Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat

hey guys it's me Miranda so there's this really stupid trend going on the Internet where are you going to different fast food places and you basically eat other people's foods which is really gross you go through and drive-through and you want somebody else order up the food and you just get the same thing as someone else I'm like how long what if they get something I don't freaking rank so I'm allowed to top off this challenge but I have to sacrifice for my job sometimes I have to do things I don't want to do like eating raw spoons most people do breakfast lunch and dinner but I want to eat breakfast because I'm not a serial killer so I'm not going to be eating breakfast today I'm gonna start off with lunch also who gets up before noon that is point scuffing also I stole my grandma's car for these so don't come for me and be like oh what's that cool like obviously it's my grandma's car so what I'm stealing her car um she's in the bathroom so she won't even know I took eat let's get started first stop McDonald's okay here we go this is my first time actually ever driving so this is a Big Damn first for me first time trying lots of foods and first time trying the emulator so I'm really sad to go to McDonald's don't come for me about not touching the steering wheel but I can see the Archies they're coming leave the person for me doesn't watch out leaning in the spot look at this lady can't walk through the drive-through all right please can see me this is only goal excuse you right this country was difficult for citizen says when I want when I'm wrong it sounds Hawaiian coins are really nice also Hawaiian since they're nice really smart she's gonna be a smart one I'm just gonna offer something a little good I bet you oh can I just get whatever the person in front of me got like the same exact order yeah the person who just went in front of me that's all I want thank you so he didn't tell me what the person ordered you just an okay else window so it's gonna be surprised this is like one of those mystery surprise box openings that you view on the Internet oh no pictures today thank you Oh Maureen happy meal yes strawberry go up and a chocolate milk yes double whammy Dix McNuggets just barbecue sauce you and a creamy ranch comp disgusting that's eight wait so Don wash it down with always wants to use my chest achill milk for me hey exactly seven dollars though winner winner chicken dinner this person loves the damn barbecue sauce and creamy ranch and gogurts I wonder if they mixing them together Oh Mike you up a lil thank you no pictures today thank you no please no pictures please no pictures I'm not signing anything today either my ticket to my show you wanna see me that bad or anything Stockholm we got the cheeseburger happy meal and lots of sauces and a chicken nugget what to say it's not my job to milk first he asked me what I ordered he doesn't even know wait and this gave you chocolate milk chocolate milk thank you there's fans everywhere look at these mine too ok I'm gonna pull up in a fight no pictures city please ma'am thank you [Music] what do we see first things first most important things oh look at those little onion pellets who's a freakin snows the White Walkers of vegetables I don't have any soda no plastic straws because of turtles you don't turn all stealing plastic strong's so make sure wherever you go to take a metal straw with you Turtles hate metal so this way they can't keep stealing straws from us so you save the earth and you need to get ready Turtles as soon as possible I heard they love eating plastic so the best way to get read the turtles take away their plastic there's a hair on my chocolate meal oh yeah I never had this but it looks like that time of the month if you don't see him I never had this well looks like that time of the night you get Flint okay let's train each one I never trained these salsas barbecue sauce [Music] never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine something so foul now let's try the winch that's the ticket Wow usually I prefer dry nug but the creamy white sauce it's got going on how could I forget my goal Gert this is the third sauce option they chose Wow that's delete cheese mmm strongly recommend McCoy freakin avatar the way that's a sexy song know that they mean Happy Meal toys of jeffree star but good for him I thought he was just a makeup artist I didn't know he was also a toy for a happy meal so good-looking he's punching haters was that here motion this is the hand motion it does it is definitely Geoffrey stars okay see in a few hours what up everybody new year new me you can smell me coming like asparagus please put your hands in the air so excited I freaking love talk about some pretty much I swear gone if this freaking Honda in front of me get something with onions and eights I'm gonna have a cow I don't mean beef please stop calling me sir now yo quiero Taco Bell I got some crystal that means good luck for me cuz I'll meet you around later so you know I mean hashtag relatable clothes nice changes girly things so you don't seem like a bingo jokes games the only thing better is when you get the little scamp off in the peas rare if you're lucky if you work hard just like Jojo see what size you can do it you can dream it you can be it you can achieve ants dren that's why I do what I do just with one little luck I can make someone's thing amazing changing lives one day at a time wow this is such a really great triggering experience the last month in a car wasn't honest with Jerry Seinfeld may he rest in peace and we did that show getting coffee in a car if you're a comedian and some it was really great experience except for the fact that he was really annoying and old but he's dead now so that's unfortunate for his family he said there were thoughts and prayers because that doesn't want who does thinking about PE so annoying it the guy in front of me the 300 years old you know we're like a freaking to a sauna with extra lights or something you just picked out his own eyebrow hairs I can relate well he's taking a long time so maybe are you yes can I please just have what I've heard a car in front of me got that's all I want thanks again 150 Blaine that's so freakin cheap I actually want to talk about that probably is like ten things how many things you think I mitigate I'm guessing 400 total total we no bueno burrito burrito uncle Mel Verena no can't talk about all [Music] the time only when I'm in Los Angeles Valley in Los Angeles I am doing the Charlie and have anyone else come and done it really oh my gosh in the first move oh hey how's it going I'm doing a challenge where someone else gets my food I think he's probably ordered to a starter or something thank you give me two days later oops my friend you know have a good day don't get this Oh sauna with that let's whistle branch stable a bean burrito if it has onions in that a Cinnabon and a hey hey beverage medium Diet Pepsi you guys you can get a senior discount if you're not a senior you just drive behind someone who is the senior and ask for their discount sitting in a bowl this is iconic I think I hit the Guinness world a world record the first lady under a senior age to get a senior discount alright let's taste the storage [Music] horsepower [Music] Punky's going on here raisin hmm I don't think juice bring no Mayday winter is coming and the White Walkers are here I see onion we can Trash senior citizen don't forget throw away your plastic strong so we're gonna throw this one away we're gonna use the metal one I never had these before the first for me there's a surprise inside whoa that wants a full green wool that's freakin delicious Wow taco barn you dining in strongly recommend the balls just squirt it right out in time hell I'm going to starve today I'm probably gonna lose a lot of weight because these people don't know how or the food or I'm freaking out today it was a cheeseburger or go-gurt fries and chicken nuggets and a chocolate milk and a bean cheese burrito and Cinnabon so basically it's only one I'm starving so I'll see you guys in a few hours [Music] hey it's dinner time it's Dino time doing an ollie dinner at some freaky starving so we're going to a place that is really gross I never even been urine afternoon like these and it still has a freaking line it's in and out basically this place is stupid because they only have three things on the menu so really ruining kind of racist if you want a school racist against chickens so only have its cow meat snow chicken meat there what I mean deer meat cook the meats but for me fish meat scorpion meet all kinds others dog can I just get whatever this person extra lettuce the poison aren't extra weight pretty disgusting perverts whoa the point of a cheeseburger it's eat something delete cheese no need something gross like ready oh great there's a massage parlor up here you're freaking feet in the window we can eat robot doctor blue jeans a doctor for your jeans hey please weird guess everyone trying to get plastic surgery one time or another discriminate against Reggina Oh bringing some Z nouns she loved me so much get to get to my show Rani singsong : stop partying while you're filming me look at the more amazing Christ be with you oh my gosh she's Tyler Oakley hi Tyler okay rude I know we haven't climbed in one she'll mix window please oh my gosh it's like okay if you're a fan of why are you shading me tummy buggers we're no bright it's like looking into a fishbowl potato okay good who's gonna say I don't want her autograph okay don't be a hater it's gonna find same thing you answered right here okay thank you bye you two alrighty let's see what the gone here's the extra lettuce garbage no cheese no cheese tomatoes and money [Music] it's so crunchy I'm usually really good at swallowing this one's really hard to get down looks like we also want this cheeseburger cheese good you will let us again tomatoes or even any pickles on here okay here we go Looby mmm that piece was the only salty let's try out these Pines all right looks pretty good taste links whole look at the bonus can you even see this you see this here you can you need a singular pube all right no we're good to go took it off this is what they call animal style fries for those of you who don't live in California it's where they melt cheese and they put some burnt little turds see burnt trunks and some orange sauce it's all the shades of James Charles Foundation basically mixed in one hey Frank James turns to be honest now that's the pie I can get behind sistahs basically this was the worst challenge I've heard so thanks to be an internet for ruining my entire day I am starving so I'm gonna go home and post me something actually tastes good because there's lettuce and onions and freakin everything I ate tuned so basically I'm gonna have a tummy ache and be running up saying so if you liked this video give a thumbs up and make sure I get to get some my tool or anything song home and see you guys next time but I'm never doing any challenge you ever asked me to do a little game because this was a mercy of my life to be honest [Music]