Little Boy Serenades Baby Sister With Beyonce

never trade you for anybody else in the brown dingo why does Isaiah Dantzler love singing to his baby sister so much my mom rightfully pool it's probably the cutest video you've seen in a while the six-year-old serenading his 4 month old sister Parker rose with Beyonce's brown-skinned girl featured on her album The Lion King the gift which is the movie soundtrack we wake up pretty much every morning singing songs that's how we start our day and brown-skinned girl is one of our favorites he was doing it and I was coming out of the bathroom and I seen him so I just caught the moment never trade you for anybody else it'll Brown King mom Jessica Harris says the pair are inseparable she calls Parker her rainbow baby a baby born after parents have suffered a loss through miscarriage or silver sir Memphis today is I I would say by far the best big brother ever he wakes up to her every morning he comes right into the room and we give her a kiss and give her a hug I literally have to fight him to give her like space so cute oh my goodness is so she is Alden she's a very calm Jessica also says Isaiah is aware of the songs importance he definitely gets hit back it's a song for brown-skinned cute and brown saloon girls and everyone in the world that doesn't get the attention or the love that they deserve so I think he just loves singing it to a sister never trade you for anybody else it'll Crown King and the message hits home for her too there's not enough media or really anything out there that supports or loves black women or brown skin girls the way that they deserve so just the song for me it just kind of makes me feel really happy and so it's an acknowledgement from the queen bee herself Beyonce's mom miss Tina Knowles has also shown the adorable videos of love on Instagram I freaked out I legit started crying I called my mom everything since her screenshots I'm like mommy you cannot believe that Tina just shared my face sounds gay yeah this special moment captured for carpet to reflect on when she's older I can only imagine that she would legit freak out because to think that when you were four months you would viral and everyone in the world fool you and it's for song that's so beautiful in their ground skin girl I think that she would love that you just like flower never trade you for anybody else in a brown-skinned yeah but she'd never trade it for anything else for Inside Edition calm I'm stuffing the officer you