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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh mother your children [Music] is where are you [Music] [Applause] [Music] tape [Music] is [Music] i know [Music] [Music] so [Music] me [Music] in the morning [Music] hey [Music] i [Music] is [Music] [Music] mr [Music] hey [Music] all right all right [Music] all right [Music] every man [Music] [Music] he's a special [Music] [Music] oh [Music] oh [Music] me [Music] it ain't me [Music] yes [Music] [Music] oh [Music] ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen please welcome florida governor ron desantis [Applause] hello ocala [Applause] are you all ready to win [Applause] you know four years ago when the president won florida there were 340 000 more registered democrats than republicans in florida now that gap has been closed by 2 hundred 000 republicans because people understand the right way to go and you look no further than issues like we see in washington with the u.s supreme court in 2016 the president as a candidate put out a list of judges he promised us that he would appoint strong constitutionalist judges in the mold of clarence thomas and antonin scalia and if you were watching this week i think we can say that he fulfilled that promise when he's nominated judge amy coney barrett there should be no more debate it's time for the senate to confirm her and fill that seat now now now even though she's abundantly qualified obviously super intelligent great mother strong faith uh you know the democrats are whining they're saying oh no you can't do this it's not fair it's not fair you know i think about it you know i have a three-year-old daughter and she's wonderful but when i play board games with her she loves candy lands her favorite and when we play candyland if i win she gets really upset and she cries and i tell her madison if you lose you can't cry you gotta just try to win next time and so the democrats they lost the senate in 2014. they had a chance to win it they lost it so they didn't get it they didn't get a justice confirmed they lost the presidency to donald trump in 2016. they had a chance to win that election and then even though in a midterm you almost always pick up seats they didn't take the senate and 18 in fact republicans gain two seats in the senate so i don't understand why the democrat party thinks they're entitled to govern even when they lose election after election so here's what we understand republicans have the votes we remember how the left treated judge bork and kavanaugh and thomas and we will show no quarter we will confirm this great justice and when we do that we will have a pro-life mother of seven and a true originalist on the supreme court for 30-plus years [Applause] so given all that for the next four years who do you want appointing judges biden or trump i thought so you know another big imp and oh by the way joe biden will not answer the question about whether he will pack the supreme court if he becomes president you know what that is they haven't won elections they don't like the justices so they're going to add new seats to the court and put left-wing activists in there which will totally destroy the independent judiciary joe why won't you answer the question yes or no don't tell me that the people don't have a right to know before the election we oppose packing the court because it's not the right thing to do and i know donald trump would have no problem answering the question that if a court packing bill came on his desk he would veto it he wouldn't sign it we know that the other i think another made issue is the continuing vitality of the country of joe biden's president he's all but telegraphed he will do another lockdown for our country and we cannot afford that lockdowns don't work and your country cannot afford to be shut down so no thank you joe biden we also need law and order in this country to prevail and in june when our cities were ablaze the president stood up for law enforcement joe biden was nowhere to be found in fact they had his some of his campaign workers kamala they were raising money to bail out the rioters from jail i can tell you we need to have a president that stands side by side with the men and women of law enforcement president trump has done that he's been endorsed by every organization biden has not been endorsed by one and so here we are but i can tell you as a governor in florida when the riots started across the country we said don't come to florida we called up the national guard we had other law enforcement on standby and we were able to prevent what you saw in minneapolis and some of these other places but we're not rested on that when our legislature comes back i have proposed the strongest anti-rioting anti-looting legislation in the country which says very clearly if a locality defunds law enforcement the state is going to defund you [Applause] if a local government tells police to stand by and not not support the citizenry you know then you can hold that local government accountable if you get hurt or your business or property gets hurt and oh by the way we need more stronger penalties uh if you're rioting if you're looting you got to go to jail and you got to be in there so okay so i just have a few questions and and i hope that you guys are ready to go but uh will you pledge to go out and vote between now and november 3rd having a little hard time hearing that okay there we go will you pledge that when you do vote that you will support all our republican candidates running up and down the ballot [Applause] will you pledge to convince your friends families neighbors anyone you know to get out there and vote between now and november 3rd [Music] and will you pledge to do all you can in addition to voting in order to re-elect donald trump president of the united states and if you do that and if you come out and you get your friends and you get your family and you get your neighbors to come out you're going to go into election day and oh my gosh the media they're going to be so excited because they want to get this guy out of there they're going to believe all these polls just like they did in 2016. they're going to be giddy and then florida comes in and they see the margin going down and then the panhandle comes in and all of a sudden cnn they start to get cry and they don't appreciate because they know that the election is going to be four more years thank you guys god bless you all thank you thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] rising up back on the street [Music] just a man many times too fast [Music] [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] is is [Music] [Music] the man [Music] [Music] [Music] tigers [Music] i am [Music] [Music] i'm [Music] [Music] me [Music] [Music] in the morning he's a macho man [Music] is [Music] is [Music] hey uh [Music] all right [Music] [Music] every man he's a mutual manager [Music] [Music] me ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states donald j trump [Music] next [Music] [Laughter] god [Music] from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee across the plains of texas where there's pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an [Music] next to you and defend her still today [Music] next to you and defend her still today [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you ah thank you very much unbelievable can you believe how many people look behind the fake news can you believe can you believe how many people are back there i wish they'd turn their cameras you want to turn the cameras around show that is a lot of people here today you know they never report that they won't report it there are thousands of people behind these people what do you give them the good location for gotta talk to our people about that why are we giving the media the good location anyway thank you thank you very much and thank you to florida we love florida and it's great to be back in this magnificent state you know i live here too you know that right with thousands of loyal hard-working great american patriots so 18 days can you believe it 18. think of that 18 like around four years ago i'll never forget january 20th i stood up in the great white house first night first lady i stood right next to the lincoln bedroom and i said can you believe this and now four years goes by it goes by so quickly doesn't it but no administration has done in three and a half years no administration has done even close to what this administration has done none and that's despite phony witch hunts phony impeachments all of the things and it ended up that they did it can you believe that they did it but we've done a job and you've done a job and we're working together we love you all and we love this state and thank you very much thank you very much and by the way we're leading in florida you know we're leading in florida [Applause] [Music] no we're leading in the state of florida how would it be if we didn't have the russia witch hunt and all this nonsense that they threw at us for almost four years with the spying and all the things how would it be they wouldn't even have an election would just say okay we'll take it for another four years right but now we're doing great and 18 days from now we're going to win the state of florida we're going to win four more years in the white house and early voting starts on monday we're going to have a red wave it's called the red wagon so get out involved no that's gonna they're calling it a red these people look at all those cameras these people they're calling it a red wave they expect there may be not forget about the word me they said there may be a big red wave we will have a red wave the likes of which they've never seen before and that includes four years ago joe biden is a he's a disaster let's face it but did you see last night did you see the easy questions now did you watch that whole deal did you see him a week ago with lester holt on nbc like huh oh come on joe come on joe get come on joe can we help you with the answer joe it's a disgrace and you saw what i got last night right [Applause] but it's okay she's like disappeared nobody can find her she's not too popular right now but we enjoyed it you know and we enjoyed it you know we don't say give us the questions give us the answers we wanted this we don't want to read it off teleprompters we don't want to do that and we know what we got and people really expect it and by the way if you can't handle savannah you cannot handle putin and president xi and kim jong-un that's small potatoes last night that's small potatoes but it does seem unfair when you have a guy that's constantly getting questions like you're talking to a child right like you're talking to a child they say what's this and then you get like boom boom what about this what about that what about this now but that's why we're here right you know you know the expression you know the expression they come after at us from every angle they're after us and we're here and they're not so it's pretty good right it's pretty good and we appreciate this great support but biden is the living embodiment of the corrupt political crass that you and you take a look what he's done it's a political class that enriched itself while draining the economic life and soul from our country look at what's happened and now you see it and you see it better than ever before and with all of the things that you know it took place not one question was asked of this guy last night about that can you even believe it it's the biggest story worldwide it's a corrupt family and these people didn't ask him one single question about it it's incredible [Applause] god's true yeah [Applause] i like this guy look at this would you stand up please look at this guy that's pretty good that's pretty good thank you man that's cool that's great thank you that's cool for the last 47 years joe biden shipped away your jobs shut down your factories threw open your borders and ravaged our cities while sacrificing american blood and treasure in endless foreign wars in countries that you've never even heard of and they're all coming back you know that they're all coming back except in certain areas if you don't mind where we kept the oil we left some of our great soldiers we kept the oh we should have kept the oil in plenty of places when we went over there we should have never been there but if we're going to be there remember he used to say for years keep the oil we didn't do that he's a servant of the wealthy donors and globalists and special interests who got rich bleeding our country dry they sold you out and i know this area very well and you got sold out big this whole state got sold out every state did they sold you out on trade on borders on jobs on crime one act of treachery after another in 2016 florida voted to fire this corrupt and look this is the most corrupt group of people okay i've gotten you know when i say drain the swamp i used to think it was like a swamp this thick it's like a real thick it's very thick [Applause] so florida voted to fire the corrupt and decrepit political establishment and you elected an outsider as president and we finally put america first all right about time it's only been about 30 years this week we learned from newly released emails that joe biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement in his son's corrupt business dealings the highest level yesterday a news story showed that hunter made a deal with a wealthy chinese business magnet for 10 million dollars a year for introductions alone he just wanted 10 million dollars introductions he's going to introduce there's a guy that got thrown out of the military had no job as soon as his father became vice president he became a vacuum cleaner for the family okay hunter also referred to another more lasting and lucrative arrangement as he called it with the same chinese businessman that would be so much more interesting to me and my family his father okay his father these deals were made after biden spent his entire career letting china steal our jobs and radar factories and let me tell you something if he ever won china will own the united states okay they will own it what's happening to china now nobody's ever seen that nobody ever thought it was possible we've done so much better than them until they sent us the plague and now we're coming back from the plague we could have lost 2.2 million people and more and we lost much we lost 200 over 200 000 people we shouldn't have lost a person what they did to us we will never forget just remember that we will never forget [Applause] but this is all a matter of national security the bidens got rich while america got robbed and you know i say it and i sort of said it very timidly initially and now you see this they got the guy's laptop they've got thousands of things i mean they're going through it and i give great credit to the new york post the new york post for what they did the new york post i don't know how many of you read the new york post but it's the oldest paper in the united states i think it's like the fifth largest paper it really is you know you talk about mainstream media they went out and they did what these people should have been doing these people do nothing [Applause] but i said it very timidly and now i say it joe biden is a corrupt politician and he has been for a long time and the biden family is a criminal enterprise and you know it and so do in fact they sort of make crooked hillary clinton look like amateur hour you think about it yet all of this is being covered up by the media and big tech you saw that you see that you put a story out from the new york post and they shut down a site how about kaylee her site got shut down because she put out a story from the new york post this is what's going on so they talk about freedom of speech and freedom of the press there's no freedom of the press but watch what we do but the biggest thing we can do november 3rd that's the biggest thing we can do because i'm not just running in spidey we're not just running against joe biden we're running against the left wing media and we're running against big tech and they all said and i've heard this and i kept hearing about the power of big tech the power and they were against us as you know four years ago but i won i said how could they be powerful i won i never did this before and i won how the hell are they powerful but now they've gone totally crazy they've done things now that they wouldn't even do and they got caught and there's great anger in congress in the senate there's great anger because what they're doing is really bad you know we gave them section 230 it's protection it protects them from everything it shields them so once you do that the government is giving them something that no other industry has so they no longer can say oh freedom of speech it's afraid of speech they've been given protection and they've abused that protection and a lot of people are looking now at big bad tech but i did say it i said so they're so powerful how did we win well we won for a lot of reasons by the way was that the greatest evening was that the greatest we're going to have an even bigger evening and an even better evening on november 3rd despite the fact that they're trying to get forever to count the ballots you know the the balance right the fake ballots they're doing everything he's shot he is a vehicle and he's got his vice president who is further left than crazy bernie okay kamala kamala nobody treated nobody treated joe biden worse than commonly during the debates right now she got beat up by other people she got beat up badly so badly that her polls dropped and she went out very angry and then he picked her i said this could be a very good thing and then mike pence did a great job the other night didn't he so i have nothing but disdain for what these people have done and they have nothing but disdain for your values and you know that they flood your communities with criminal aliens drugs crime while living behind gated compounds they oppose school choice while sending their families to the best private schools they demonize the police while hiring private security by the way take a look at the way joe biden lives you know he's been in congress i guess for almost 50 years i say 47 but the 47 is getting a little old now right almost 50 years and he's got houses and he lives beautifully you know it's okay if you work and you get out of beautiful but this guy's been a politician a little strange isn't it huh little strands they say he lives very well they attack the second amendment while employing armed guards they come against you with the guns they want to take your guns away you know if i'm not here i'm the only thing standing between you and your second amendment that i can tell you they support crippling lockdowns while their jobs remain totally exempt from being locked down how about your governor in michigan she has that place locked down we just won the court case though no the courts just ruled it unconstitutional what she's doing the only one that was allowed to enjoy himself happened to be her husband right he was going to go boating and her good time while everyone else was locked down somebody caught him who the hell caught him that was a great thing you know and then we uh we caught some people doing whatever we'll find out what that was all about and then she said it was my fault it was my people that caught them it was trump's fault it's always trump's fault can it ever be like rick gates's fault i mean uh it's always trump's fault rick by the way how did the governor do did he get up and make a great speech good governor good guy too right over here a lot of good people here it's time we send a message to these shameless wealthy liberal hypocrites in washington dc and silicon valley do you see that silicon valley and these guys are 99 behind the democrats okay what's that all about what's that all about the 99 not even 90 i'd like to say 90 right 99 well one of the reasons i don't call them and i don't need their money and i don't want their money you know that helps it really helps let me tell you if i call them say do me a favor send money every one of them would send money i don't like making those calls because when you make those calls it's hard to say no just on a human basis it's very hard to say no they call and they ask for a little thing like how to make an extra five billion dollars i don't make those calls you know you read where they have a lot of money flowing in that's because everyone's calling everybody we're going to win and when we win this is this and this is that's why they raise money i could raise much more money president every call i make every single guy even if they hated me they'd all contribute but rick you understand it i don't want to make those goals i don't want to make those calls right huh yeah i know where is rick he's here where is rick where is rick oh you're there good so i just want to thank everybody and we do have some special people uh matt stand up come here i want to just tell something this guy matt gates so matt matt's been another one of our stars we're going to introduce some of our congressmen and women later but he's done some special job how are we doing in florida man so you know the polls came out today and they're very good they don't report them they don't report them they do report them they were bad but we're not going to have any bad we're going to have a big day make sure you work very hard matt and i'll see you in a second on election day you can send a message that the fake news media and the big tech sensors because that's what they are the big sensors and we're going to send them back we're going to clean out the washington swamp i never knew it was this deep but we're cleaning out the washington swamp we're going to show them the american people are in charge by delivering joe biden sleepy joe a thundering defeat like they haven't seen before like they haven't seen before [Applause] if i don't sound like a typical washington politician it's because i'm not a politician sorry and if i don't always play by the rules of the washington establishment it's because i was elected to fight for you harder than anyone has ever fought before this is the most important election in the history of our country and you know i used to say it all the time i'd say well this is important but the last and i'm sort of like debating which is more important which is more important rick grinnell tell me which is more important rick rick grinnell by the way has done a great job you know who he is you know him what a great job he's done he's coming with us i'll tell you that but nobody's done the job that we've done nobody's done the job that we've done and we've done it with all that opposition biden has made a corrupt bargain exchange for his party's nomination and he shouldn't have the nomination i said this before pocahontas elizabeth warren should have gracefully she was defeated she shouldn't have stayed super tuesday if she didn't stay for if she would have left she didn't even have to endorse anybody if she would have left crazy bernie 100 would have gotten because he would have gotten most of her votes he only needed a few it was really amazing and he would have had this guy is the greatest loser of all time there's no better loser he just he's so nice about it it happened to him twice now right so she stayed biden got it so we have a little bigger base but he's got a base with zero enthusiasm zero the only enthusiasm they have is to beat us and you know what that's called negative enthusiasm typically it never wins we'll find out it better not win okay it better not win matt biden has handed control to the socialist marxists and far left lunatics if he wins the radical left will be running this country and they're addicted to power and god help us if they ever get it because we will never have the same country again we never will we never will you know i used to talk about venezuela well that is an amazing amount of people back there that's an amazing amount of people turn the camera can you show the group of people that is unbelievable that goes back a long way that's unbelievable thank you that's fantastic that's fantastic thank you very much i wish we had the cameras pushed back further i wish the cameras were in the back thank you thank you very much why don't you drive him crazy just say 12 more years right they want to punish the middle class expand every last trace of traditional values and replace the american dream with the socialist nightmare and that's what it's going to be you take a look at what's happened with some of these countries and look at venezuela 18 years ago 17 years ago is one of the richest countries incredible tremendous wealth tremendous natural resources now they don't have water they don't have food they don't have medicine we get them whatever we can but we're working hard watch what happens with venezuela watch what happens with cuba watch what happens with plenty of places that are in trouble because we have to do that we have to take care of people but look at what's happened to venezuela and don't kid yourself i used to say well that could never happen when you look at the ideology that we're talking about now it's the exact same ideology it's the exact same ideology but it's never going to happen to us because we're going to have a big big victory over the next 18 days they want to turn america [Applause] into a communist country or a socialist country you know it didn't used to be i'd use the word communist but now we talk about our country will never be a socialist nation and now we have to say a socialist or a communist nation because that's the next step we're not going to let it happen and ruin the lives of hispanic americans and all americans we're not letting it happen we're gonna have a big victory and that'll be the end of it because you know what one more defeat and they're going to accept it you know i talk about unity somebody asked me a question recently about unity when do you think the country will come together it was coming together i was getting calls from politicians that nobody would have thought on the other side and they were saying i think it's time i think it's time we had the greatest employment numbers in history we had the greatest we're up to 160 million people we have the greatest numbers hispanic americans african-american asian-american women we had the greatest numbers young people with a diploma from high school without a high school diploma with a phd from mit every single group was having the best numbers we had the greatest economic recovery we had the greatest economy in the history of the world and then we got hit by the plague from china but i'll tell you and then we saved millions of lives and we're rebuilding at a level that nobody can even believe but we were coming together and i told the person i said the thing that's going to bring our country together is success and it was happening and until that artificial horrible situation came in it was happening it was happening like never before and had that not happened you would have seen great unity and by the way the last administration had no unity look at st louis look at henderson look at ferguson look at all of the different look at oakland look at baltimore look at the things that were happening people forget it was a mess it was a total mess and then you look at h1n1 that biden always calls n1h1 i said no joe don't do it joe he always can't do it he can't do it did you see last night he had to take out the piece of paper 200 billion it's not that big a deal to 200 let's see uh i'm not allowed to take out paper right am i allowed to take out of some reading of t pretty amazing huh pretty amazing he rips out that paper you know why he does that because it's not working quite too well joe biden and the democrat socialists will kill your jobs dismantle your police departments dissolve your borders by the way our border now is the strongest it's ever been 400 miles of water and mexico is paying for the wall bottle they like to say mexico is that you know we get the wall we're up to almost 400 million it's almost complete it'll be complete very soon and really that's why we have such good numbers now the wall you know they used to say we don't want a wall we want drones oh that's great you can watch people pour into our country right but we got the wall done and i'll tell you and matt and these guys they really helped a lot they were warriors they helped a lot that was not easy that was not easy and ron that's right we forgot ron was a congressman you know he came to me said sir i'd like to run for governor i said well i could you know understand that but you got a long way to go i said no i'd like your endorsement if we have your endorsement i said look ron let's think about it anyway you know he's a great guy harvard yale smart i said all right ron i'm going to endorse you who the hell knows what's going to happen boom i pressed it he went from 3 to 71 in one day and then he uh he had an impossible person to beat you know this guy how's he doing by the way how's his opponent doing [Applause] he was going to be the future of the democrat party his opponent i don't think he's doing too well right no i'm not doing too uh watch they'll resurrect him the fake news will say it's incredible what's happened he's wonderful nah if you were republican they wouldn't be doing it but that's okay but ron's been a great governor it was an honor to be with him and endorse him he's done a fantastic show the only one better is his great first lady i like her even better than rob but they'll release criminal aliens raise your taxes confiscate your guns a hundred percent destroy your suburbs they talk about suburban women do they like donald trump yeah they like donald trump you know why because they want safety and security right they want safety and security [Applause] and they don't want low-income housing built next to their beautiful suburban dream now we got rid of it you know they had a regulation all the women standing up over there they had a regulation that destroyed would have destroyed our suburbs it would have destroyed our american dream and they came to me ben carson a lot of good people they said sir it's very tough to terminate it but why don't we just amend it i said i don't want to amend it what does it mean that mean make it a little bit better for us or a little bit i said i don't want it amended i wanted i want that regulation terminated and they terminated the regulation and nobody can believe it and they want to drive god from the public square to defend our constitution from this madness i proudly nominated judge amy coney barrett to the united states supreme court [Applause] no don't worry we'll fill that seat she's done fantastically well people can't even believe it what a breath of fresh air right isn't it nice she's fantastic you know what got me her professor one of her professors long-time professor very highly respected all over the legal world had many many many years of students he said the single greatest student he's ever had was amy and that was pretty good you know that meant something to me right that meant something to me it is nice you know you're not allowed to discriminate but i do like smart people on the supreme court [Applause] now biden wants many people on the supreme court he doesn't want to say he said i'll tell you after the election what they want to do to the court will be a disaster and by the way you know i put out a list of people it's probably one of the reasons i got elected but now we increased it by 20 great people that believe in a thing called the constitution of the united states but i put out a list so that when we choose i said i will only take somebody from that list and they're incredible scholars and greater what they do i said biden has to do that not just about packing is he going to pack got to know who is he going to appoint because you know the aocs of the world aoc plus three the aocs of the world omar omar i think we're going to win you know what i think we're going to win minnesota because of omar think of it she hates our country she hates our country she comes from a place that doesn't even have a government and then she comes here she tells us how to run our country and she hates our country and we're going to win minnesota first time since 1972. you imagine hasn't been won by a republican but we're doing very well there thank you very much omar ilhan ilhan omar thank you very much she's our she's a real she's a wonderful girl she's a wonderful person now we got people it's not even thinkable you know it used to be that congress they loved israel today it's almost like the opposite it's crazy what they've done to israel is incredible not the senate in all fairness but if you look at the house with pelosi and these people it's like they hate israel and they believe in omar who came in here married her brother or something and came in illegally come on come on justice let's go justice department of justice democrats will pack the court with radical left judges who will shred our second amendment empower violent mobs and protect terrorists and criminals you know that biden's agenda would be a catastrophe for florida seniors do we have any seniors in the room no i'm not a senior uh okay i'm not a senior yes i am especially for everyone from i love the place the villages i love them i love the villagers they fight for us i read stories every day they're out there they're driving those beautiful golf carts the nicest golf carts ever made they got golf carts that are better than your car we love the villagers and we're with them all the way too they've got spirit they've got heart for years biden tried to cut your social security you know that and your medicare now biden's pledging mass amnesty and free health care for illegal ill look he's got the illegal immigrants coming in and we all have heart and we all want to take care of everybody but when you say you can have free health care you can have free education you can have free millions of people are going to flood our country we're not going to have a country left so you just can't do it all it is is a magnet please come in so we're sorry but we will decimate medicare and destroy your social security and destroy your country while i'm president no one will touch your medicare or your social security to reduce the price of prescription drugs as you probably have heard and it's not pleasant for me i have taken on a thing called big pharma [Applause] they have unlimited money and in a sense unlimited power they're the biggest lobbyist in the world they spend more money than anybody else i think by far perhaps the lawyers spend more money but big pharma i signed the most favored nations rule which nobody can believe because you know last year with the only administration in 51 years that brought down the cost of prescription drugs do you know that but not much one percent i'm not proud of that one percent but at least it's something but the big deal is other countries are paying a tiny fraction of what we pay for the same exact drug the same pill ten cents versus two and a half dollars and we pay by far more than anybody and it's us because they view us as suckers so i said to big farmer you can either do these things and get rid of the middlemen and all of the things that we do you know i'll bet you hunter biden is a middleman you know that i'm just [Applause] right i'm just thinking now i know i don't know you know the middleman with drugs the middlemen it's called the middlemen they never say the middleman or woman they're not politically correct they don't care they make so much money these are the richest people i don't even know who the hell they are i'll bet you that hunter biden has a piece of that action the middleman we're getting rid of the middlemen we're giving the governors the right and your governor wanted it the first one to go to canada where the same exact drug costs 50 they're going to buy in florida until the favored nations kicks in which will be even better they're going to buy drugs from prescription drugs from canada at 50 off and you're going to get the benefit think of that because we have a long time system that's corrupt like so many other things and uh hard to break so we're breaking it by letting them go and buy and we have various states but florida's going to be one of them you're going to go you're going to buy them for much less but ultimately that'll stop because the greatest is favorite nation so you will have and you will be paying the lowest price we're going to match the lowest price anywhere in the world you're the biggest buyer and that's what it's going to be plus we capped insulin costs for medicare plans at less than 35 a month it was much much higher many times higher my people did a great job in that you know insulin was driving people out of business and people were dying because they couldn't afford it they couldn't do it and every senior on medicare will soon be receiving 200 to help with the cost of your medicines and we got that approved too we got a lot to prove nobody has done what i've done for seniors that i can tell you we have a lot of great plans too biden had 47 years to do what i did but he's owned by the special interest and he's owned by the drug companies he's never going to do this stuff he can't do it i don't need their money i don't want their money i never asked for their money who the hell knows maybe they gave me something along the line sir you received 400 from pfizer seven years ago but you know what i couldn't care less i'm here to do a job then i'm going to leave and i'm going to hope hopefully you're going to say i was a great president but that's going to be in four years that'll be in four years thank you very much under my leadership we're delivering a safe vaccine and a rapid recovery we're doing things with fda they're giving us approvals in weeks as opposed to years it's been incredible if you vote for me prosperity will surge normal life that's all we want we want normal life right normal we don't want anything we want we want to be where we were seven months ago and next year will be one of the best and greatest years in the history of our country that's what's happening economically and that's going to lead to other things this election is a choice between a trump recovery and a biden depression he gets in they're gonna quadruple your taxes they're gonna take away all of the benefits that i gave you which turned out to be a lot you add energy and it's probably seven or eight thousand dollars think of that seven or eight thousand dollars a year did you ever see yourself with like two dollar gasoline did you ever see that did you ever see that happening how about less than two dollars and at the same time we are now energy independent and we have millions and millions of people working on energy millions of people millions of people now we're very proud of it the uh you know we are uh independent we don't have to be in the middle east we don't have to be we're there to protect israel we're there to help others but we don't need it anymore we used to need it we don't need it anymore because of what we've done and and by the way the fracking this guy he goes around talking about fracking all the time i mean think about it there will be under no circumstances there will be no fracking then he gets it he goes to pennsylvania and i love pennsylvania and he says oh wow they have a lot of jobs here about a million jobs fracking right he goes i got a problem so he goes all right who the hell cares i've been saying this for a year and a half no fracking now he gets up yeah we'll let you frack absolutely we never said that and the fake news doesn't ever even ask the question no i mean they don't even ask the question they don't even ask the question i mean this guy goes through a thing last night with stephanopoulos i like george but he did me two weeks ago he did an interview with me and it was nasty right it was nasty last night it was like a sleeper everyone's falling asleep why don't they ask him the fact that why for a year and a half did he say there's no fracking and then the day he gets the nomination he goes into pennsylvania he learn he knows nothing about pennsylvania by the way he you know he likes to say i was born in pennsylvania that's it and then they left maybe they didn't like it they didn't like it i love you too look at her she's thank you thank you very much it's very nice thank you but no but why don't they ask him that like for a year and a half there will be no fracking how about this i said oh the election's over who they said a lot of these people on the stage the democrats they said who is going to pay for illegal immigrants health care who agrees to pay they all raise their hand you saw that right i said that's beautiful but joe's hand hasn't but i saw his shoulder was moving right right because he knew you know his mind isn't so good so he knows there's something bad going on he's been doing this for 47 years so he says like i got a problem i have no idea what the question means but they're all raising so he's like this and then finally he goes this and i said i just won the election that's great but then they deny it then they go and they i've never seen anything whether it's that or the fracking or other things they just deny it like it didn't exist and they get a free pass from our corrupt media it's a corrupt media i used to say fake i used to think that was one of the greatest things that came up fake news right that was me but i said you know but now i i have to go a step further it's fake and it's corrupt and a lot of times i leave the fake off because you know corrupt is the stage worse and many and i'll tell you and this is true it's the single what's just about it causes the problems it's the enemy of the people our media is the enemy of the people it's very very dangerous what they do and you've never seen it more than the last week between the big tech and they're working on section 230. you watch what's going to happen but you've never seen a more egregious case than what's been happening over the last three or four years i will deliver optimism opportunity and hope speaking of hope hope hicks is here where's hope hicks where's hopes the great hope hicks you know she was tested positive but she's okay where's hope we want hope right we want hope i used to say we want hope and all these crazy people said yeah we wanted where's hope where's hope come here come here come here hope [Applause] come on she's shy but not that shy hope we want hope [Applause] see [Applause] okay hi we can share a microphone now thank you all so much and thank you president trump i have stage fright so [Applause] ah she's great so she tested positive and she got better so fast it was like that's called being young strong right young and strong but she's been fantastic thank you hope we're proud of your hope so biden will deliver pessimism poverty and decline and that's what he's gonna look you know what drives me when i see he's always criticized saying oh i didn't act fast enough with china but for two months after i did it he said i was what xenophobic i said what does that mean i was xenophobic what does it mean joe tell me exactly please give me a definition he said i don't know that's what they told me to say but you know two months later he's saying i shouldn't have done it right but now his whole line is i didn't act fast enough i did it in january he's talking about it in february and beyond late february beyond that i shouldn't have done it then i did europe too very early i saw big infections in spain and italy you know i did europe nobody even talks about it so we did with over 200 000 people but remember this we were expected to lose 2.2 million people and maybe more than that and our people whether it's vice president pence or all of these people that worked so hard on the task force they've done an incredible job they've done an incredible job and when you look at our numbers and when you look at the surge that's taking place right now and we're going down and europe is going way up they used to love to compare us but we compared very favorably but now we're making ventilators for europe and the rest of the world we're doing things that nobody thought was even possible so i just want to thank all of the people that worked so hard on that that's been an amazing amazing experience but a guy like sleepy joe biden would terminate our recovery delay the vaccine prolong the pandemic and annihilate florida's incredible economy your economy is starting to boom with a draconian unscientific lockdown and you know what happens with the lockdowns right you know what happened to people when they're in the lockdowns biden's plan will crush america my plan will crush the virus and america will be in a position very soon like it was never in before that's what's happening this week even the failing new york times had no choice but to quote and they put a statement probably the writer of the article has been fired since it's been three days but they said experts are excuses are saying with genuine confidence new york times that the pandemic in the united states will be over far sooner than anybody expected isn't it nice that's the new york times can't believe it i heard that i said give it to me again let me hear that again because i don't believe it our early and aggressive actions saved as many as two million but maybe much more as we said maybe much more than that we pioneered life-saving therapies well here i am i mean you know i don't know what the hell they gave me but i'll take some more of it right now because i felt now i had something regeneron great you're really you know the antibody things and eli lilly also makes something very similar and we're having a lot of it produced right now and we're going to be delivering it and it's going to be something but you know our fatality rate 85 think of it we have it reduced 80 to 85 percent all the way down so this is what we've done is incredible we understand what's going on we understand that 99.9 for young people like baron baron gets he's i said how you feeling not good how you feeling two hours later i'm feeling great dad that's you know whether we like it or not they have a little better immune system than we do right you know we don't like to admit it let's never admit it but that's the way it is no baron's great our first lady is great people love our frustration they love our first lady man the abuse that she takes she is a fantastic woman she loves you she says love but they love our first lady i love her and they love our family how about ivanka do we love ivanka and don and eric and tiffany they all and they gave up a lot you know you don't read that i lost hundreds of millions billions of dollars through this you know this cost me billions right i don't take the salary it's 400 450 000 i don't do this but if an arab gentleman happens to stay one night in one of my hotels for 642.13 headlines trump is ripping off this uh i these people are bad billions of dollars i lost by doing this and you know what's the greatest investment i ever made because it's an investment in our country it's an investment in our country thank you the greatest thing i've ever done and we are doing things that nobody else would have been able to do and i'm only doing it because of you you know when you think we're doing it together but we are the difference between having a great country and our country is going to be at a level in two years three years we need a little time to seed some of the things we've done we still have more regulation cutting to do we've cut more than any other administration in history by far but we still have more you know it used to take 18 17 20 21 it would take years and years 21 years to get a highway approved and then usually it didn't get approved and it would cost hundreds of times more than anticipated we have that down now to two years and probably one i mean things like that and it may get rejected for environmental or safety reasons that's okay but it's going to go quickly there's no reason you've seen the charts i put them up all the process the process that you had to go through to get a simple thing done and now we're building refineries we're building incredible things things that we're not if somebody applied for a refinery in the old days people would laugh at them they'd say you never get that approved if you go to louisiana you take a look in texas you take a look at what they're doing in terms of refineries right it's incredible the things we're doing are incredible and that's all because of us so this is the greatest thing i've ever done because nobody would be able to do what we as a group have been able to do for our country so i'm working to make the antibody treatment that i received available to anybody that needs it free because it wasn't your fault it wasn't your fault and i view it i mean they call it a therapeutic i view it as a cure because i didn't feel too good i didn't have a temperature in a lot of years all of a sudden sir you got a little temperature going though that's great and i woke up and i'm telling you literally the following day i couldn't get and walter reed hospital one of the great walter reed military hospital in the world but i want to thank johns hopkins to the one thing when you're president and you're not feeling too good you're laying in bed there's about 14 doctors surrounding you where are you from everyone's like a who's who but uh no what they did is incredible and we're making that available to everybody that needs it we've signed i've signed an emergency declaration we're telling everyone to get it approved and we want to thank dr hahn at the fda they're working very very hard to get it approved very quickly we're trying to get things approved in a matter of weeks it used to take years it used to take years that includes other drugs for other things where you'd have many many years and a person is terminally ill and they go to asia or they go home if they had no money they'd have no choice they'd go home and they'd die but we have incredible drugs but it would take another four five six years it would take 10 years we've cut that number down in half maybe even more than half for other drugs cancer drugs etc but we have a thing called right to try i talk about it every once in a while i'm so proud of it it has had such an incredible impact right to try it's a great name to me and it's somebody who's terminally ill and we have a drug that looks really promising and they're not allowed to use it because they're afraid it's going to make the person sick i said the person is going to die but not that easy because you had the drug companies didn't want to take the liability yet the country didn't want to take the liability the drug companies as an example they didn't want to have it on their records because somebody's that sick and it looks bad on their records the person didn't make it so i said what we'll do is we'll set up a different sheet we'll set up a different sheet and maybe we won't even count it if somebody is so sick and then of course you had the insurance companies they hated the idea and we got them in a room and we had somebody we had a very strong document that there will be no liability to the country and you have an absolute right to try so somebody's terminally ill you have no idea how many people have been saved by doing this some incredible stories so i mean that's one of many many things that's one of many many things people don't even talk about it but it's been you know it's been just an incredible privilege through operation warp speed we will have 100 million vaccine doses before the end of this year the vaccine will end the pandemic once and for all and frankly i'll say it and they'll hate this well they'll actually love it even without the vaccine the pandemic's going to end it's going to run its course it's going to end they go crazy he said without the vaccine watch it'll be a headline tomorrow these people are crazy now it's running its course we're rounding the turn you see the numbers we're rounding the turn and you know this state three months ago you know what happened three months ago we had a surge here we had a surge in texas we had a surge in arizona great governor great governor of texas great governor in arizona great people and you have a great governor here we had surges and they went up and they went down and now you're at your lowest numbers and you're open and you didn't close and you're it's just amazing right it's great so we're joined today by one of the greatest governors in our country and i know a lot of good ones and i can tell you there's some really bad ones too but this is a great one governor ron desantis thank you ron i heard your speech was great ron i heard you did a great job but he's done a great job but he's been my friend hey ron are we going to win the state please you know if we don't win it i'm blaming the governor i'll fire him somehow i'm going to fire i will find a way anyway thank you and members of congress and friends of mine and warriors matt gates who we said hello to matt great guy great guy is this your area a little bit no no not too much but they know him everybody knows no he's a warrior he's a fighter also neil dunn where's deal neal thank you very much i like your tie neil i like your i like you shooting you ty very much that's great and another man who knows so much about the military i'll call him a lot mike waltz mike he knows so much about the military good the both of them the both of them good great job thank you great to have you phil congressional candidate kat kamik she's fantastic where's cat [Applause] aren't you like in a trump 45 or something tell me what how many points up how much 16. well that's pretty good that's a good trump district i'll tell you cat's going to be there she's going to win it that's great job and a woman who was in charge of michigan you all know her she was in charge of michigan michigan hadn't been won by a republican in decades and decades she was horrendous to me she kept calling me please sir one more speech just come to michigan you're gonna win at us all right finally toward the end four years ago i said you know what that's it okay i'm leaving that's it i'm not coming back for that's okay so you don't have to we're going to win i get a call the following day so you have to come back for one more speech and i did it and we won the great state of michigan and she was in charge head of the republican party now chairwoman ronna mcdaniel oh she's great she doesn't stop how are we doing in michigan by the way i heard yeah paul came out we're up one in michigan we're doing well i mean they should be we should be up 30 in michigan we've brought many car plans you know they hadn't had a plan for 40 years and we have many of them being built in michigan so we're going to do great in michigan today we're also praying for all of the families on the florida panhandle i love that panhandle i don't know what it is i know it's a little away from here but i'm going to say it anyway hurricane sally the panhandle you know we came and we were doing really well in florida and then the panhandle hadn't been counted yet right matt and we went out and they said trump has just won florida so wait a minute they haven't even gotten through it they said no the panhandle was like 94 or something they said if trump is even coming into the panhandle is nobody going to beat trump and we want it pretty easily i'll tell you but the panhandle so we're with the panhandle 100 great people last month i approved a major disaster declaration for the state of florida and i'll be with you all the way and we're doing some rebuilding you got hit with a lot of storms and a lot of hurricanes and we're with you all the way and you know when ron calls up he's always calling me oh sir we need more money for this hurricane that hurricane we need more money for lake okeechobee you don't care about lake okeechobee lake okeechobee is pretty far away but he wants more but that's what a governor should be doing right when you think about it i can get angry at him i can say that's enough but he's uh he's somebody that wants it and your two senators by the way marco and rick they're doing a great job and they're right now in washington fighting for our new supreme court justice okay marco and rick great people they're great people under my administration we built the greatest economy in the history of the world and now we are doing it again you know what it's called make america great again again [Applause] see all those hats make america great make america great again again but i don't want to do it a third time okay just let's but we're doing it really nicely it's coming along at a level that nobody can believe but these numbers are amazing in my first three years family income increased by six thousand dollars three years three years more than five times the gains in all eight years under the sleepy joe slash obama administration oh i got an emergency call today they say sir i'm sorry to tell you president obama is going to start campaigning for sleepy jail i said i said so what's the problem with that and they said well you know he's going to start i said well you know he campaigned harder than hillary last time so why do we care the other thing he refused to endorse joe he knows what's going on up here with joe and obama refused to endorse him and even after joe had won he didn't want to and then finally like a long time later he finally came out and endorsed him but they called me they said you know obama's going to start campaigning i said is that good or bad because i think it's a good thing because you know they did a lousy job and i wouldn't be president of the united states if they did a good job i wouldn't be i probably wouldn't have run and if i did i probably wouldn't have won you know so it's one of those things they did a lousy job and that's why i'm your president african-american income through nine times more think of that african-american these are numbers that larry kudlow given to me right from the book the great larry kudlow african-american income think of this grew nine times more than it did under biden and obama right that's a big number [Applause] african-american unemployment hispanic american unemployment and asian american unemployment all reached record levels like levels that nobody sees it is amazing when biden sits and he criticizes you and then i say wait a minute it's not like he left 25 years ago he left four years ago yes and i say you know he's always criticizing and he's not criticized he's got guys that write they write pretty well too by the way he has no idea what he's reading but he's very critical and and you think he's been doing this stuff for 47 years why didn't he do it before why didn't he do it before we lifted 6.6 million americans out of poverty since the china virus we have created a record in the history of our country 11.4 million jobs over just a short period of months we've already cut the unemployment rate in half and we're now down to 7.8 and i'll tell you what i never thought i'd be happy with 7.8 i told you but when i hear 42 38 it's going to go to a number like nobody in history i said we can't let this happen and we did a hell of a job under biden it took 30 months to recover more than half of the jobs lost in the crisis we did it instead of 30 months we did it in five months think of that jobs have been recovering 23 times faster than the obama recovery which was by the way the worst recovery slowest recovery in the history of our country now they only go back till 1929 so you know i don't want to have them say there was something that happened in 1851 but i don't think they go back to i think 29 all right long time but it's the slowest the worst recovery we've stopped businesses from leaving and factories are pouring back into our country we've spent the last four years reversing the damage joe biden inflicted over the last 47 years or nafta we got rid of nafta right did i tell you where you're gonna everyone said you can't do it you know why you couldn't do it they said you couldn't you know why because it was so good for mexico and because it was so good for canada they said you'll never pull it off they have a lot of power in our country those two countries i got rid of nafta and now we have the usmca which is just kicking in and the other two countries we like them both very much but they're not thrilled tpp we wouldn't allow it to happen that would have destroyed your automobile businesses right and china's entry into the world trade organization joe biden approved that one the single worst deal we've ever made because china was flatlining until that happened and then they became like a rocket ship and they are considered you know a developing nation and i said if they're a developing nation then we're a developing nation too because as a developing nation you get tremendous bonuses and it's you get it's ridiculous no more and by the way we just won a lawsuit seven and a half billion dollars we haven't won they're treating us with respect but we'll find out about the world trade and we took ourselves out of the world health organization is that okay we took ourselves out of the world health organization because frankly uh you know we put up 500 million a year so we have 325 million people we put up 500 million of world health okay it's not the biggest thing but it's a lot we did 500 million china 1.4 billion people they put up 39 million a year other than that it's a very fair deal okay this is the kind of stuff that we i see the stuff i could i could tell you a hundred different stories it's so stupid and so unfair so we took ourselves out they're dying to have us back in i could go back in for about three dollars a year he screams don't go back that's the problem if i went back for a half a million dollars right i'd be criticized the democrats would say what a terrible thing to do it's incredible deal after i could tell you hundreds of stories but we just take care of it all and we do it really well for decades our politicians spent trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations fighting foreign wars and defending foreign borders but now we are finally protecting our nation rebuilding our cities and we are bringing our jobs our factories and our troops back home to the usa to come back and we've achieved energy independence and we've done it while protecting our pristine environment you know right now we have the best numbers from an environmental standpoint that we've ever had all this talk you know paris accord which was a total rip-off of our country but all of this talk we have the best numbers that we've had ever now ever i always have to preface it because these people ever meaning let's say over the last 50 years because you know once you get back too far we had no people right you know i could say the best in over 200 years well you know 200 years ago i wouldn't say we had too many factories i recently signed an order placing a moratorium on offshore drilling off the coast of georgia north carolina south carolina and a place known as florida are you okay with that you okay with that you know the one that wanted it more than anybody else was florida florida didn't want to see sludge coming onto their beaches so you're not going to have it so i just signed that up and so you're all protected and matt worked very hard on it he worked very very hard on it and so did your other great people here today and your governor wanted it very badly so we got it done we invested 2.5 trillion dollars in the united states military we launched the first new branch of the u.s armed forces in 75 years it's called the space force i brought back nasa which is now the number one space center by far in the world it was a closed-up mess and we passed va choice and va accountability and we have now a 91 approval with our vets never had anything even close we beat down isis took 100 percent of the isis caliphate in syria you saw that and iraq and when i came in it was a mess it was all over the place and we did it we have generals that are so incredible we the real generals i'm talking not the paper generals you have some of them too we have some highly rated highly overrated generals and we have some great ones but these guys were unbelievable we took a hundred percent remember i said all right we're coming home we got 99 they said no the the papers they said we want a hundred percent i said we're at 99 i want to bring them home no we want to hunt so i stayed for another couple of weeks and we took a hundred percent and we killed the leader of isis who's killed so many people al-baghdadi right [Applause] and we took out the world's number one terrorist and the number one mass murderer probably well for a long time killed many american troops killed many troops killed many people kasim salamani is dead he's dead one of the biggest things ever to happen in the middle east people couldn't even believe it and i withdrew from the last administration's disastrous 150 billion dollars 1.8 billion in cash disastrous iran nuclear deal and you know what when we win when we win the first call i'm going to get and i'm not doing this as anything and i'm not trying to taunt anybody but because it makes sense their economy has gone to hell with our sanctions and everything i've done when we win the first call i'm going to get is a call from iran let's make a deal and i'm going to get calls from other countries they all want to make a deal i said let's see you know because their dream is that sleepy joe wins because if sleepy joe wins china will own the united states if sleepy joe wins iran will make another crazy deal where we pay him a fortune for nothing we got nothing in that deal that was a john kerry incompetent deal and the only time he got up instead of walking away was to go to a bicycle race remember that 73 years old and that's when i pledged i will never ever enter a bicycle race and he fell and he broke his leg at his shoulder or something but at least it forced him away from the table i thought maybe we got lucky i kept my promise recognize the true capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem i also recognized israeli sovereignty over the golan heights [Applause] they've been talking about that for 52 years they'd fly in fly out 52 years i got it done in about two hours and instead of the endless war we are forging peace in the middle east in fact i got three nobel peace prize nominations only one for the middle east only one for the middle east let's see what happens let's see what happens but you know i tell you because they don't cover it when obama got it he didn't he just said what did i do he had no idea what he did and they made it a big story when i got it i did a good job kosovo serbia you know they were killing each other for many years killing lots of people it was like just they fight for years and decades and centuries that they just fight and we're making these trade deals i said wait a minute well we're making the deals let's put these two countries together let's save a lot of lives and it was easy because you know we have all the cards we have the money we have the trade we we got them together we made wonderful deals for our country but as part of the deal we got them together economically together isn't that good right nobody can believe it but that's the way you do it i did more in 47 months than joe biden did in 47 years and it's true but now the democrats are pushing the most far-left agenda ever put forward by a presidential nominee you know it's an amazing thing this is the weakest presidential go ahead say it go ahead 100 year old veteran right here wow and he looks beautiful 100 huh looks better than i do 100 that's great what's your name [Applause] well i want to thank you very much and he does not need regeneron okay that i can tell you he looks you look fantastic so sit down and enjoy it okay what a beautiful guy 100 you look beautiful thank you congratulations that's nice great i'm glad you pointed it out biden plan would destroy social security destroy protections for pre-existing conditions you know that biden vowed to terminate our travel bans on jihadist regions he wants to get rid of the travel you know i won the travel ban right so that countries that hate us countries that want to hurt us they can't send their people somehow that makes a little sense 105. come on that's beautiful wow 105. wow 105. so he went through what what how many two how many wars two wars well he looks good i'll tell you that's great congratulations you look beautiful he's got a better head of hair than i do i like your hair better than mine look at that guy 105 and he's got better hair than the president good enjoy it thank you very much for being here we appreciate it 105. beautiful thank you very much so they want to surge refugee admissions by 700 this was agreed to with crazy bernie opening the floodgates to radical islamic terrorism we're not doing it he'll ban school choice which we have to have so important they want to end charter schools you know why because he's controlled by certain people you know who the people are and i say it with hesitation because i have tremendous respect for teachers okay tremendous respect i love teachers and he wants to end your florida opportunity scholarships in the second term i will provide school choice to every parent in america we're already started a vote for republicans is a vote for safe communities great jobs and a limitless future for all americans it's very simple it's really a vote for the american dream that's what it is like these two guys 100 and 105 look at them [Applause] great going great that's beautiful a lot of spirit hey do we have spirit or what well that's one thing even the fake news admits our level of enthusiasm the trump whatever the hell you want to call us the group is way is off the charts i believe it's the highest in the history of elections but it's the highest in history and his level of enthusiasm is called non-existent it's non-existent there is no enthusiasm you go through the communities there's signs on every trump pence trump pence trump trump i mean you have to see it it's like unbelievable but you don't see biden stuff you don't see it we have the greatest level of enthusiasm they say i don't know that they've ever recorded and by the way one other thing gallup came out with a poll the other day you saw it right 56 of the people in a pandemic are better off now than they were under the obama advisor and it's the best number i think they said ever recorded and we're in a pandemic it's not anybody's fault but we're in a pandemic 56 there's another one that's even more interesting 62 percent of the people poll this was gallop i think 62 of the people polled right said they're lying if that's the case we're going gonna have the greatest landslide in history i don't know if it's true i don't know if i should be honored by it but we'll take it i probably shouldn't be talking about it but we'll take it no did you see that one 62 percent of it because they don't want to be bothered just leave me alone we'll vote for biden who the hell cares but then they go i can tell you a lot of people vote for us that you have no idea because they want low taxes they want a strong military they want a lot of things that we're doing over the next four years we will make america into the manufacturing superpower of the world and we will end our reliance on china once and for all which we're already we will hire more police increased penalties for assaults or law enforcement and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities thank you we will uphold religious liberty free speech and the right to keep and bear arms your second amendment we will strike down terrorists who threaten our citizens and we will keep america out of the endless horrible ridiculous foreign wars we will maintain america's unrivaled military might and we will ensure peace through strength and that's what we have we have now the greatest equipment any country has ever possessed the greatest in the world all made in the usa by the way we've restocked we've rebuilt we have the greatest fighter jets missiles rockets ships we have the greatest military ever russia china everybody is envious they know everybody is envious we have the hydrosonic missiles that you used to hear about we didn't have them because other countries were stealing our plans from the obama administration but we now have hydrosonic missiles we have the greatest military ever and we did it very very quickly and i only hope to god you know our whole nuclear arsenal has been redone hope to god we never have to use it but the fact that we are so strong when i came here you heard the story one of the generals most highly overrated general i've ever met actually he said sir we have no ammunition i said no president should ever have to hear that we have no ammunition now we have so much ammunition we don't know what the hell to do with it all made in the usa we will end surprise medical billing require price transparency already signed and it kicks in on january 1st and further reduce the cost of prescription drugs we will strongly protect medicare and social security and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions please remember and we got rid of the individual mandate from obamacare which was a disaster and if we can end obamacare we'll end up with a much better health care at a much lower cost with protection for people with pre-existing conditions so we'll see how that all works out america will land the first woman on the moon in the united states we'll be the first nation to land an astronaut on mars our space center nasa the way is that a beautiful sight look at that plane [Applause] i mean i hate to tell you but i have the exact same plane at home it's a true the exact same the exact same plane except it's a different company that made the engines i think those are pratt whitney and i have rolls royce i'm sorry no i have the exact same plane but that is one of the most beautiful planes 757 one of the most beautiful planes in the world that's the smaller version of air force one you know that see i'm trying to save a couple of bucks for the contract we will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our school we will teach our children to love our country honor our history and always respect our great american flag and by the way you see what's happening with all these sports leagues that don't respect our country right they're going down the tubes their ratings are down the nba the nba's down 70 because you know what people don't want to hear it they want to watch sports they've got enough politics they don't want to hear it so you know what it's too bad but that's the way it is stand proud for our flag and stand proud for our anthem right and we will live by the timeless words of our national model in god we trust for years you had a president to apologize for america now you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the great people of florida right so get your friends get your family get your co-workers get everybody even if you have a boss get the boss and say boss i'm gonna rip you out of your office we're gonna go and we're gonna vote go vote it's the most important election in our history this is more important than four years ago most important election in our history early voting starts on monday so remember and keep your eyes open when you watch these ballots coming in thank you i love you too [Music] go out and vote send in your absentee ballots if you want to do it that way but make sure it counts from tampa to tallahassee from pensacola to miami and from jacksonville to right here in ocala i love ocala i love this place i love horses right you like horses around here right a lot of friends who live here we inherit the legacy of florida patriots who gave their blood sweat and tears for this beloved nation we stand on the shoulders of american heroes who crossed the oceans blazed the trails settled the continent tamed the wilderness laid down the railroads dug out the panama canal raised up the giant skyscrapers won two world wars defeated fascism and communism and from here in this beautiful wonderful state with that fabulous son landed our brave american astronauts on the face of the moon right [Applause] we made america into the single greatest nation in the history of the world and the best is yet to come it's coming fair proud citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country we are returning power to you the american people that's happening now with your help your devotion and your drive we are going to keep on working we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning winning winning we are one movement one people one family and one glorious nation under god and together with the incredible people of florida we have made america wealthy again we have made america strong again [Applause] we have made america proud again we will make america safe again and we will make america great again thank you very much get out and vote [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] young man there's no need [Music] and i'm sure [Applause] [Music] you can do whatever you feel [Music] but you've got to [Music] to the ymca [Music] hey [Music] you can hang out with all the boys [Music] i said i was someone came up to me and said hey take a walk up the street [Music] there's no need [Music] [Music] young man [Music] shoes [Music] blue jean baby [Music] pirate's mind [Music] you must have seen us [Music] now she's in me always with me [Music] turning [Music] is [Music] looking on she sings the songs [Music] you and you can't hear me [Music] slowly [Music] in [Music] is [Music] lay me down and she's so blind [Music] today [Music] l.a [Music] my you marry a music man [Music] me [Music] oh [Music] [Music] when i say [Music] on [Music] today [Music] [Music] today [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] for [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] is [Music] [Music] hey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] you