Legend of The Condor Heroes 2017 ep05

The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017) Episode 05 6th Prince, Temujin has my son. What to do? We underestimated Temujin. If not for Dushi, we'd have crushed Temujin. Do you know who captured Dushi? He's Tolui's anda, a Song who grew up in the steppes. A Song guy? So a Song is loyal to Temujin. That kid has good ability. Listen, you up there! Don't shoot! Jamukha wishes to meet Temujin! Jamukha. You betrayed our vow as sworn Brothers. Am I still your Brother? Temujin, I asked the Jin for mercy. 6th Prince will spare you if you bow to Jin. We'll remain anda. Isn't that good? I don't trust the Jin prince. I no longer trust you. Hmn! Temujin. It's for your good. Put down your arms. Surrender. I tell you, I'd rather die in battle than surrender! Fine. You won't listen. Our Brotherhood is ended. Ready! Shoot! Charge! Great Khan! Great Khan! Take my horse. Our lives will protect you! If I flee alone, how am I your Khan? Move up! {\an8}Toulei and troops Temujin's troops! Charge! They're here! Everyone, follow me! Attack! Retreat! Retreat! Crap! Retreat! Retreat! Quickly! Good job. - Father. - Father, we're late. Father, your wounds... I'm fine. Let's go home. OK. Guo Jing, are you okay? Are you hurt? Toulei, I couldn't find you. You went for help. You turned down Jamukha. We can't win tomorrow's battle. I'll take a gamble. How? I want you to bring help. We'll use that gap to hold their army. You'll attack their flank. Our two-pronged attack will work. - What if I'm late? - No "if's". Victory depends on this. Here, cheers. C'mon...! Cheers. You're hurt. I'll do it. Oh yes, we still hold Dushi. If Sanghun and Jamukha bring allies, we'll be unlucky. We must settle this. Guo Jing, what do you think? I don't know. I'll obey you. Okay. Where's Dushi? Bring Dushi in. Move. Father, I'll kill him for you. Wait. Untie him. - Didn't you hear? - Father. Quickly, untie him. Wang Han and Sangkun, my adoptive family, are kind to me. We had no feuds. Today was an issue of power. I, Temujin, won't fight. Go home with my apologies. That's smart. Father, he's Sangkun's son, a bad guy! Father, why fear them? - Yes, right! - Why? Quiet! He's my son-in-law. Dushi. You and Hua Zheng are betrothed. You're my son-in-law and son. On your return, marry Hua Zheng. I'll invite the tribes to a great feast. Father, are you muddled? I can't marry Dushi! Father, they colluded with Jins! Hua Zheng can't marry him! - Bind him. - Father! Father! Why bind me? I wasn't wrong! Dushi doesn't deserve Hua Zheng! Shut up. Go beat him! - Father. - Father. - Great Khan. Father. Dushi doesn't deserve Hua Zheng! Father! Father! Dushi doesn't deserve Hua Zheng! I won't marry him! You dare! You have no say! If you make us marry, I'll die here! Then I'll deliver your corpse. I hate you! Hua Zheng. - Sister. - Sister! - Sis! - Father. - Father. I'm fine! Sit. Dushi, please. My wound needs 3 months to heal or I'd escort you. Your intent is good. Your injury is serious. Rest well. Jebe, prepare two carts of gold, furs, and fine wine. You and Jing'er escort them. I heed your order. Dushi, drink. 4th Bro, it hurts? Sangkun and Dushi are bad! Father forces me to marry and beat you up. He's no father. He's a tyrant! Hua Zheng, don't say that. I don't see why Father fears Sangkun. Me either. He's unafraid of war. Why fear Sangkun? Daughters marry for political reasons. It may be my fate. But, Guo Jing, Dushi is bad. Isn't Father making me suffer? Hua Zheng, don't say that. 4th Bro, Guo Jing. Let's leave - for Central Plains. - How can we? How would Father face Sangkun? The tribes would fight. Sis, don't worry. If Dushi bullies you, tell me. I'll kill him! How about you? What should I do? I... Toulei is right. If Dushi mistreats you, I won't let him off. How did we let Temujin escape! Don't be anxious. Temujin will fall in the end. How won't I be anxious...? My son is in his hands! Jin soldiers will come soon to rescue your son. Temujin will take revenge. We must tighten defence. I increased the patrols. Relax. Well done. If Temujin attacks, he'll be trapped. How is my son now? Report! Dushi is back. What? Father! Son. - Are you okay? - Fine! Hurts! Ow! Sit, sit... Dushi, how'd you get back? Temujin sent an escort. He freed me and sent apologies. Wait. - Temujin apologised? - It's true. Temujin's bad arrow injury means he lost his guts. He said to marry Hua Zheng. Temujin is no quitter. It's not so simple. You thought he's a wolf but he's a lamb! If you disbelieve me, look outside. He sent Hua Zheng and her dowry. Princess. Princess Hua Zheng, long time no see. You got prettier. Stop fooling. Father fears you. I don't. My bride. Don't be scared of me. I want you to love me. Dushi, it's from Temujin? Yes. - You're Guo Jing? - Yes. Here. Guo Jing! You're right. Temujin is a lamb. He fears us! After a narrow escape, he got sense. It's a good day! Meat and wine! Drink up today! Drink. Come, drink. Drink, drink! Here, here. Here, cheers. Cheers! More, more. Pour wine! I can't marry Dushi. His face makes me nauseous. Hua Zheng. Great Khan bethrothed you. He'll be your husband. I don't want him. I don't. Hua Zheng. Dushi is hot-tempered but likes you. He might be nice to you. If I can't marry who I like, what's life mean? Guo Jing. The one I like... It's you. Where's my bride? Why are you here? You hugged Hua Zheng? Scram! What are you saying? - You two grew up together. - Let me go. - Guo Jing! - But you're mine. Get off! Guo Jing, you dare hit me! I'll kill you! - Dushi, let go... - I'll kill you. I brought the bride. I won't fight you... Hua Zheng. I killed someone... I killed someone! Let's go! Men, capture them! Men, get them! Get them! Quickly! Get them! Get them, get them... Son. Kill them! Quickly. Jebe, are you okay? I'm fine! Protect the Princess! Charge! Charge! - Father. - Great Khan. Te-Temujin, didn't you give up? Wanyan Honglie and Jamukha are cautious but Sangkun is arrogant. If we play our part, he'll relax his guard. But won't Hua Zheng be in danger? A wolf gives up a child. You and Jing'er escort her. I'm reassured. I didn't tell the kids in case they reveal it. Remember, as they celebrate, use wine to burn the tents. We'll break through the walls and defeat them together. I said before, I'd rather die in battle than surrender! Attack! - Charge! - Attack! Khan! Khan! I tell you, I'd rather die in battle than surrender. You won't listen. Our Brotherhood is ended. It's ended! From then on, Temujin was unstoppable, fulfilling his goal to unite the steppes. His title is Genghis Khan (Supreme Chief). Let's all toast. Great Khan. Cheers. Thanks for killing foes. Jebe, Bogurchi, Muqali. You're now Mingghan. (Commander, 1000-man squad) Thanks, Great Khan. Jing'er. You were exceptional. - You're Mingghan too. - Uh? So young a Commander! - Quickly, thank him. - OK. Thank you, Great Khan. Jing'er, you made us proud. Yes, Jing'er. You once worried me. You grew up. You impressed me, so today, as well as Commander, I'll give you a precious gift. You gave me and Mom many gifts. I can't accept more gifts. Come in. Good, good! Come. Jing'er. Hua Zheng is my beloved daughter. I give her to you. You're now Golden Sabre Consort. Great! Great, anda! We're family! Great! Let's celebrate! Right! Right! Wait. This... I can't agree. Guo Jing, why? Is Hua Zheng unworthy? No, no! I... Great Khan, please be calm. Being Consort is an honour for Jing'er but my husband set his match when I was pregnant. Though uneducated, I know a promise must be kept. - A match? - Yes. 18 years ago, my husband promised his sworn Brother, Yang Tie-Xin. If Yangs and Guos have sons, they will be Brothers. If girl and boy, they will marry. I see. Father, my anda isn't at fault. Madam Guo, be at ease. The Yangs had a son. How do you know? Qiu Chuji found Yang Tie-Xin's son. He hopes we bring Jing'er to Jiangnan to meet the Yang boy soon. Great Khan. May Jing'er meet Yang's son, and avenge his dad, before marrying Hua Zheng? What do you think? Hua Zheng, what do you think? I'm unwilling to let Guo Jing go but if he frets about this matter after marriage, I'll be unhappy. He must get revenge first. Hua Zheng is understanding. Jing'er is so very lucky! Jing'er. You never left the steppes. It's far. I'll give you 10 taels of gold and 20 Mongol soldiers. Great Khan. Jiangnan Freaks will take Jing'er to seek vengeance. Mongol men may attract notice. Fine. I agree, Hero Ke. Jing'er, return victorious. Here, cheers! OK! Cheers! Return victorious, Consort! C'mon! Cheers! Guo Jing! Jing'er! - Guo Jing! - We'll keep moving! We'll wait ahead! Let's go. Guo Jing. You came. You can't forget our vow. Anything else to say? Take care. I'm off. {\an8}[ Zhangjiakou ] Zhangjiakou, we're back! - Big Bro. - Uh? I can smell fine wine. I'm drooling! We last drank wine in Central Plains 18 years ago with Qiu! It was great drinking! Brother, it was a good fight too! Seven of us left. Now we're six. If Fifth Bro knew we brought Guo Jing to Central Plains, he'd be at ease. Good! Hm? What's this scent? Big Bro. Four foreign women have camels. - Jing'er, grip your horse. - OK. Big Bro, we're tired. Let's find an inn. Alright. Jing'er, it's fun here. - Take a walk. - Alone? You're afraid? It's crowded. Hand your horse to 3rd Master. Meet us at the inn. - Hear me? - OK. Come and look! See it break! - Good! - Good! Great! Great! Great, great! Again! Good! Stop! Excuse me! - Stop! - Move. - Stop! - Move. Watch it. Out of my way! - Good! - Stop there! Stop! Come here! You brat! Give me the bun! What's going on? Little bro, why's he chasing you? For this bun. Don't fear. How much? I'll pay for him. Someone's paying? Just say so. I ran so far. 30 cents. - OK. - 30 cents? - Wait. - Shut up. One bun, 30 cents? You're money crazy! It's so dear, have it back! Great, great! Oh, it dropped. I gave it back. You didn't catch it. Making a fool of me? If I don't sort you out, I'll close down my stall! - Stop! - Excuse me! Get him! Stop! Don't run! Move! Move! - Got you! - Let me go! Pay me! Let's go. Stop! Come down! Come down! Little beggar! Come down! Over there! After them! Let's go. Little bro, are you okay? Hero, good Lightness skill (Qinggong). I'm not a hero. They didn't catch us. I can't run anymore. Eh? Hungry? Let's get good food. Hurry. Come on. Hey! Don't beg here. Out! I... Who said I'll beg? I'll eat. Y-you got any money? - Got money? - Mm. He has! Relax. I have it. Our restaurant is the best. Eating here is expensive. Been here before? Shall I suggest dishes? Your words judged us. - Worried we can't pay? - I dare not. Waiter, give him his pick. I'll pay. Hear that? What are your orders? Fruit- 4 dried, 4 fresh, 2 preserved, 4 candied. What fruit then? Such a small restaurant. I doubt it has good food. Well? Lychee, longan, dates, gingko- dried fruits. Fresh fruit- those in season. Preserved - cherries and plums. Candied fruit- rose kumquat, spiced grapes, sugar frosted peaches, and pear slices. Got those? Yes, sure. - Any meat? - Sure. 8 dishes. Listen up- pheasant, duck feet, chicken soup, deer stomach, beef ribs, rabbit, wild boar and pig feet in ginger vinegar. Hey. You look stunned. Can't bear to pay? No. I never knew about delicacies. I thought roast lamb and liver were yummiest. You don't mind paying? You're my first friend here. Mom told me friends share. If my friend's happy, so am I. I'll eat then. What is it? Doesn't it suit your taste? I expected nice food here. It's ordinary. Your accent isn't Northern. Where's your home? I have no home. Mom died when I was young. My dad remarried. She bullies me, and stinges on food. She made me do chores at dawn. She disturbed my sleep. I almost fainted in the mountains. A wild wolf came and wouldn't eat me! - Know why? - Why? I'm skinny! It ignored me. I grew up away from home but I had Mom and 7 Teachers' care. I'm luckier than you. So stupid, cheated by a beggar. I grew up in Mongol land. People there are friendly. I have many friends. Riding horses and wrestling is fun! You grew up in Mongolia! - Where is it? Is it beautiful? - Yes, very. Mongolia is different. The skies are clear blue. People are all heroes. It sounds like paradise. - Is it true? - Of course. My friend and I saved two eaglets. We raised them to be so tame. They come if I whistle. I want to see! Where are they? I left them in Mongolia. What fun. Take me to Mongolia. I want to catch two eagles. It's not easy. See you, so slight. How can you endure Mongolia's cold? You look down on me. I'm really homeless now. I didn't. You should go home soon. Don't worry your dad. He won't care about me. Here. 10 taels of gold. Take it. Should last you a while. You gave me all your money? Yes, all of it. Hey. What if I'm a liar? How can you be? You're not wearing enough. This fur is from Great Khan. It's warm. Here. Wear it against night cold. You're skinny. Take good care of yourself. But you don't know me or my name. Why trust me? Right. What? Regret it? Of course not. Come, sit down. I'm muddled. I'm Guo Jing. What's your name, little bro? I'm Huang Rong. Subtitles by Wulin Fansub (mimosa) Edited/improved by Premamaris (AvistaZ)