Lisa Guerrero Reveals Talent for Writing Country Music


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you know our ELISA Guerrero for her great investigative work but did you know our ELISA is also a country crooner isn't that illegal this is my day job that gets down there Criss crossing the country chasing after bad guys why would you come out here and threaten me with a gun but nothing ever prepared me for this so why am i up here singing a country music song believe it or not I wrote it 10 years ago at a charity event somebody bet me 20 bucks that I couldn't write a country music song in 24 hours I took that back I went back to my hotel room and I started writing they sent him to Afghanistan gets harder every day the song was for our men and women in the military and loved ones they hope to come back to well guess what I won my $20 bed but it didn't end there my song ended up in the hands of grammy-nominated singer songwriter Keith burns who should [Music] the idea she came up with absolutely pulls at the heartstrings not only a hit song but a very moving song I thought boy this is this is a big idea finally 10 years later we came together in Nashville to record our song everybody loves a comeback we'll go over these final lyrics and make sure because once they're done yeah once we record them next we met with James Stroud he's a legendary country music producer with 150 number-one hit songs to his credit [Music] do you think I have a hit yeah we got a hit idea we got a hit song this is it I'm really excited I'm about to record the country music song that I helped to write let's do this Nashville's newest sensations sister-act Presley and Taylor show me the ropes I need last-minute advice take a deep breath breathe breathe the second I heard it I was like it it was emotional it really is like such an emotional song and it's so beautiful [Music] hey Lisa yes I need a little more of you on the comeback comeback everybody [Music] I'll pee that's for sighs your heart success we have a song [Music] I'm overcome with emotion hearing my lyrics put two such beautiful music and that brings us to our live performance [Music] [Music] welcome home [Music] such a beautiful song Lisa and Keith song everybody loves a comeback is available to download today and proceeds will benefit a journalism scholarship fund through the investigative reporters and editors Association and bowls of Honor a charity that supports the families of fallen soldiers [Music] you [Music]