Learn Turkish Turkish in Three Minutes Greetings

Salem bans ASA hi I'm Sarah welcome to Turkish class 101 dot-coms bootleg ekkada to check the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn Turkish in the last lesson we learn how to show gratitude to people by saying hey shake foolish in this lesson we will learn some of the most common greetings used in turkey as citizens are you ready Habashi el mozo ma so let's start them the most use informal greeting is salaam c'est l'homme c'est la means hi or hello because it's so casual we should only use this great thing with friends or relatives if you're greeting someone you don't know you should use a more formal phrase muhabba ma ha ha merhaba means hi or hello - if you want to make the greeting a little bit more formal you can say even nut e ganache even our means good morning and good afternoon in fact you can use it all day from morning until evening during the evening we say yuck shamash e action mush in an informal partying situation turkish people use caligula goola goola goola goola means goodbye finally in turkish we have an expression meaning hope to see you soon that can be considered both formal and informal guru schmack Zahra guru schmack Rosetta now you can greet people in many different ways in Turkish let's review them all again when meeting older people or someone we don't know Marhaba when meeting friends or relatives Salam when greeting people from morning to afternoon eagerness when greeting people in the evening yok shamash when living in an informal situation irregular when living in a formal or an informal situation Karishma kuusela it's easy isn't it now it's time for Sarah's insights if you can't remember how to say goodbye in Turkish you can just say bye-bye bye-bye this expression is pre casual but at least nobody in Turkey will have any trouble understanding you in the next lesson we will learn the meaning of the phrase coachable Olson do you already know it we will be waiting to talk about it with you in our next pitch the kicker the touch a lesson Kurdish mixer you