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I'm gonna pull this car over for expired tags. It left from a known drug location. There's a lot of movement in the car. You want to 10-18? How are you doing? All right. Put your hands up on here for me. How are you all doing? Can you roll the window down for me? Huh? Can you roll the window down for me? I'm a deputy from the Sheriff's Department. I pulled you over because your plates are expired on the tags-- on your car. [horn honks] Oh. Hold on. Do you have your driver's license on you? Whose car is this? OK. Do you have any guns or anything on you? - No, sir. - OK. Hop out. Do you have any weapons on you, partner? No, sir. Spin around. Your tags are expired. I need to talk to you for a second. Can you just hang up the phone so I can talk to you? I gotta call you right back. Open your mouth for me. Open your mouth for me. Open your mouth for me. There ain't nothing in there. Open your mouth. I'ma give it to you. I swear to god. Ask them what I do. I was picking my teeth with plastic. - Open your mouth. - I'm about to do it. There's nothing in there. Open your mouth. It's a piece of plastic. - Spit it out. - Look. It's an empty piece of plastic. There was nothing in there. 6-9. 6-9. - There was nothing in there. - You're just being detained. You're not under arrest. OK? OK. There was nothing in there. OK. We're going to have a K9 come over here and see if we can get a hit on the car. The quicker we get this done, the quicker we can get on our way, so-- You're not going to give me-- you want me to run the dog? - Get it out of the way, sir. - OK. Huh? Oh, my gosh. Took the seat off. He bit it off So the dog positively alerted on the vehicle, as we can see. And we're going to search the vehicle, and any remnants inside, and try and find some sort of narcotics, or what the cause of the alert was. That would be why my dog bit. No, it's not. Yes it is. Listen, that's a laxative, sir. You're going to want to test that. Test it. It's a laxative, I swear to god. Look at it. It's too gritty. That's a laxative, sir. Looks like a sawed-off shotgun, here. And it's loaded. 12 gauge. You're free to go. You're under arrest, and you're under arrest. The backseat passenger, he didn't have anything on him. He was released. The front passenger, he went for the gun that was up under the seat. And then the driver has warrants, and is prohibited from being around firearms. He's going for that, as well. The bag that was in his mouth, I think it was some sort of ecstasy or MDMA, because he started sweating really bad. He was very jittery. We're going to test the substance, and see if we can identify what it is. [dramatic music] We got some apartments over here, pretty infested with some drug activity, gang activity. We just had a shooting out here the other night. We got one walking in a white t-shirt. I'm gonna go around to the other side. We got one cutting through this building, right here. I'm gonna get over. Right now, for you. Why are you coming from up there? I live over here. OK. I thought there was a cut through here, to get to the store right there. Oh, to get to the store? OK. All right. Who are you looking for? Were you smoking weed, just now? No. There was, uh, a black guy that was over there. He was smoking weed. Where was he at? He went through that neighborhood. OK. You don't have anything on you, right? - No, no, no. - Yeah. I can smell it coming off you. Come here. Come here. - No, it's not coming off me. Kelly, you want to check her real quick? I'm gonna go check that. Oh, lord, are y'all serious? Hey, check her. Do you have anything on you, ma'am? Yes or no? No. Stop. OK. Please do not grab me like that. Well, when I ask you to stop, then-- I don't have nothing in my pockets. --that means stop. Yeah, you do. That's nothing. That's a cigarette. Mmm, smells like weed to me. No, that's a cigarette. Smells like weed to me. Did you get it? What am I being arrested for? You're not being arrested, ma'am. You're being detained, right now. For what? For what? - I'm gonna ask you a question. - What's the question? - It's a simple question. - Yes? Do you smoke weed? I don't smoke weed. We can smell it-- listen. We smelled it coming off of you when you walked down the hill. There was a black guy that was-- he went right through that neighborhood. Did he put this in your pocket? I don't know what he did. He was right here. He was-- Did he put this in-- He was trying to fondle me. Right there. And I said, boy, you better leave me alone. I'm going to see my boyfriend. I'm trying to find the best cut through here. You got dope on you. You got-- We saw you walking down the hill all by yourself. Yeah, she put it out right there. He went over there. Right over by that mailbox, right there. I'm just being detained. I'd like to be released, unless I've committed a crime. No. You know what? You're under arrest. For what? Loitering for purpose of narcotics and possession of marijuana. - I don't have any narcotics. You got marijuana. That-- that's not mine. Where did it come from? I told you, it was that black guy with the dreads. All right, cool. Why don't you work on real criminals? They need to come-- You're out here smoking dope around these kids. You see what type of police work they're doing. They don't even go after the real criminals. Seriously. I haven't committed a crime. - Walk. - I'm telling you right now. - Walk. I have not committed a crime. Walk. Do not use force on me. You understand me, [bleep]. I'm not, trust me. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] Look at this [bleep],, man! Hey-- uh-uh, don't run up. There was a black guy that was selling weed back there, and they arrested me. Hey, come here. I'll talk to you. Come here. Come here. I'll talk to you. Come here, man. Come here, man. You know her? Hey-- hey, check this out, man. She was up top of the hill, smoking a blunt. There was nobody with her. She was up there smoking a roach of marijuana. And then she gonna make up this game. We were watching her the whole time. There wasn't nobody around her. She's got the weed in her pocket. She shouldn't be out here smoking marijuana. So she's gonna take that ride. And had she not turned it the way she turned it, she would've been given a ticket and got bounced out of here. But because she started acting the way she did, we've got to take her. There's just no way. So-- she'll be out in a couple hours, though. I feel like I'm being persecuted for being white in a black neighborhood. Really. Seriously. I mean, this is reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination in Richland County. I thought Lexington County was bad, but they do not do this [bleep] like over in Richland. I saw y'all doing your police work. I walked the opposite way. Because I didn't want to disturb y'all. Because I have respect for what you're doing, and I appreciate it. But when you go about doing business like this, this is ridiculous. I got first amendment rights. I have a right to speak my mind. If you check for footprints, you will notice footprints leaving from there of a man. And if you check that neighborhood right there, you'll see that somebody left the scene. OK. And so you're arresting the wrong person. OK. It was in your pocket, in your possession. Sir, I can't help-- You're being charged with the possession. Of what? The marijuana that was in your pocket. What? How much marijuana is in there, sir? What is that? I was told it was a cigarette. That's all I know. You were told it was a cigarette? So you put cigarette butts in your pocket? Yeah, I do-- when I'm running low. She gonna go for at least loitering and then for possession of that marijuana. And all this drama for no reason. I'll buy you breakfast one day, Brown. I forgive you, man. She probably would've walked away with a ticket, had she not started screaming all that stuff. [sirens blaring] [engine accelerating] We got a call for shots fired. We're just gonna go out there and see what we can find. [dramatic music] [radio chatter] Look for any-- [knocks on door] [exhales] [knocking continues] Oh. Hey, Hardy. Richland County Sheriff's Department! 424 Amherst Ave. Suspect down. Send an ambulance. Two down. Two down. Sheriff's Department! Hey! Sheriff's Department! Show me your hands! Show me your hands, right now! Who else is in the house? Who else is in here? Um, just me and a roommate. Stop right there, and don't move. Everybody OK? I just want to-- Can you-- are you good back there? Good. All right. Walk this way. Is he OK? He's just on the ground, right now. We're going to check him out. Step over. - Is he OK? Please-- - Step-- step over. - Step outside, ma'am. Step over. What the [bleep] is going on? We're figuring it out, right now, but in the-- What the [bleep] is going on? So you didn't hear anything going on in there? [sobbing] No. Until we get things figured out, I'm just going to have you sitting in the car. It's safer there. OK? [sobbing] Have a seat. Those guys that are in the house-- OK. --who are they to you? My roommates. Your roommates? How many roommates, total, do you have? Two. We got-- we got two down inside. What? Uh-- She been hit, or-- No, she-- she was asleep, apparently, through the whole thing, in the back room. Please tell me they're OK. So we're figuring that out now. OK? You didn't hear anything? You don't know anything? No. You don't know anybody that they might be enemies with? They were-- I thought they were arguing for a short second, but I thought they got over it. [siren approaching] There was a bunch of green plant material on the ground that we believe to be marijuana. It could have possibly been a bad drug transaction. We're still figuring that out, right now. What do you got inside? We got two individuals that are on the ground, apparent gunshot wounds. Unresponsive. The last I saw, EMS was doing CPR. Both of them had guns right in their reach. The dude behind the door still had the gun in his hand, finger on the trigger. EMS-- they came in and performed CPR. After checking for a pulse, checking for life, found out they were deceased. So we have two individuals that are deceased right now inside the home. [dramatic music] So we're just about ready to pull up on a shoplifting, largely in progress. Got an update that the individual is still inside. Said all black. How's it going? Him, right here? Him, right here? Yeah. We-- we have a camera. Get your hands out your pockets, bud. In the video. I can show you on the camera what he did. I work hard for my money. I work hard-- 12 hours, seven days. And I don't take nobody money. I don't want to be-- I don't-- I don't want nobody take money or my stuff. Why you not asking me? I would give it to you! I understand that. I understand that now. Sometimes you-- I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be no trouble. You didn't know it was like that? You didn't know it was illegal to take something that don't belong to you and put it in your pocket, and try to-- no. Don't apologize to me, sir. You-- I could show you the camera, right now. I mean, from both sides. He grabbed two sausage from here, and go to the back, put them in the back. And he come back, take-- take two of these-- take two of these, and put one back, and one behind him. If he want to go to jail for $4 candy, sometime he ask me. I give him a dollar. You not worth it, go to jail for $4. If you ask me, I would pay you. I would-- I would give you a credit. No. You steal my [bleep],, you're gonna go to jail for it. Did you come here to steal that-- - Yes, sir. - Why did you do that? Why did you do that? That whole day, I'm working at [muted],, walking around. Well, understand that-- I'm going to-- I gotta ask him again. OK? But he said he wanted to press charges. All right? So with that being said, you're going to be placed under arrest for larceny. For petty larceny. OK? I'll be right back. All right. Watch your feet. I give him money. No problem. Oh, it's-- it's too late, sir. I can't-- I can't un-arrest somebody, unfortunately. I know. I know. Just he-- he go-- Yes, sir. [non-english speech] - You need to come out? You can come out. Let's stand off to the side. Um, I understand. I really do. I understand what you-- what you mean by that. OK? But since a crime has been committed, and he said that he wants to press charges, I can't un-arrest somebody. OK? So maybe-- you know, hopefully-- Well, that's your right, and you'd have to talk to the judge about that. OK? But right now, I-- I can't change that. OK? So unfortunately, it is what it is. OK? All right. Yeah. You got it. Yep. You got it. We're not in the business of un-arresting. It doesn't-- it doesn't work that way. So unfortunately, I wish they would've said that sooner, for his sake. He doesn't have a bad criminal record. He just seems to be in a bad situation. He just made a bad decision today. [sirens blaring] [radio chatter] Headed to a incident where an individual shot into a residence. One of the projectiles actually went through the garage door. The caller stated she heard three gunshots. Smells like gunpowder here. [dog yapping] Hey. How you doing, ma'am? Did you call? Yes, I called. I heard, like, pop pops. Did you hear where they might be coming from? Like, over there? Over there? I-- I don't know exactly where it was coming from, because when I-- the garage door was closed, and I was getting things out of my car. OK. And I just didn't know what hit the door. You know? - OK. So it hit this garage door, over here? Yes, sir. That's what I heard the sound from. OK. [dramatic music] I can see where the bullet hit the brick. But again, you don't know exactly where they might have been coming from? No, sir. I don't know. OK. All right. That's good. What are you doing coming from back there? Your front door? Where are you headed to? Go ahead and turn around for me. Keep your hands out your pocket. Come here. What's in your front right pocket? What's in your-- What's in your front right pocket? [mumbling] What's in your front right pocket? There is a gun? All right. Exactly what I thought. You have a CWP? All right. Well, now you're under arrest for unlawful carrying of a pistol. You understand? Have a seat for me. Can you get his information and start running him, please? Are you allowed to have a firearm? So you're going to be a felon in possession, as well? All right. Sounds good. You don't want to talk to me at all? Huh? You want a lawyer? OK. Sounds good. It's going to be a Bersa 380. So we'll run the serial number. Hopefully, it doesn't come back stolen, but if it does, then it's going to be another charge for him. He's out here just playing around with the gun, and shooting at stuff, and shooting people's houses. It's pretty dangerous, so we're gonna nip that in the bud, real quick. We're going to go ahead and take the projectile and put it into evidence, and let investigations process, and see what they can get from it, and see if it's a connection with the gun that we found on this individual. We got him off the streets, so you don't have to worry about, hopefully, nothing else happening tonight, or any time-- Uh, no, ma'am. He doesn't live here. He doesn't live around here. No. So-- so-- Yes, ma'am. In further investigation, that pistol is stolen from a business, along with 11 other pistols that are still outstanding. So this individual is being charged with possession of a stolen pistol and unlawful carry. He also has a warrant out of North Carolina for probation, so he's going to be transferred up to North Carolina after these charges.