Lie Cheat and Bribe college admission scandal


Chael Sonnen


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all right guys so as you know I start my day the same every single day I wake up earlier than I want to I get a cup of coffee and I start I start surfing the news I got it on the television and I'm scanning the interwebs to see what's interesting to dissect and come to bring it to you guys so I have joined in studio today Clifton Molitor attorney in front of the show is back because Clifton what the hell is going on with this college scandal slash Hollywood VIP list that we're all hearing about where should I start this story there are so many different ways to go with this but there is an enterprise that some gentlemen form to where they would help children of wealthy or famous people get into colleges that they would otherwise not get into and you know there are some of the best universities in the world that are on there there's Yale Stanford yeah some of the some of the big big big players and of course the University of San Diego so the big universities okay so I'm trying to dissect this and I've been watching it all day I've been reading about it all day but it's it's like this octopus with all these different arms so ultimately some guy there's one guy and he's been to court already he actually walked right in and pled guilty to a litany of charges I mean the money laundering was one of them one of the bigger problems in he see I'm trying to set this up for the audience that's been living under a rock and cliff I just don't know how to begin it so I'm just diving into this thing full force but there's a guy the guy put some scam together that involved rigging the SATs I I'm told the students would go in and take the SATs and somebody would kind of correct the answers before they submit it to go through the machine he went out to the famous celebrities these a listers if you will and and hear from a legal standpoint I think this might be his biggest problem and there's and there's he set up a charity and goes okay donate big money to this charity and I'll get your kids into colleges oh and by the way since it's a charity feel free to write this off now that's where the handcuffs come in as I am seeing it he then as you said had administration officials at some of the top college in the world in our country also on the take how exactly he was facilitating and getting the funds to them I'm not yet aware but ultimately he was getting kids in to schools where they didn't belong and the downside to that before anybody goes well yeah that's just kind of the way it works the downside is no there was kids that worked hard but didn't have whether was the appetite for the injustice for the criminal activity or the funds to do it or the parents to make the phone call so there is victims in this even if you don't see them right up front Clifty also also and I'm hoping you can speak on this gun jumping around did you see where he was even putting them on sports teams like crew by example when the kids had never even done crew before yeah no and so it I mean an octopus I think is a good way to describe this it's I mean really rather ingenious I think how we did it so yeah he set up a charity there was also a for-profit entity and so as best that I could understand it the people would pay money in up to six and a half million dollars to do this and then he would he had various people on the take so like he said some people would he would work on getting them better SAT scores and he would say okay tell the parents will claim that your child has a learning disability and so if you have a learning disability you can often get significantly more time to take the SATs and then he would have some of the proctors giving the exams he would either correct the test for them give them extra time or they're alleging in certain instances they would have a ringer come in and take the test for them I saw somewhere that one kid improved over the PSAT to the SAT 400 points which is I mean announced I mean just a criminally yeah quite a leap and so that's how they did it on the testing front and then they also had people at the various universities in the athletic departments would list some of these kids as recruits to the school when they either had never played the sport didn't play the sport competitively and they also even went as far as to photoshop you know their kids as head onto the body of an actual competitive athletes okay see now that now that we've told the story again for anybody that just hasn't been exposed to this and we drove right into it but cliff one of the biggest reasons in the history of the world anybody ever gets caught in a crime is because somebody talks and the the most obvious crimes are the ones where you bring in a lot of people I just could only imagine how quickly this would unravel when you're photoshopping your kids face on the face of another athlete that happens to belong by it to a team by the way who's going to see that photo at something called social media I would assume and go they're not on our team as a matter of fact not only they don't say that's my body I mean right you when you bring in so many different people how long was he getting away with this by the way you know I haven't seen but I think it's been a long time okay so he pulled it off for a while and and yeah and I think made a lot of money I mean there were I think 44 people who were indicted I mean that there were there were a lot of people that were involved in this and indicted and one of course you know if there were 44 people that were indicted there's many many more who were involved and just how either haven't been charged yet or somehow aren't going to be charged so the kids knew about this the kids had knowledge but know one thing that I read said that most of if not all of the kids did not know this was going on and that their parents were doing it oh really it was that right okay what I was going to say is I would imagine they had they had knowledge of it but to this point none have been charged and none are even expected to be charged whether I'm accurate on that or not it still leads to my next question who all is at fault from a legal standpoint now I see where the parents are in a jam if they donated to a fake charity and then wrote that off there in a bit they're in a big problem now now you've got conspiracy and fraud and all sorts of different things take that legal element out of it if a parent had an opportunity to have an end with some kind of a fixer right because there's people out there that go hey I helped you with your SATs I had one of them not with that consistent of as she came over to my mother's house we sat in the kitchen and we read the hell out of the books I'm just saying there are people out there that are most of them are called tutors but if you meet a guy I have another way and here's the way from a legal standpoint where is your fault as a parent that goes yeah I'm willing to pay 10,000 and tutoring fees or I'm willing to pay you $10,000 and it looks like we're doing a little something off-grid here but is that on them or is that on the guy with the power that takes the money and goes and facilitates things well it's on both because the the parents have committed fraud you know and one of the definite fraud has you know there's many definitions and there's many ways to commit fraud but it's generally a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain and of course the deception was either/or and and the wrongful part of it was either cheating on the SATs or photoshopping your kid's head on to some other kids body or claiming that your kid was a star athlete when they weren't I mean all of this is deception because it's all either untrue or you're cheating and the PERT and the personal gain aspect of it is well your kids get into a better school than they should be getting in and so that's fraud on the parents part and and then a lot of it has was mail fraud and so fraud or mail fraud is generally fraud that's committed using the US Postal Service so you you know you take your college transcript that says you're you with your you know falsified or cheating SAT scores or with a picture of your body photoshopped on to somewhere else and then you stick in the mail all sudden that's mail fraud or if you're sending and there's also I think allegations of wire fraud you know wire fraud is then you're using the you send a wire to the charity you know to you know to perpetrate these frauds and so then that's wire fraud and so I think one of the interesting things is have you heard of Rico of course yeah you know which was you know passed in the 70s to to fight mobsters you know the Mafia and it was used to bring down a lot of the you know crime families and crime syndicates but it's you know still a law in the books and now it's used for things like this and what you know a RICO vehicle what it is is you have an enterprise which is a you know kind of a group or an organization it could be a partnership a corporation it could be a Mafia family and the enterprise is essentially in the business of committing crimes and there are I think are 35 odd crimes that qualify as you know predicate acts for a RICO violation and then you have to have two or more of those in a 10-year period and so the peep the the got the mastermind who was organizing and perpetrating all these frauds he was charged and I believe pled guilty to Rico violations and that's a big big deal and so then what it does is it just gives the federal government the ability to charge more people I believe with greater sentences and it just it allows the federal government to really hammer these people and is that what they're looking to arica what's something to do with interstate as well correct don't you have to cut across state lines to qualify for Rico do ya and you know a lot of states have similar RICO statutes but yet generally the the federal government in order to commit I mean and there's federal statutes and a lot of federal statutes you have to cross state lines in order to violate a federal statute like their state their state law fraud claims so if I you know fraudulently you know got you to sell me your car for you know less than was what it was worth I committed some sort of fraud on you well we're both in the state of Oregon that's probably a state law fraud case but if I that if I get you to sell me your car fraudulently but I do it through sending something through the US Postal Service you know the US Postal Service is regulated by the federal government so all the sudden that's a federal crime so it and federal crimes are I mean often have similar sentences to state law crimes but the difference is the FBI investigates and other federal agencies investigate federal crimes and they just have a much bigger hammer than most of the state agencies so my guess is the gentleman who organized this and set up the charity and took the money and made the contacts and was the ringleader I imagine he's gonna do some real time I don't think that the DEA or the prosecutor is going to be nice to him and I base that on the fact that I watched a spokesperson and possibly it was the DEA or the prosecutor himself but whoever spoke on behalf he was pretty upset about this he was pretty upset that this was going on that it was attempted that it worked and to go back to what I was saying earlier that kids who earned the opportunity and should have been given admittance to some of these universities did not get it all while the rich and powerful were gaming the system he seemed pretty upset am i right though in your you'd have to guess but I guess when I first saw Felicity Huffman comes to mind because I watched afterward housewives I just watched three billboards outside of eben Missouri right I'm a fan of hers am I wrong to believe that nothing much is gonna happen to them they saw an opportunity and they took it or is that wrong is somebody looking to cuff her up why my understanding is she's already been arrested and she was as of this morning when I think I last looked she was in custody and then I saw also that the the woman from full house and Vicki I think the LP was they were arranging to have her arrested in the afternoon I mean are they gonna do time probably not I wouldn't think so I mean it's a white-collar offense they'll pray you know they'll probably get put on probation and I doubt that they'll do any time but they'll probably have to pay some fines and things like that I felt let me there being charged with the felony yeah when you say and I also saw that uh though am I saying this right Felicia Huffman felicity thank you very much felicity I also saw that she was arrested but did that involve like a search warrant and handcuffs and they took her into custody or was that they call your attorney come down here we're gonna book yeah I think it's you I guessing it's the latter okay I mean she's not gonna have to post bail correct well I saw that she knows I think they called it a signature bail so basically it's a promise that you will show up in court so she didn't have to you know post $10,000 bail or anything like that really tough spot to in the prosecutor or at least the spokesman for the prosecution here I don't have his name or title but he did say something he made this kind of clear before anybody could go on aren't these aren't these waters always muddied aren't they always muddied in this country about how you do it he stepped right in front of that before anybody asked and he said there are many ways that the wrong people get admitted to these colleges one of them is some donor puts their name on a building and donates a building this is imbibe a my grandson just applied he goes that's a bribe but it does work that we see that that this is totally different than misrepresent eighty cheated on the SAT come with sports scholarships and he touched on that one to to say something that you know that you could even donate to a sports team in an athlete that wasn't all that good is likely to then get placed on that team that's true I could I could give you examples that I've seen in my own life of that but he's saying this is further this this was absolutely meant as a deception and he was pissed quite frankly Clifton if you if you watch he was upset almost like maybe there was a personal tied to it that in his youth and him climbing up in him working hard and people stepping in front of him but I could see an anger in his face did you happen to watch that press conference when he was talking about who he's coming after and why no I didn't but I guess it's not surprising and I think you know I didn't get into the college that I wanted to when I was coming out of high school and I it it still bothers me to this day so that I think you might be onto something that yeah maybe he wanted to get into Harvard and he didn't and he's had that chip on his shoulder and he's fought and fought and fought the whole way I mean that certainly could be the case or I mean this is you know there were a lot of crimes committed here there was a lot of money involved he could just be you know very zealous you know advocate and I mean these are serious crimes so and that's what he's supposed to do he's supposed to get upset about this can I switch directions on you Patriots owner help me with his name I want to see Jerry Jones yeah Robert Robert Kraft he's in a jam you followed that yep went into the massage parlor from a legal standpoint without being a defense attorney but just take your best guess here I'm looking at that and I'm saying hey this simply isn't going to stick to have a solicitation and they say well we've got the whole thing on video a solicitation would have to be where he makes the proposition that has to be unwanted by the way and works out some kind of terms which they simply don't have now I'm aware of why they don't have it I'm not being crazy on this they don't have it because he's a return customer and those conversations were had before the cops ever put the cameras in I get all of that but is it this amiss isn't this something that probably never should what are you possibly going to do with two consenting adults and no video of a proposition and the onus being on the business owner not on the customer aren't they just sent out to embarrass a guy Wow I think anytime that there is a sexual act and then money is exchanged I thank you and they have that on video I think the chances are pretty good there they've got him on this and I don't know and I think they also had my understanding is they've got recordings too of of this and so it wouldn't surprise me if they do have require and and maybe not with you know the owner of the Patriots but maybe with other people where they come in and say well so it's a hundred dollars for this or it's two hundred dollars for that or whatever it is and that then it's much much clearer it's like okay well we're we're bargaining for a sexual act here but I think anytime that there's a sext sexual act and money is exchanged again I don't do this type of work but I think he's his goose is probably I'll tell you where I get annoyed with this and probably the only reason I'm even bringing it up is one it sure does seem like a lot of work for a misdemeanor take it from that standpoint now Florida's choosing to pay for it I guess that's on their taxpayers to speak out whether they agree or they don't but secondly the story has never been told the way the story should be told which is if you're talking about people who are being enslaved and put into a trafficking a sex trafficking ring that's the story you know the cop himself that went in there for a massage and he was just a regular customer he looks around and goes it looked like these women were living there I want to go in and free them and find out what's going on that seems like a tremendous store and even a noble act on his behalf where he's you get a medal put on him but for some reason some of the media's going they just went out to try to embarrass a guy on charges of which may or may not stick but ultimately result the misdemeanor anyway I just wish the story would get told if these women are being forced and now they're being freed it seems like we've got the villain in the hero of the story why is that not the story well I completely agree with you and I think mostly because that doesn't sell but you know the owner of the Patriots getting handjob in a massage parlor and Florida cells there's no I mean that's that's the only difference and like you said I I don't have personal experience of this but I would bet you know within ten square blocks of where we're sitting there's probably at least half a dozen massage parlors where you and I could go and get you know a happy ending that aren't ever going to get you know busted because it's probably women in there and man aru whoever is in there who were there voluntarily and are just trying to make a little bit of extra money I think yeah the real reason that Florida is spending the money to do this is because you literally have you know the allegations are people coming in from other countries who are being enslaved and it's it's human trafficking and sex trafficking yeah and and I think you're right I think that really should be the the focus of this story