Little Krishna English Episode 7 Deadly Donkey


Big Animation


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you wonderful wonderful these observers dance like celestial butterflies it is not only their dancing that is celestial my Lord Indra but this delicious nectar which makes everything look so heavenly fill my goblet and keep it filled forgive us master but uh pitchers have run dry then bring more pitchers what you will bring me more room to dear husband but it's special brew made only from the fruit of the tall tree I'm sure we have other tasty beverages that will satisfy your thirst this drink is made only in Alabama Thompson's private orchard and is guarded by the demon Narakasura surely my great husband Lord Indra would not let a mere demon make his favorite wife go thirsty of course not I shall go to Taliban and bring you back enough sweet nectar to fill a lake a king comes as royal servants would be coming soon to pick up the next batch of nectar then we don't have much time to steal a few sips after the nectar passes your lips keep them sealed if King Kamsa finds out we stole you know drop you brew the next batch without blood we must steal some of kamsa's nectar before those fools drink it all we will distract them for you Lord no one steals comes our town anchor you're warriors toys are not against North Innoko but the power of indras lightning is do you like it little B is that what you want to say to me with your buzzing yes it sounds like a tiger yes look at all those childish boys always playing like we do all the work its Krishna's doing if he's not stealing the Fattah he's causing some other mischief hmm what is that delightful aroma some kind of wonderful food hmm this kind we are begging doesn't smell nearly as good then let's find this delicious new fruit and bring some back to Vrindavan it's coming from that orchard good so am I you must be exhausted from all your wrestling Krishna yeah let us miss out your legs you know what's that smell it's sweeter than mangos mother's nose speaks the truth it does smell wonderful let's find out where it's coming from and fill our stomachs but don't face Abela the aroma must have seduced them as well and I know just how to find them mother's nose will lead the way and we will follow and my stomach will not be far behind clumsy fool honest income suspicious beverage you waste conscious royal servant is right we must not let tolerance precious beverage go two ways don't come so not to worry this precious drinking safe in my belly this place looks familiar I don't think we should go in there we have to if we want to get a cows back they're eating the Fallen fruit we must hurry then yes before something happens to the cows I meant before they dollar fruit you'll lose your head if the notches and cancers orchard we must leave at once wait we have to get our cows fast well Ram is right and if we are going to lose the heads for that we might as well dine heavenly bliss with that tummy's full of that delicious fruit but I don't want to die not even for the best tasting fruit in the world don't be so scared so blah krishna won't let us die they know cassava may be strong but krishna is an expert in killing all kinds of demons subala sridham you get the cows the rest of us will collect enough doll fruit for all of another the boys are going to steal it angel keep an eye on De Luca and make sure he doesn't come this way we cannot reach even the most fruit if we do not go to the fruit then the fruit will have to come to us what was that it sounded like someone by the boundaries glitch I'm hungry after all this drinking relax it was just a crazy woman it must be crazy fish falling in love with your little teeth you'll pay for stealing comes he's trying to tell us something I think he wants this is a system you will be punished severely for stealing his fruit but we're just hungry cowherd boys surely there's far more fruit than you could ever use for Kansas drinking Oh yours and you'll be punished even more severely for your insolence what right this comes I have to put a fence around the tall trees and call them his own this land is part of wind honor and belongs to everyone in that case you should each have a piece of copses estate who's going to get punished now that would be you rotten Anita what's the matter stealing comes our fruit I shall pass into a bigger crew of Oh my darling Krishna your little blue friend cannot protect you no Krishna he wasn't protecting us he was just playing with you I on the other hand I'm not as playful then who shall be the first to feel my rage you may have how could you leave Krishna is the orchard with those demons if they want that out so badly where is my Krishna oh we were just gathering some time fruit for everyone but this is concers orchard not anymore it belongs to everyone in Qingdao