Lets break down Jordan Burroughs worth

I had a weird thing happened you guys know who Jordan burrows is okay the fact that all of you just know I don't know who Jordan burrows is is actually relevant to my story so Jordan burrows is a very very special athlete in fact I have him as the second best athlete alive right now are you ready for that item is the second best athlete only behind Simone biles very specially talented guy five-time World and Olympic champion he's a wrestler he's currently a freestyle wrestler he was a collegiate wrestle for the Nebraska Cornhuskers back in his collegiate days really really talented guy he came out and he said he went on aerial show and he came out and he said that he wanted to do MMA and he went even further to say I don't care about the money I don't care about the fame I just want to try it one time I want to throw my hands and see what I made up this is a quote okay great so we have a distribution deal with fight Pass I publicly offered him $50,000 and a one-time fight on fight pass now that was largely meant to just be nice I happen to like wrestling I happen to donate and give a lot of money to wrestling to various universities and clubs and programs every single year that's my business but that's also what that $50,000 would represent there would not be a return on that money Jordan Burroughs is not nearly near worth that money he responds publicly I have been paid more to that to wrestle at a zero and call me now there's a lot of problems there and I'm not looking for heat with Jordan I was a fan when this whole thing started which is why he got the offer I will be a fan when this whole thing ends but to act as though I am NOT disappointed in the stupidity that he showed in many ways first off Jordan burrows does not have a lot of guys that are gonna offer him 50 grand so if he meets one of those guys you do not then respond to him in that way publicly to start out with bad form secondly he really showed his hand for his intellect let's look back at his words again I had been paid more than that to wrestle first up that's a lie so Jordan just lied now Jordan has won the Olympic Games which came with a quarter million dollar bonus through something called living the dream metal fund how do I know about that well I happen to be one of the people that donates to that fund what's the relevance the relevance is when I give to that fund many other great people - I'm just personalize this letting you guys know I know all about it when I give to that fund I do not expect a return on my investment why cuz I didn't make an investment it was charity I gave it away I know there is no way to recoup that I just happen to like the sport and I'd like to provide opportunity for guys who stick around and do well in the sport so Jordan is coming out on one hand acting as though I am Joe businessman my level of evidence isn't that I can bring in more than the amount I'm asking for it my level of evidence that I am worth it is that I have made it before it will excuse me Jordan you haven't made anything you did not partner with anybody who did not take a risk and nobody made an investment on you many people myself 1 included gave you charity that's the cold hard reality we donated and gave it to you and secondly quarter-million dollars spread one-time event over four years where you had to take on five guys I'm really not sure that that was an honest and truthful answer to say that you have been paid more when you have to look at how many days and how many matches went into a but fair enough he was paid fifty thousand dollars one year ago to wrestle and beat the streets I know that cuz Novogratz paid it to him I know he brought back ten thousand dollars which means he was a $40,000 loser Jordan is worth a percentage of whatever he could bring in based on beat the streets which one of the largest and most of sexual wrestling events of the year and he happens to be a wrestler we have to operate in the confines of the numbers that he has produced which is ten thousand dollars the promoter gets a piece the promoter always gets a piece your partners so we don't know what Jordans worth we just know it's less than ten thousand dollars so when he comes out talking about first off he'd made what no he hasn't you have been given more the reality I'm very happy for you Jordan when you said I've seen this but you were charity kid it's charity in fairness it's charity and don't tell me it's not help to fund that thing secondly when you play in this game in this sport and Jordan does deserve a bit of a pass here because he is not part of MMA he is not licensed he's not coming over MMA he made a mistake he went out had a little bit of fun in the media but when I got brought into it now I'm gonna respond to it what he doesn't understand is in this space within our culture if you say I want to fight and then you talk for any reason and Jordan burrows happen to do it in record time I mean I've seen guys chicken out all the time we got fake tough guys around us everywhere around every corner never really seen anybody tuck and run in less than an hour I mean for the guy that I view as the second best athlete alive one of the best wrestlers to ever a live one to not be an intelligent guy at all to think that was good for him to come out and publicly speak to one of the few people that he'll ever meet in the existence of his time on this earth that's willing to give him 50 dimes for something that he said he wants to do and secondly to think that he's worth it or that he's made that in wrestling that was charity that was kindness and you did not make it there's a difference in making it and being given it and Jordan by the way just to tie this in at the end don't take offense to any of that that would that that was me giving you yet another handout this time he was trying to smarten you up a little bit cuz you're not gonna be on that mat in a singlet forever trying to wrestle the other guy to the ground let's wrestle all the way to the ground I'll be red and you'll be green let's wrestle oh and let's hope that somebody will pitch in a few bucks here because I know we're not on television and I know every arena I've ever wrestled and not called the NCAA has not been full including the Olympic Games in the World Championship I guess I'm really not all that big of a draw but I sure have good at it now will somebody pay me yeah you got it you're 'don some of us will look out for you whether you've earned it or not