Leaving Neverland Debat Dan Reed Best Parts with English subtitles

you have just seen leaving Neverland now we want to debate with Helene Romano, psychotherapist children specialist you have wrote a book called "when life hurt kids" you you talk about the parents when their child is victim of abuse Hector Barjot you are a Michael Jackson fan, and it's a pseudonym yes it is and you have also a you tube channel about the pop star yes totally right Olivier Cachin, musical specialist author of "michael Jackson pop life" and we have the pleasure to have Dan Reed, the director of that documentary first of all, I would like, for all the viewers all that story happens in America, this is a different country than Europe legally, and mentality in France are differents I would ask to Mr Reed what is the amount of money that Robson and Safechuck ask to the Estate of Mj? with that civil trial is about to come... it's not a specific amount we heard about one billion and a half dollars it's false, this is propaganda it's Jackson's lawyer's voice this is curious that there is not an official amount in USA, this is always clear...we always know there is not amount because....really...their goal with a new trial against the Estate of Mj is to force Michael Jackson associates to re recognize that the close their eyes about the sexual abuse they want to force them to testify against Mj they want to tell their story to all the world let's recall that wade robson started a justice attack in 2013 and james safechuck in 2014 they were dismissed in 2017 now it's on appeal in few months yes, next summer I think there was 4 differents versions of complaint before it was accepted they have changed to many time their version, then the judge told them that was not admissible now, to make a little precision about that complaint now they accuse Michael Jackson society (Mjj production and Mjj venture) to have organized contest, to recruit little boys and then gave them to Mj, to be abuse... for me, this is insane, ridiculous they started with attack Mj, but they can't make a trial against a dead person and now, they try to find by all ways, a method to get money via a justice action hector barjot, you are a Mj fan what do you think about the testimony of those 2 men, do you think they are lying? and does it broke the image of your idol? I don't know if Dan Reed knew those 2men before 2013/2014 but us, in the community, when know them from many years we know how far they can go i have of course my personal opinion Wade have changed so many time his "version" of the story and he lied on a front of the jurors in 2005 do you think he lied or he told the truth in 2005? personally, I don't think anything i am not the lawer of Michael Jackson I'm not here to prove the innocence of Mj I'm here to talk about the 2 accusers we know all their gaffes from many years they tried to stay around Mj, to get stuff so of course it's hard now to believe them today, of course they can't get anything from him, he is dead... wade Robson, for example had beg the Estate to get a job for Cirque du Soleil Mj One Show in 2011, he was about to make a film, but it was cancelled he sent a letter to the producer of the show you can see it now I turn back to read "I always wanted to do this Mj show, badly" "but if you are at all interested in the possibility, I promise you 100/100 that this time I'm in, I'm in because he was engaged in another project we can see, in 2011, as an adult, that he really want to get the job but you didn't show, an email from 2012 he sent an email to tell that I can't do it, I quit himself the project so this is a lie so he was about to work with them? he wanted to, but finally he changed his mind but at the end, it was his decision to do not work with the cirque du Soleil he wasn't fired what? but where is this email? i have seen that email from 2012 and why you didn't show it in your movie? because it's a fan debate they talk about that, but that 's not the point it's details, but not evidence it's important to know that he start to attack Mj after being fired from the cirque du Soleil... this is fantastic you don't attack a person for sexual abuse, just because you loose your job for one billion dollars, you can ask yourself the question... if he gets money, then he win the trial don't you think? when you win a trial, you show evidence to a judge you don earn money just with a justice attack, you have to win you are ok to say, as the appeal is coming that the documentary will have a part to re open or not the case? yes I wish! it's a incriminating movie, you are ok to admit it? no, it's just the truth! the judge will decide, will all evidences I show and with all the testimony it will be the justice system but I think there is a misunderstanding in france, we don't have the same mentality than in the USA In france, in the same kind of story, the victims don't ask any money victims just want to be recognized here the point: if they think they can be repair, psychologically with billions and billions and billions they are wrong, it's not the solution Hector Barjot, you seem septic you don't believe that version? wade robson was listen in 2005 for the trial he was the first defense for Mj it was a big risk imagine if it's real that he was a victim so Mj took his victim to defend him? he was an adult at that period he could have tell all the story he could have an chock in his head! it was a dangerous decision from Mj... I don't believe that version I knew that wade won't tell anything he talked to him before he prepared wade since he was 7 years old, for that moment, in 2005 let's talk now about the family of those two men the 2 mothers we have to ask questions about those 2 mothers it makes you react, you hector Barjot or Olivier cachin? the mothers are absolutely terrifying but something else, the fathers are absents but what is amazing, there is one who killed himself, can't remember who's father wade robson father in the case of Jordan chandler, the father killed himself too you didn't had the idea to search in that direction? we can't talk about a coincidence at that point I don't know so much about Jordan chandler's father I know wade's father's story and he was victim too of sexual abuses it's seems... I don't connect his sucide with wade robson story it's disturbing that a father(victim of abuse) and we know that victims in general become predators when the are adult and then that be killed himself, you should investigate in this way how can you explain that? I explain nothing, I ask the question for me this is a strange story you should maybe search in another direction for the guilty? but maybe not in the direction of Michael Jackson bank account? I don't understand what you say? wade? being abused by his father? sometimes, you can have real victims from sexual abuse but they don't denounce the right person so they project accusations on somebody else the question we can ask is if they had been abuse, it is the right person, or maybe someone from the family? because the mothers are really weird... we can ask a lot of questions did you ask yourself that question? no! not at all? with all we said now? somebody else who could have abuse wade? it seems to me fantastic but michael had a lot of "friends" there is about 15 differents boys, in the same situation, they live the same things they stayed for a long time in Neverland and nobody else protest something by the way, in your documentary, something weird those 2 men are ready to say all and everything they talk about Brett barnes and brett barnes call the justice, to be removed of the movie and mackauley culikin? he said nothing right now but he is also in the movie brett branes want to be remove from that project he pretends he is not a victim of abuse this is a proof that those men tell lies (I respect your work of specialist!) you tell things without evidence and even people protest and don't want any appearance in that documentary I respect Brett barnes and what he said I'm so irritated with that! they tell only lies in that movie and brett barnes is a proof of the lies in that movie if they told the truth, that mean all the 15 others boys are lying in your film why do you say that? because since the documentary in the USA we have brandy Jackson, who was close to wade she had a relation with wade when she was 12 years old it was for a long period of time, until 18 years old during 7years she said from 12 to 17 years brandy jackson, michael jackson niece had a relation with wade robson we have the testimony of all others children, who continue to defend michael when "me too" was out or the priest scandal lot's of people start to talk, to say that they were abuse too but for michael, there is not more "victims" most of them defend Michael that's why I say, if those two characters those two actors the two protagonists of your movie tell the truth... you think they are acting? sometimes in the movie yes, it's a staging we can see what do you want to prove you don't want to ask question, you just want to show a point a view and tell that point of view is the truth this is what I felt when I saw the movie I don't know the truth, but I know what do you want to show, your story so if they tell the truth, all others are liars another thing... jordan chandler is a liar? the complaint was cancelled so for me it's clear... jackson gave 20millions to a 13old kid to not do a trial but finally he went to the trial in 2005 and won when CIA and FBI investigate for years.... with telephone call listening, tailing... they was not good, they didn't found anything? when the judge, tom seldom, who is dead now spends years of his life, and millions dollars to prove Mj was guilty but he found nothing dan reed, at the end of the documentary we can see a glove, burning on the beach a jacket, and all stuff from him can you tell us more about that? this is pictures wade gave them to me it was part of his archives he took them in 2013/2014 it was before I met him he burned stuff that michael gave to him thing he kept since his life of little boy, when he was dancing fan of michael he burnt them to go far from michael Jackson it's like an exorcism that story of burning stuff at the end is a farce you should remove it from the movie we wan see, when you are fan all that he burns, is non value stuff some records...ridiculous when we know that he sold most of those items for auctions, in 2011, in Los Angeles for hundred of thousands dollars at that period, he didn't "remembered" that he was abuse all he can get from michael, he got it so it's a mistake to show that in the movie I don't believe that story of "exorcism" so what does it means? he burned all stuff he couldn't sell for auction there is records, glove replica... all items with hight value was sold in 2011 we have prove of that he wanted to stay anonymous to get the money that's a problem we know that before 2012 wade didn't remember abuse so why he sold the stuff of his friend, his mentor? before he "remembered" that he was his victim I don't trust that story it's one more farce in your movie for you, this prove that he lies? for me, the prove, is all the series of things they done they lied so many times they change their story too many times at the end, there is always the money most of the fans want a evidence of his culpability if you show to us evidence...then we 'll see we wont defend a guilty man what do you want? dirty sheets? we know that it was a long tie ago, there won't be evidence anymore something amazing, the "abuse" had been made during 20years with all employee in Neverland nobody took a picture, a prove...nothing. nothing! there is lots of testimony from reverend employee no that's ridiculous you talk about the maid, the one we already saw in 2005 she was fired in 1994 she stole stuff from Neverland, to re sale them she was fired and then she started talking to the press you have different point of view many thanks for coming to talk about that subject thanks to the 4 of you, good night on M6