Legally Blind Mom Regains Independence Thanks to New Device

- You're about to meet a mother of two who is legally blind, but she is getting a second chance at life because of a brand-new device. Like thousands of Americans who are blind, or visually impaired, Holly Bonner is using a new device to lead an independent life. - [Computer Voice] The power of nice, principle number one. - I never appreciated my independence so much, until I was able to do things by myself. (beeps) - [Computer Voice] Pasta, enriched macaroni product. - It doesn't need any connectivity. I can use it as easily in the grocery store as I can in my own kitchen cabinets. - [Narrator] The device is called the OrCam My Eye. We teamed up with OrCam, and its expert Doctor Bryan Wolynski, to share her story. - OrCam My Eye is the world's most advanced wearable assistive technology, changing the lives of many people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading difficulties. - [Computer Voice] We hope you find this helpful. - It's a very simple pointing gesture. All I have to do is point to a page, and it'll read me all the text. - [Computer Voice] Thank you for joining us. - It does facial recognition. By taking a picture of the person, I can store their face in the memory of the OrCam My Eye, and the next time I see them, the OrCam automatically knows who I'm seeing. - Hey Holly, how are you? - [Computer Voice] Kate. - Hey Kate, how are you doing? - Good, good. - Pretty amazing. From now until next Monday, August 26th, you can go to and enter the code inside, to receive a $400 discount on all OrCam devices. (triumphant music)