example if somebody said Thank you - go raibh maith agat You could reply to that - Ná habair é Don't mention it or it's another way of saying you're welcome - Ná habair é. Thank you very much, you're welcome Go raibh míle maith agat, ná habair é. And if you wanted to ask somebody to say that in Irish please, you could say the following Abair é sin as gaeilge le do thoil Say that in Irish, please Our next phrase is to do with this word here or this set of words here even Which means gradually - De réir a chéile So, Tá mé ag feabhsú de réir a chéile I am improving gradually Tá mé ag feabhsú de réir a chéile. If you enjoyed this Please give it a like and don't forget to let me know in the comment section some of your favorite phrases that you say as gaeilge Thank you for watching, and I will see you soon, go raibh maith agat agus slán go fóill.