Logitech G213 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review SOLID FOR ONLY 40


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[Music] hey everyone take me here with a keyboard review and the keyboard we have today is a Logitech g13 membrane gaming keyboard let me tell you what before I bring you in to show you anything straight off the bat spoiler alert this thing is fantastic and it only comes in right around the low 40 bucks these days if not right at 40 bucks and again at that price we have a winner right here spoiler alert but anyways let me bring you and show to you and then we're talking about a little bit hey I'll be right back with you [Music] all right so we are now in a Logitech software and as you see these little buttons up here flash and pretty much what those are are just shortcuts to these down here so you either click on these or click on these up there and do the exact same thing so just click up here and your gonna just like said your function buttons and it actually has profiles per game and stuff where you can adjust those up there then again just to show you so again like we had that right there click on that BAM right through the same thing so anyways again it's just a little shortcut right there just click on the zone you're working on over here is the RGB you have lighting mode where you can adjust these five zones that's it not per key or anything like that it's just pers own you can change each zone to whatever color you want right there over here you have your effects which you have these four right here and they look good it's nothing great it's nothing fantastic you know you can adjust your speed right over here or which direction that starts from and as you see it here on the screen where it's kind of looks a little blocky going from like red to paint the BAM right there that's how it looks on a keyboard as wellis not like a smooth transition it's not bad by anything it's not bad at all actually but again you do notice it kind of jumped to other color rather than being a smooth transition straight through the whole keyboard right there and then over here and our last option right here is we're gonna control our game mode button which is this right up here on the keyboard and see right now it has the windows key locked but you can click whatever key you want and whenever you press that button on the keyboard it will disable those keys right there let me go on and activate these but anyways those are our options on the keyboard right there ah so now let's call and get a quick sound test you guys are about three feet from the mic by the way [Applause] butter smooth I'm gonna feel so nice now let me tell you my first opinion when I took this thing out of the box for the first time I was like alright wow this thing is a little bit too big is gonna hog on my entire desk and why I say that is because of the little wrist rest right here it does not come off as you can see on the bottom it is attached right there and I was honestly kind of disappointed like I'll never be able to use this thing it's just gonna hog up my entire desk but anyways after a while of using it it just worked out perfect because the wrist rest and the whole keyboard itself as you saw in the close-ups is a very nice little profile and the wrist rest just slides up right there and it's just I mean I'm telling you what it feels absolutely fantastic like with your hand cuz you just rest right there it's just perfect it really is a perfect match yes it is a little bit big but it didn't get in my way really as much as I thought it would so that's just such a showed you the bottom I want to point this out here which i think is another really awesome feature on us and she knows right down here the black strips right there that's your rubber grip going across the entire board then you have these nice big grips right on here on the back your feet do pop out and you get the little grips right there but most of us will be using like this anyways but again the entire deal is gripped down there this thing doesn't budge on you one bit now one thing kind of touching on that where you have the rubber feet on the bottom and the top right there you kind of miss them in the middle so you get a very mild bit of flex let me pull it back and see not in the back you really get some I'm not sure how way you guys can catch that right there if you hit your keys but you gotta press your keys pretty stinkin hard to make it flex right there it definitely doesn't affect any of your gaming or type it or anything like that let me got to press it fairly decent but again you do get that flex and it does attach my USB right here in it is a very jumbo very firm thick USB right there which is usually what you get from Logitech right but it is attached right there it does not come off and again it is a very sturdy braided USB are not talking some other features on it as you see these lights right up here that's for your calf lock your scroll none blocking game mode and all that so get a nice light right up there just to notify you that it is on and then you have your audio controls right if you let me pull you in a show you yeah really nice agency you have your volume you mute your track play and all that stuff and then right here again you have your game mode button will just disable the bugs I we showed in the software and then your lighting button your RGB no it does really is turn it off and turn it on there's no stages with any hard you be as far as brightness right there she's either off or on but obviously when you have it on it is a perfect mix right there it is just a perfect brightness right a lot of keyboards get that bleed out which looks pretty good honest and some of the others right where it bleeds at and just kind of shines around the board which again looks really good but it's got a really nice subtle just very crisp just really nice professional kind of RGB if that even makes sense perfect with a professional RGB right but anyway that's not just flashing everywhere it's just a nice subtle within each single key and it looks really really good so this keyboard like again I love it coming in at that forty to forty five bucks right there I think it's fantastic got your audio controls right there the key presses feel and sound fantastic I mean just the design is just sleek and crisp the software is super easy to use you know ii mean it just it's almost a complete package i honestly really love membrane keyboards as many as mechanical keyboards as i test and everything and i do game with mechanical and i love them as well but when i'm just working or type and even responding to comments and stuff i love absolutely love using a membrane keyboard over a mechanical board but again i know i keep saying it I really love this board again at that price there's so many features from your audio controls to your RGB to the sleep design it's just I feel like you really get your money's worth you're not buying all this crazy fluff there's some fluff into it but I don't feel like you're paying for you know you're really getting your money's worth right here again that Reaganomics RPS 70 bucks no way I wouldn't recommend it but that's that pressure you find at 40 to 45 nowadays all day long please let me know down in the comments do you use the two one three and what do you what do you think about it you know I will review the G Pro which I know a lot easier party asking I wanna see you know I will review that one but I've had this one I've been using it for quite a while I just really wanted to get this out there and share with you guys hey thank you so much for watching this one I highly appreciate if you enjoyed it hit that thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe for future tech videos hey I hope I catch you in the next one bye now