Learn Turkish Turkish in Three Minutes How to Introduce Yourself in Turkish

welcome to Turkish class 101 calms butch Latika the touch' the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn Turkish salem vanzara Constanza me me know them hi I'm Sarah nice to meet you in this series we are going to learn basic Turkish expressions it's super easy and it only takes three minutes in this lesson you're going to learn how to introduce yourself in Turkish you can do it with only two sentences but first it is important to clarify that in Turkish there is a difference between the formal and the informal language let's first see of Turkish people introduce themselves in an informal situation Salaam vanzara Tony Stonem emmalin Oldham hi I'm Sarah nice to meet you Salam pan Zahra Tanisha - Musa memnon Oldham start by saying Salam Ben then say your name Salam vanzara finally say Sona systems are memnon Oldham nice to meet you Salam vanzara Tanisha - Musa mmmm Oldham and now let's see the same sentence informal speech muhabba pan Zero's demisch Tanisha - Musa chop mmmm Oldham hi I'm Sarah Davis nice to meet you merhaba ban Zahra oz damage punish samosa chalk memnon Oldham so what has changed from the previous introduction let's take a close look at this together Salaam has been substituted with the formal greeting muhabba Turkish for high vanzara hasn't been changed in both cases that means I am however during a formal self introduction we also say our last name so I said Zahra earth damage here you would say your full name finally pay attention to the ending we went from connection with the mainland Oldham - Tanisha - Musa chalk memnon Oldham we have just added the Turkish word for very in a formal sentence saying it is very nice to meet you we'll make it even more polite one more time the informal way to introduce yourself in Turkish is Salam ban Zahra tungsten salmon on Oldham the formal way to introduce yourself is muhabba pan Zero's damage - miss - Machop menu Odom now it's time for Sarah's insights when you introduce yourself it's a good habit to shake hands and don't worry too much about using chalk when you meet with people you won't get in trouble if you simply say Calista Muslim in Oldham as I said at the beginning of this lesson do you know how we say thank you in Turkish you'll learn how to say this and many other words in the next pitch logically to teach a lesson Girish mixer a C then you