Legal Retrenchment Dialogue 5 Naati CCL

disclaimer the following dialogue will be only in the English language so you need to consider to translate to your own language for not Eccl exam legal dialogue five retrenchment briefing : a factory worker is discussing his or her dismissal from a company with a lawyer from a trade union the dialogue starts in three two one good morning mr. Alma's I understand you've been retrenched from your company is that what you've come to see me about that's right I was told last week that my services were no longer required I've been with the company for 15 years I just want to know if they're allowed to do that let's see how many employees work for Smith industries if you don't know just tell me approximately how many oh I'd say about 40 members of staff sometimes they put on some casuals when things get busy but normally about 40 home and what grounds did they give you for your dismissal they said it was for operational reasons they said they didn't lead so many people with my particular skills I think it's because I was sick so much of last year yes I see in your file you've been suffering from leukemia let's see looks in file you had six months off from work between May and November last year and you had two weeks off sick in January yes I had chemotherapy last year so I had to take the six months off the company was very good actually they gave me a month more sick leave than I was entitled to Wow I'm afraid I don't have very good news for you are you acquainted with the Commonwealth government's new workplace laws they came into effect a month ago yes I've heard about them but I'm afraid I don't really know much about them well if a company has fewer than 100 employees they are no longer covered by the unfair dismissal laws they can dismiss staff who they say and no longer required in my letter they said I was being dismissed for operational reasons that's what it says in the new laws staff can be dismissed at any time for operational reasons it just means they no longer require your particular services because of changes to the company's operations if you liked this content subscribe the channel and share with your friends thank you