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Dia duit agus fáilte, let's look at the Irish word for get, which is faigh Fuair mé, ní bhfuair faighim, ní fhaigheann gheobhaidh mé, ní bhfaighidh mé Cad é a fuair tú don nollaig? What did you get for Christmas? Cad é a fuair tú don nollaig? Ní bhfuaireamar aon bhia, we didn't get any food - Ní bhfuaireamar aon bhia Téim go Ciarraí nuair a fhaighim an seans I go to Kerry when I get the chance Téim go Ciarraí nuair a fhaighim an seans Cibé áit a dtéann tú gheobhaidh tú Éireannaig wherever you go you will find Irish people Cibé áit a dtéann tú, gheobhaidh tú Éireannaigh The word faigh can also mean to receive or to find as well as to get, as you will have seen from the examples there Okay, that's it for now. Thank you very much for watching this video, up on screen You'll see some more Irish language videos that I've made quite recently and please subscribe for more videos just like this So I'll see you soon - slán go fóill.