Learn to Speak Geonosian

we owe the but a Hyundai I love languages and ever since I did a breakdown of ooby's from a turn of the Jedi I wanted to tackle another Star Wars language and turns out that Geonosian is a perfect candidate in the absence of canonical information on this topic I came up with my own vocabulary grammar and cultural context for virtually all of the spoken Geonosian and Attack of the Clones so sit back and relax as I take on the role of a Zeno linguist and attempt to make sense of this seemingly bizarre language and the cultural connotations behind it with all these trills clicks and buzzes things can feel overwhelming at first but when you start to break down the language its grammatical structure becomes clearer and we find that these words are not so difficult to pronounce after all humans should really have no trouble understanding and speaking Geonosian even an observer with no knowledge of the language can watch aegean ocean and a human conversing and see that properly educated individuals can effortlessly understand each other now we don't have a whole lot to go off when it comes to studying the language but you would be surprised just how much we can gather from the samples we have so here are the romanization x' I've used apostrophes to indicate clicks and I've also capitalized to illustrate stresses which are very important to the pronunciation but let's just take things one line at a time the official translation for this line is settled down settled down we see this rowdy crowd of inhuman insectoids and we think of a mindless rabble engaging in barbaric animalistic entertainment but in Geno's and culture these gladiatorial matches have deep cultural and religious significance and as such poggle's line here is more formal than it comes across in the subtitles he starts off with that loud trembling sound a single isolated trail and Geonosian isn't easy to translate into English because its meaning isn't really clear simply put these trill sounds are used to get the attention of an audience they're a call to listen and this happens in other languages even fairly close to home for instance in the old english epic beowulf the very first word is what which has been translated in the past as so which even we in modern English use for instance so let me tell you what happened to me yesterday the so doesn't really mean anything it's really just signaling to your listener hey I have something to tell you another way to look at this sound could be simply how we theatrically clear our throats before making a grand statement this merely manifests itself as a trill in the Geonosian language so that leaves us with quiet Bowl we're actually only looking at two ideas being expressed here quiet dolt means silence and a ie means talking an important note here is almost all Geonosian words have broad applications there are virtually no synonyms in the language so for things like talking and discourse conversation communication ie will do just fine of course in context quiet though is all we really need here I II is somewhat redundant simply saying silence is probably enough but poggle the lesser is speaking formally here remember and silence alone would be fairly rude to his audience so a more faithful translation that includes the nuance of the speech might be something along the lines of listen and let your speaking be silent translating this line has settled down settled down fails to capture the more lofty mood of the line which is further reinforced by the clicks that poggle finishes the sentence with this high low click pattern is a common Geonosian form of spoken punctuation that adds gravity and in this case theatrical suspense - what poggle is saying the next line is [Music] this is translated as let the executions begin here again we have the same trill sound which of course you remember is a paralinguistic call for the attention of the audience the rest of the sentence is we owe the butt a Hyundai GUI means now or in some cases to begin or furthermore when paired with a verb can mean is currently occurring OD means watch or witness or behold the final word is bara Hyundai the filmmakers have Cho to translate this word as the executions which goes back to that somewhat unflattering view of Geonosians as barbarous animalistic monsters in reality this word doesn't really have a good translation into English it's a proper noun and as perhaps more correctly left untranslated the bara Hyundai is a festival of ritual combat and this so-called execution of prisoners at the beginning of the bara Hyundai is seen as both a sacrifice to G notion deities as well as a last chance at mercy prisoners who by divine intervention or through supernatural skill can survive the bara Hyundai are given their freedom and when Count Dooku sends in the droids after the prisoners have proven their skill he has in fact committed a pretty serious social taboo at any rate a more acceptable translation for this line we owe the but a Hyundai would be more along the lines of behold the bara Hyundai let's go on to the next line interesting if you've been paying attention we actually know all of these words ie means talking or communication we means now or to begin or is occurring and quiet dolt means silence so in short communication is becoming silenced as G notion is a flexible language that relies heavily on context it's understandable that poggle has completely omitted the word hour in this sentence and as we learned before G notion words have many applications so they don't differentiate between silenced and jammed as it pertains to communications at least in common speech the film translate this line as we have to order a retreat which is a fairly good translation but it misses a bit of the subtle team for instance is an expletive that I will not translate and in my defense the film did not translate either so the sentence actually starts with lava which in this case means we must command though the we is implied Oh sh sh sh vote tito hole means immediately everyone retreat in this sentence immediately everyone retreat is in its entirety acting as the object of the sentence so if we wanted the trains the nuance of the original Geonosian we might write the line this way we must issue this command everyone retreat immediately which of course sounds like a really inconvenient way to say we have to order a retreat but most of the unnecessary bulk is trimmed in Geonosian anyway making this particular word formation no more or less unwieldy than it is in English moving on we have a pretty sparse sounding line for how much is being communicated but a lot of this translation is context that Pongal clearly doesn't believe is necessary here's the line transcribed for you to follow along notice how I didn't transcribe this sound that's because these buzzing sounds aren't language at all but are instead the sounds of Geonosians breathing Pongal is getting on in years and his breathing is somewhat labored at any rate this is the sentence we have una lui just cool he means me myself or I but if you remember Geonosian has a habit of completely dropping this sort of thing from a sentence so what's it doing here well the clue is that this word only means me myself and I in a very unilateral sense if I'm saying I'm going to the store of course I would leave off I in Geonosian but if I were to say I forbid you to go to the store I might just say oh ye we can also tell that this is a word of importance because of the double-click that ends it remember before how double clicks were used to add importance the rest is very straightforward a means to go just means warriors and cool means underground but wait a second that doesn't sound particularly grammatical I go the warriors underground I know it sounds weird to us because an English go is not the sort of verb that you can do to somebody else and it's not typically the case in Geonosian either but the fact that Pongal used that formal form of AI creates the mood of a command to the entire sentence the last two lines require a bit of a disclaimer as the official translation breaks up the actual lines in a way that makes more sense for the movie but doesn't quite match up with what poggle is Geonosian for instance in this line we are led to believe that he refers to the death star but in reality he doesn't mention it until the next line but you'll see what I mean soon enough so this line is when you Paco calls the Jedi way and aboot which means sword enemies which can be interpreted as something of an insult as other Geonosian compound nouns that use this word boy often refer to pirates and bandits and not noble members of a respected Order boggle clearly doesn't have much respect for the Jedi the remaining words of the sentence are seekin all notice the double K in seeking let's not seek its secret this is pretty easily translated as find cannot or cannot find though uh Noah is more of a negative verb suffix than it is a full word so this sentence more directly translated means the sword enemies cannot find this and the object this is omitted as poggle is standing directly under the hologram of the Death Star and feels that the object of the sentence is properly implied now on to the final sentence this is actually two separate phrases that we can tackle one at a time the first is simply a political polka which literally means use huge weapon weapon scholars also debate that oakley can also mean to take because the word has the connotation of taking something and using it as one's own poggle isn't merely worried that the republic will find it the weapon but that they will themselves use it which of course turns out to be somewhat prophetic political means a large weapon in a very literal sense like a big club and polka means any weapon in any sense of the word the gene Odin's calling the death star a huge weapon weapon might not exactly sound eloquent when it's first translated but the gia notions see this so-called ultimate weapon as two distinct entities the mere size and all inspiring presence of the Death Star and what it represents is itself a weapon a polka to subjugate the masses it hardly even needs to fire its huge destroying weapon it's political so the death star isn't just a weapon or a polka and it's not just a super laser or a political it's a political polka it's a huge weapon weapon in the way political polka simply rolls off the tongue and just sounds good I'm sure the Geonosians were disappointed when they heard what the humans were calling it so that's all hooray both the kabocha which doesn't seem to mean much on its own but what about the rest the rest is Kirk cuckoo cos America and is connected to the first bit by this little word he which means therefore with an implied if applied to the first phrase Haruka's means very death us up to this point we're looking at a translation like this if the huge weapon weapon is taken from us and used against us we are very dead the final bit in yurka doesn't really have a good translation but it makes what he's saying sounds something like a prayer or more like a prophesy from on high something like amen on the more respectful side and God help us on the theatrical side notice too how poggle is trailing again these words don't normally have these trills and the function of trilling to draw extra attention to what is being said would also seem to suggest that he's putting on some theatrics here so that's a translation of just about all the Geonosian we get to hear with some historical and cultural context as well of course this is all basically fanfictions so take it with a grain of salt but now when you watch attack of the clones you can make sense of everything that poggle the lesser is saying and now you can talk right along with him with a little practice Gao Jian isn't so hard to understand and speak after all so I hope in time we can all in Geonosian together I hope you guys like this extremely obscure deep dive into Star Wars and if you link to this video be sure to check out the video that I did on boobies in Return of the Jedi where I try to make sense of the lines that Leia speaks as the bounty hunter bouche if anything it's even more technical than this video was but I had a lot of fun with both and I would love to do more so let me know what you think as always thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you next time