Little Krishna English Episode 1 Attack Of Serpent King

Wicked Kalia, I banish you from these waters. The poison that bubbles thick in your mind... ...and your fangs are a fatal threat to the peace and joy of these beautiful shores. Leave instantly and never return. 5000 years ago, a most wonderful boy... came to make the beautiful land of Vrindavan his home. He spent all the years of his blissful childhood here, filling the hearts of the inhabitants of Vrindavan... ...with pure love for him. Along with them he performed his amazing pastimes... ...and left his lotus foot prints in the dust of these enchanting forests, these sylvan groves, these cobbled streets friendly homes, and these picturesque banks of the river Yamuna, to tell the stories of his wondrous feats. His endearing pastimes have been recorded... in the ancient Sanskrit classic from India, the Bhagavata Purana. These stories have enthralled generations of eager readers and have carved a special place for little Krishna, darling of Vrindavan, in their hearts. This is very delicious! I am going to collect a big basket of this lovely fruit... a special gift for Nanda Maharaj That's so thoughtful of you, Subala. Look how hard Madhumangal is working. He's giving himself a lot of special gifts. I just can't think of anything else but sleep. Subala, you deserve to take a nap as well. Good idea, brother! I'm for that! But, Krishna I am not done yet! I'll take care of it Subala. Oh, listen to the sweet notes of Krishna's flute! I can't keep myself from dancing. Come on Vishaka! Come on Lalita! Come quickly! Just look at what Krishna is up to! Radha, let's go and tell Mother Yashoda what Krishna is doing. Let's go, quick! Wow!... Look at all that fruit! This is absolutely amazing! There is enough fruit for me to gift everyone. Yes! Who could have possibly done this? So you made the miracle, Dadhilobha? Glories to Dadhilobha. Someone help! The monsoon sets in by the end of the week. See that the best seeds are distributed... all the farmers to ensure a bountiful harvest. Nanda Maharaj! Yes, my lord. Nanda Maharaj!!! Help! Sukanta! What has happened? Maharaj Nanda! It was terrible! A great serpent rose out of the Yamuna. It had many heads! Poison spewed from every one. My cows... they're poisoned! You speak of a terrible danger!! What is this misfortune that has come upon us? Gather all the able bodied men immediately! I will lead them to the Yamuna. See that the women and children are safely in their houses! Yes, sir. Send word to all cowherds by the river to return to the village with their herds! Yes, sir. Oh, No! What's the matter, Yashoda? Radha saw Krishna & Balaram watering the calves today by the Yamunaů. Subala, Madhumangal, Hamsi and Dadhi... We must hurry! No time to waste! Our Krishna may be in danger! Come on, We must get there to help him! Yes! Let's go. There you are! Come along, Hamsi! Krishna and the others are waiting. Hamsi! Hamsi! Please! You can't even swim. You need to learn to come when you are called, little Hamsi. Let's go for a swim Madhu! Be careful! Yes! With all those mangoes in your belly you will sink like a boulder. The Yamuna's water is so cool. Madhu! Hamsi! Get out of the water! Krishna, Balaram! Help us! Subala! Get away, you hideous beast! Krishna!... Krishna! Behind you! Kalia! You have caused great pain and suffering to my friends. I will not tolerate this. Be prepared to face your end. Krishna!... - Krishna! Madhu! What to do? Krishna! Hurry up! Where are children I hope they are safe. Krishna! Balram! Madhu! I said the children must be in a safe place! Balaram! You're all right. Where is your brother? Krishna! What's happened to Yashoda? What is he doing? What's happened to Yashoda? We must try to save him! No! No, no, father! It's too dangerous. But...Krishna!... Krishna! Krishna! No, Nanda Maharaj. It's too dangerous. Let me go! I cannot stand by and watch this! Krishna's playing his flute! Listen! Mysterious! Krishna?! Krishna! Please don't Kill him. Please! Have mercy on our husband Kalia. He is defeated in body and in spirit. Krishna, you have forced all of the... ...poison out of him and he is no longer a threat. Is this true, Kalia? I beg your forgiveness, Krishna. My venom was poisoning my mind. Now I can see more clearly. You have helped me see that I was blinded by my own hate and anger. Very well. I will forgive you, Kalia, Provided you go off to the ocean and never return to Vrindavan again. But Krishna, without his venom he is defenseless. How will he protect us from danger? Krishna, we fear for his life and ours. He has angered the mighty eagle Garuda. Garuda will never harm him... ...when he sees my footprints upon his heads. Krishna has driven the wicked serpent away! Jai Krishna! Only he could have done it! Oh, Krishna! Krishna! Why did you go there? I am back mother. I was just having a long swim! You are so mysterious, my child. But I have no need to understand you. You are my dearest darling, Krishna. And so, Little Krishna, the magical boy of Vrindavan, danced his way into the hearts of his readers who still cherish this pastime today.