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[Music] hello friends welcome back to my channel please subscribe and support this channel this preset link in the description so now let's get started at first open your application Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC and import your photos in application then select a picture then go to the light panel for this photo I'll just the exposure to minus 80 contrast to 20 [Music] shadows 266 whites to -100 and blacks to -16 now go to the curve tone adjust white like less [Music] [Music] and click done now go to the color panel adjust temp data to 19 tint data too vibrance to minus 25 [Music] now go to the mix tool go to red color and saturation to minus forty luminance to minus twenty go to orange color adjust that you minus five saturation to seven [Music] and luminance 2:19 go to yellow color just saturation to -100 go to green color adjust that you - 100 saturation to -100 luminance 2 - 6 go to aqua color just saturation to -100 go to blue color just saturation to -100 go to purple color just saturation to -100 lastly go to magenta color just saturation to -100 and click done now go to effect panel and clarity - 73 [Music] vignette 2-8 [Music] then now go to the split tone go to highlight adjust the hue to 243 and saturation 228 go to shadows adjust the hue to 243 and saturation 214 [Music] then click done then now go to details and just the sharpening 226 noise reduction 2:14 color noise reduction 2:19 finally now we are done [Music] [Music] [Music]