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check it out this is crazy my silver play button is melting hey guys welcome back now in this video I thought it'd be fun to focus on the YouTube silver play button if you start a channel in YouTube and gain 100,000 subscribers YouTube will send me one of these it's a silver play button award to celebrate your dedication and your success but the funny thing is they're not really made of silver and over the years they've gone through a number of size shape and style changes as well so for this video I thought it might be fun to try casting a metal play button of our own only this one will have some very quirky characteristic this here is the play button that I just created now it is a little bit frosty because it's been sitting in the fridge overnight and you'll understand why in just a minute but it is pure and solid metal we flip it over and look at the back you can see that shiny metallic surface and if I drop it on the counter and here makes the clinking noise expect solid metal to make but here's the interesting thing if you strike up a flame on a barbecue tighter and hold it just under the corner of the play button watch what happen you can see that within a matter of seconds the tip of our play button starts melting off how crazy is that look at that nothing often forming a little puddle of molten metal in the bottom of our dish which is crazy right isn't it supposed to take an insane amount of heat to melt solid metal not just the flame from a BBQ tonight er but despite that fact our play button is melting look it's coating the inner surface with liquid metal we just ran around that track now and it's leaving behind a residue that's really cool oops it just flushed right all over my countertop look at that it's already hard and we're if we get like peel that off with a spoon that's crazy shiny so update guys we just use a small flame from a BBQ igniter to actually melt the tip off of our play button but this next experiment is even cooler I just want to filled up a glass with warm water and now if we stir our play button into it look what happens to the metal now in just a second you're going to see the metal melts off the surface and drips down to the bottom moulton shiny silver metal liquefied by water that is pretty cool just like an ice cube would dissolve in hot water our metal play button is doing the same you have melted off quite a bit of this metal here parts of it are still liquid and dripping off the surface and just when I wonder if I could break it in town surprisingly it is still very very solid metal excite it melting off in my hand as we go there let's talk for a second about what we've been noticing here this solid play button once they got in contact with a flame was melt and little beads of metal would start dripping off now they dripped off into this dish and some of it splattered onto the counter and you can see if we take something like a spoon and just nudge at it the metal has completely solidified and turns into a type of foil almost like tin foil you hear that it's screaming like when I put into it except screaming but if we swirl it into a glass of hot water you can see the metal melt off and collects at the bottom forming a molten pool with shiny metallic metal and yet this really is molten metal but here's the curious thing about it it's not actually hot enough to burn you now if you haven't figured out by now the metal that I used to create this play button is gallium it's number 31 on the periodic table of elements and it's got one of the lowest melting points of all the metals gallium is in group 13 of the periodic table of elements because it shares a lot of similar characteristics to metals like aluminum and indium but unlike those metals the melting point of gallium is so low that you can actually melt it with your body heat it's relatively safe to handle because gallium is considered non-toxic however it is extremely corrosive to other metals like aluminum and steel now interestingly enough gallium is not found anywhere on earth in its natural elemental state by itself the stuff that we have here is a byproduct of mining other metals like aluminum and zinc and it's extremely expensive the play button I created here today costs me about $300 quite heavy and look at this clip great cracks in my fingers right onto the counter because the counter is cold you can see the bottom of this mass there's already two loads fine it's already getting quite hard oh it's do a little bit liquid at top that's crazy it looks like it's solid that some parts are still liquidy whoa half solid half liquid that's got a really unique weight through it I mean it feels pretty heavy but it's extremely running at the same time if I jiggle it back and forth I can actually feel the waves of motion swelling through it because they kind of come to a hard stop if they bounced up against one wall and bounced back very cool OOP and extremely runny oh boy yeah do you maybe way that peels off oh good its place trade-off now I got my gallium on Amazon it's very expensive but i'll put a link down the description in case you want to get some yourself it comes in a container like this and when you open it up it looks like a solid chunk of oxidized metal because that's basically what it is but to melt the stuff downstairs easy is grabbing some hot water and throwing it in their first few minutes or just using a propane torch and gently licking the sides and getting to melt off that way the cool thing about gallium is you can use it over and over and over again you can cast metal objects that are still extremely hard but then with a little hot water you can easily melt them down and liquify them and catch something else that's interesting about this if you look down there right now you can see it's kind of a dull gray also happens if I heat it up and stirred up a bit it's so weird it's like the surface of the metal just stops but you can still see the motion swirling around there so now it's so interesting 24 crazy well just wipe this flag like we normally do it's ready to pour now making my gallium play button was just about as simple as you might sing all I did was take a little propane tortura map gas torch and I melted down the chunk of gallium into its liquid state then I took one of these silicon play button molds that I made a while ago and filled it up and let it sit in the fridge overnight I also found that the warmer you get the gallium the shinier the metal get that's pretty much it that right there is how you make the world's first metal play button it will melt in your hands let's summarize what we just learned here today gallium is a metal with a melting point so low you can melt it in glass of hot water you can also recast that meddling to nearly any shape you want and it still has the look and hardness of other metals like aluminum it's very expensive because it doesn't naturally occur on earth it's the byproduct of mining metals like aluminum and zinc and you can find on ebay well guys thanks for joining for this experiment today it has been awesome hanging out with you they'll be looking for you the next video talk to you that yeah ow yeah play with fire you get burned hey guys thanks for watching and remember i'm giving away prizes now on every new video all you have to do to qualify is subscribe to my channel ring the bell and select to be notified when my next videos get really the secret link to my giveaways will be pinned in the comments for the first 12 hour if you like what I'm doing so your support right now by giving this video a big thumbs up and share with a friend I love you back I'll see you next time :D