Living by the Mandalorian Code for 24 HOURS Survival Challenge


Team Edge


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hello and welcome to team edge and today's video can we live the life of a mandalorian or live by the mandalorian code for 24 hours so basically the three of us have to put on the mandalorian helmet they have a couple rules to the mandalorian code that we're aware of you don't lie which oh don't lie for the next 24 hours you can't take the helmet off wait what's this guy doing here i don't know why he is going to be facilitating all of the challenges for us so somebody's face is still on camera oh we should have made a baby yoda for this oh he's baby okay i'll be baby we got three legit mandalorian helmets and we have to wear them for 24 hours the person to last the longest and not take it off is the winner of this game got it i win you have to sleep with it you have to eat with it you have to bathe with it isn't the rule like you can take it off if no one's around to see you yeah mandalorian i'm sorry i mean you haven't seen it we're going to start this game off with a little wrestling match to see who can be the champion wrestler my money's on brian not me thank you toyota carrolla what this is like serious that is the world's smallest hey you got to stay on the pad though that's the challenge no this is the challenge first one to step off you you can't step off is this part of the mandalorian initiation winner gets to choose the the helmet they want to wear yes all right and oh look at that oh wow hike [Applause] i don't know did his butt touch first he sat on the fact that he lost okay ladies and gentlemen after reviewing the footage the the round goes to joey i can't fight against the slug attack on the ground raise my hand john there we go all right here we go all right i'm actually nervous i don't know i don't know how to handle what is that what a strange star wars thing video we're doing sad dad watch his feet here we go whoever steps up don't touch out joey the part that i'm nervous about is bobby's taking is very serious yeah he is oh i don't want to hurt your arthritis all right so we started this i don't know what you're going to do bobby don't hurt me i don't think you know this sport i don't wow all right that is a definite win for brian you go so you won you got second unfortunately bobby you're gonna get last pick we're gonna rub it in dude i'm so sorry oh brian take the choice this one stinks like butt like actually it does like he's just going by smell yeah i get it oh i'm choosing bronze that one's straight up stinks man in your nose all right here we go boys ready are you ready here we go john place them up on your head [Music] how does it smell bobby no that's hey don't take it off i'm wearing it no no that doesn't count i can see your face the whole point is to not see the face exactly you want to switch switch actually yeah switch all right we're here in this very star wars theme wait bobby took his helmet he's on switch okay we're here in this very star wars themed hat i have a number of challenges for each of them i'm reading rainbow we'll start with brian all right quick draw challenge get to pass a challenge to someone else so if you win you get to pass one of your challenges to somebody else quick draw challenge i'm assuming we're using these yeah who do you choose me dang it brian you get to you get first first pick oh yes i'm taking this one because there's no ramp up see that reverse psychology i tried grabbing it and you thought i should you thought you should go for it because i grabbed it first you better hit me on the first try and he's an automatic one did i did you just use mine tricks on him you guys are gonna walk back not facing each other then when i say draw you're gonna pick it up turn around and shoot walk i'm confused [Music] oh that was your [Applause] bobby is our winner congratulations we get you get the you get the pass one on so if you don't like what you draw you can give it to somebody else you're fabulous i figured joey's just more creative when he cheats so i'd rather not this helmet's getting really uncomfortable we're only in on post social picture captioned it says dank ferric you scruffy looking nerf herder dank ferric you guys don't watch the mandalorian it's like a it's like an exclamation mark so so i have to post any picture no a picture of your face a selfie all right bobby i don't know how we can make this more exciting but make that social nice wait is that a pose that's not a post bobby dude yeah come on you're passing it off really this is the this is a gimme i'll do it pass it off to me bobby i'll do it pass it off to me post it on yours i wanted that one did you pass that off i'm just single that's why why did you find that he's single oh something like that man bobby that was a mistake passing that off you got way worse all right it's posted it's off go like that photo everybody's like what the heck does that even mean exactly how long have we had these masks on so far uh 20 minutes honestly this sucks like i'm like an hour this is ridiculous i honestly wasn't gonna say that it's not that bad yet all right listen i'm outside yet you're next he farted inside his mouth did you really burp all right joey that's a big one what is it let's see it read it go through a drive-through and order ice cream cone and eat it right away when they hand it to you say this is the way let's go we're going to drive which one we're on our way to wendy's right now and joey is going to take the wheel as soon as we get there or wait i can just order from there from the back that's fine yeah yeah let's do it hey that's the left this is the way was it really all right here we go i'm nervous y'all the only problem is they can't see my face i shouldn't i don't have to be nervous let's just stare like this hi i'll take a ice cream cone please don't sell ice cream what oh the frosty get the frost i'll take a frosty then chocolate vanilla what size hit me with that chalky chalk uh i'll take a small do you want a man oh do you guys watch star trek there you go thank you thank you guys [Music] this is we're back and now it's brian's turn joey pass by the way there you go walk down sidewalk on a busy street like a model on a catwalk okay like this like this yeah you gotta get the hips away one hand on the hip just like hey all right off to a random street that's nowhere near our studio perfect all right brian you have to get out now and walk a catwalk for 400 feet down you got this dude 400 feet okay 400 feet yeah my heart is racing catwalk a model yeah [Music] walking like a model making not right no one knows who you are you're wearing a mask i'm wearing team edge gear hey one man i got brown legs that's brian no it's between joey and i you are wow failure hey it was cold it was raining that's not why you didn't do it yeah you're too embarrassed you're shy you shy guys uh oh boxers down below some diapers from this baby all right it's your third hurry go to aldo's and ask him to give you a haircut i'm wearing a mask how is he supposed to cut my hair yes yes hello how are you feeling about this bobby i don't care this is gonna be fun dude i would hate to do this i'm not going in i'm standing here all right bobby go ahead hey hey uh i need a haircut could you still give me a haircut if i'm wearing this mask yeah it's the mandalorian coat i can't take it off you guys are so scared you don't want to be seen all right cool these guys are too scared take your shoe off and i'll just act like i'm giving you a pedicure oh oh dude all right yeah you're the man aldo yeah i never do this kind of stuff do you want me to clip a nail sure it's like one thing there's a lot of firsts happening right now we'll just go for it do your worst i want i want the middle one that's my favorite one yes done all right aldo you're the man guys go check out aldo's barbershop get your hair cut by this guy big shout out to all those go check them out bobby's coming in easy really really nice what do you do he gave me a pedicure dude a like a two-minute pedicure it was very soothing this is just adorable bobby succeeded hey facetime a random person in contact list and sing them and sing them happy birthday oh let's go easy i'd way rather do that than like go somewhere yeah but like not not like an ex-girlfriend why not hey kelly's mom your wife's mom hey kelly what's your mom's name i know this is very random but we need to give her a call it's uh jackie okay joey wouldn't tell us so now we know there she is happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear jackie happy birthday to you [Laughter] wait who is the guy wearing the same teammates shirt ollie my brother-in-law holly that's what's up ain't on that note you guys go check out our merch store that was not planned out that is too good that was good check out the new stuff we have out there ooh ooh that was perfect dude that was awesome i didn't give up though like you did hey guys comment down below what you want to see us do in public in the future because i'm down to do anything i don't know man don't say anything man all right folks now bobby and i are going to go home and live our lives and you guys are going to come with us this is actually i think it's going to be a lot harder than it seems no i'm going to be dropping in on you guys to check that you have your max max code we can't lie bro yeah so i can't check it on you no i mean you can i'm going to but i'm not going to i don't trust you all right let's live our lives all right ladies and gentlemen i've made it home brian took me home in case you're wondering i'm not going to drive in this thing that's not safe so as you know this video is about survival but it's not just about survival because i could easily go sit on the couch for the rest of the night but the test is to go about my normal life my normal tasks things i do like woodworking getting in the saunas taking a shower sleeping and to see if i can survive with this mask on during all of that hey guys i am out on the lake and i'm fishing and it is incredibly hard to fish but i am still catching them so definitely a struggle got a lot of looks but still super fun somebody's at the front door i'm guessing it's brian welcome in i'm so glad i bowed out i wish i'd bowed out all right guys i'm out here with uh kader golf harry and billy over here and i'm gonna try and tee off at this golf course right now best of luck to you sir oh yeah beautiful fairway hold the fairway yeah you're on the fairway make me a mini chair a mini chair yeah how long do you think i have i got you i got you bro that's on the green let's go hey we should build mini furniture challenge that sounds exciting if this video gets 100 000 likes go to the mini furniture building challenge why are you such a rush how far do you think you're what is that how is that going to be comfortable do you think i'm like the littlest back in the world this is you said a little chair done we did you i just want you to sign it now joe all right ladies and gentlemen to be pretty simple if you want to enter the giveaway for the mini chair signed by jfred go follow us on instagram and we'll pick one of you bobby we'll sign it we'll give it away go comment on the post because we're gonna post with this chair all right what's next we didn't go in the sauna now i'm gonna take a sauna okay you're gonna follow me up there no all right guys it is currently three in the morning i'm having a really hard time going to bed i even got this here like thing that i saw on tiktok to try to help me but i can't sleep for my life but you know what i'm not going to lose this teammate's challenge i will win my head is going to sweat so much and there's nothing i can do about it because i get in the shower and no water gets up there my head's going to be sweaty until tomorrow morning all right guys it is five in the morning i am having the hardest time and this thing is still cool send help somebody got washing your head when you're in the shower that makes you feel clean maybe because it's cleaning your head i have more shorts on in case you guys are wondering oh man i'm tired of this all right ladies and gents what a life i live man this is not a normal life how do you feel about this kelly i feel weird about it i don't know if i'm gonna last through the night this is gonna be rough do you think i'm gonna last through the night all right guys so right now i'm gonna try and eat breakfast with this mask on i'm gonna come around here all right every morning start off with a bag i can't fit this can underneath this mask ladies and gentlemen welcome back we got john here with me come on john come on this up oh okay come on all right sure we'll vlog this one the face that everybody enjoys to see for short bursts of time though okay that's enough all right so we are just hanging out here at the edge space waiting for bobby and jay fred my prediction is bobby's gonna win this thing so i predict joey just was like just got too like hypoglycemic and just like took off the helmet he was like i can't i think bob is here right here i'm so happy to take this thing off i hate this thing i hate this thing i've i've learned to only look with one eye sleeping with this thing sucks did you seriously not take it off are you are you lying hey i didn't take it off what was the worst part of having the mask changing my shirt like you have to crinkle like this [Laughter] joey's here jake bread [Applause] when did you take it off last night when i was trying to sleep obviously yeah sleeping's hard dude i'm out i'm out of i'm good did you sleep throughout this whole thing don't touch the helmet you can knock it off right your hair needs to be jacked up how do we know it's still bobby all right ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching big congratulations to bobby for winning the can you live by the mandalorian code because we know that he can successfully live by the mandalorian code now we reenacted star wars scenes yeah all right make sure you go check that out also go check out this video that youtube recommends for you to watch and subscribe to this channel check out our merchandise because it's cousin