Lee Lead Melting Pot Blocked Ahhhhh what to do

hey folks so I promise to do a video about what to do when your Li lead melting pot gets blocked just doing a bit of casting and guess what's happened it's got blocked so if I press my handle it is pouring lead but it's such a little trickle that it's just not good enough so I use this some really thin copper wire normally I do this with a good one but it's a bit hard to do well you fill with shove it up the hole now with a glob on you know everything is wrapped up to that give it a good stir around in there blocky jail and back to a big flow so basically that's what to do but yeah you want some really thin wire like that and just poke it up in there and stir it all around and you'll let remove the blockage now a few people have asked me about that they didn't know what to do or how to do it or if it could shove something up in the nozzle yeah you can't you just need something as as thin as this copper wire if you want a piece of this why I drop by the shop and it's yours alright folks I hope that helps some of you out [Music]