Lockdown Getting To Your Head Watch This BeerBiceps Motivation

quarantine 2020 the Red Indians believed in a beautiful story the story said that within every human that exists two wolves constantly at battle with each other one wolf is evil he's angry sad lazy greedy and full of self-pity the second is good his joy peace faith kindness and action you know which one wins that battle the one that you choose to feed more life is always going to be full of choices choices between feeding the evil wolf or feeding the good wolf The Cove in 1910 the true character of everyone around us the fearful are not focusing on the positives the kind ones are helping out the brave ones are still working the being loyal to their duties if you stuck at home then you only have one duty to feed the good wolf the good wolf is made up of good habits a balanced healthy lifestyle a life where you always offer help to those who need it a life full of learning and growth this lockdown phase is a break from the usual rat race of human society if you have a phone in your hands you're blessed to be more comfortable than most people living through the same dark phase that you're living through if no work for them in you know because the factories are closed there is a complete lockdown the day suffering isn't in your hands the only thing in your hands is the choices you make today if you're blessed enough to be at home use these blessings to make the present meaningful and the future more positive the purpose of life is to constantly grow and constantly spread happiness happiness is an outcome of thought thought is an outcome of habit and habit is an outcome of the choices you make today feed the good world today use this face for growth and not fear