Londons Holy Turf War




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before you can go to hell Christianity could go to hell we are Muslim Patrol Islam if here in London there's a weird thing happening in East London two small groups of radicals have set up quasi vigilante organizations to enforce their ideology on the streets at night one is a group of hardline Muslims campaigning for Sharia law and the other is a militant nationalists bring with strong Islamophobic tendencies called Britain first it's a kind of turf war between Britain's two least popular gangs to be British is to be a paedophile do what we say your bishop [Music] high level political discourse on the streets of London two groups of men shouting pedophile one another all right sir do you mind talking on camera this company called vice not going to come around the hand there's a little bit of tension boiling outside Paddington green right now these guys are being slightly more PR friendly we don't recognize British who believe in Islamic sharia have you come across the Christian patrols have been set up in response to the Muslim ones I just tell me this the racist view what about if they physically intimidated one of the special guests a source of anger frustration and hatred for all of you inside and your dreams about Muslims we're standing here today to prevent the evil of man-made law and from Chowdhury is one of the biggest tabloid hate figures in the UK and here's the ex leader and founder of several hardline Islamist groups currently banned under the UK Terrorism Act Chowdhury has been linked to a number of convicted terrorists such as Michael adebolajo one of the killers of Lee Rigby pictured here with Chowdhury at a protest in London in 2007 is a microcosm of how different the extreme factions of operating within Britain today are on one hand you got engine charges preaching holy war and on the other hand you got Britain first for basically preaching anti engine Chowdhury Britain first are the noisiest faction of the increasingly balkanized British far-right protest movement we do not want to live under Sharia law and that is exactly why we're here and we've got one hell of a fight on our hands gentlemen the guy behind Britain first this Paul golden a man who has set himself up as an John Chow Drew's nemesis in fact the reason he wasn't at this protest was because the week before he had arranged an ambush on Chaudhary at his house so we are here tonight to do a doorstep demonstration we're gonna shine Jim tragedy exactly what we think as Antrim arrived home with his wife and children Paul Goulding and a group of Britain first members surrounded his car and screened to be so Paul Goulding was arrested for suspected harassment of Chowdhury and his bail conditions forbidden for entering London and engaging in any political activities funny thing is in the last few days I had I had this idiot Paul Golding a my door you know he's burned fast he's racist and if anything is they arrested him his bail condition is you can't come into London and fast they're so stupid on the sea ever since the EDL imploded after Tommy Robinson resigned there's been a kind of power vacuum surrounding far-right politics in Britain now the latest group to throw their hat in the ring are Britain first these guys kind of see themselves as the black ops of the far-right movement if the ADL with a drunken infantry these guys see themselves as a specialist SAS task force designed for exterminating the most dangerous of Muslim extremists [Music] ban the boat our founder burka there's no place in our Christian country for Sharia law there's no place for jihad if you don't like it go back to your own country so we come to meet Paul Golding and he's shown up in an enormous armored Jeep it's the kind of thing that people drive through Syria in hello this is an ex British Army Land Rover from Afghanistan armor plated bulletproof glass and we've got this a disposal now it looks like you're preparing for war Britain first is a no-nonsense headstrong organization we're doing the job that the government refused to do which is clamped down on Muslim extremism in this country people like Anjem Choudary as you know is connected to at least one of the people who butchered Lee Rigby on the streets of Woollett and all the other Muslim groups were going to be going up against all the Muslim patrols in in various areas we're here to oppose them to show them that they can't get away of it scot-free and if that puts us in the line of danger that's a that's something we're willing to go along with so that you've been banned from the capital of England yes and I'm not allowed to engage in any political activities so today you're going to respond to that ban you're gonna respond to your bail conditions absolutely I'm going to hand in a letter received in my agreements and about conditions that were imposed on me we will not tolerate Islamic extremists threaten in this country we will not tolerate police harassment law how do we get hit the harder we will hit back what did he make of it I've handed in my letter so I'm at their mercy now so tomorrow we leave going to London yes and I will also start organising further political activities for activists chomping at the bit to get going I mean he really does believe there he's got big things coming his way he drives around in an armor-plated car he's preparing for war in a way and I'm dubious about whether or not he's gonna get his war but I guess if you go looking for a fight hard enough eventually [Music] the Muslim patrols a run by a guy called Abdul Wahid a member of Anjan Choudhary's entourage in 2007 he was sentenced to six years in prison for shouting bomb the UK at a protest we met him on one of the East London Sharia patrols which have become notorious confronting people involved in prostitution some what's an area are you not wanted around you've got say I respect your fingertips feet and then beat you not ever hold your ground this area is quite famous for becoming a red-light district there have been a number of stickers the important lampposts illegally phone cards advertising massage parlors you know find a telephone number in the phone boxes and they offered Lane do you know what you're doing is illegal and unacceptable your business is not welcome in this area we the Muslim community will continue to patrol the streets and clear the world of Isis and illegal activities that you're conducting ruining the lives of the community but this PR friendly walked through the neighborhood was pretty different from the country's first look at the Muslim patrols in early 2013 a series of videos emerged online featuring young Muslim men filming themselves aggressively enforcing Sharia law on the streets of London yes because you're looking for a Muslim area you're just like a fragment you need to get out of it yeah I'll be your back what were the footage you've just seen is of some Muslim Sharia patrols on the streets of East London well this is one thing that we've been investigating for quite a while and it's about time that we start combat in these Muslim patrols started taking the fight to them these videos gave Paul Golding the ammunition he needed to push his fantastical narrative of the encroaching islamification of Britain as such Britain first began taking direct action against the Muslim patrols by setting up their own Christian patrols our children and grandchildren could be a despised minority in our own country and you've only got a look at places where there are Muslims already the majority places like East London for example what's happening vigilante Muslim gangs are out there attacking people we will find out everything there is to know about them and hit them where the weakest if they don't like it so what if the police don't like it so war they arrest us we'll go to prison come out and we'll do it again I'm standing in a car park somewhere in London and we're here to meet Britain first they've told us to meet us here because there's an operation plan for tonight now we don't know what that means we don't know what they've got planned perhaps today is a little bit of a test to see whether or not this group actually are the militant organized Bunch they claim to be or just a ragtag load of hoodlums it's about five cars here with about 17 guys in it some of them are pretty nervous about being on camera though what we're gonna do is grab convoy going for a Brit playing very slowly and our activists are going to be basically walking alongside the vehicles giving out that Christian trollee blitz what about if the police stop you stop us for what we're here in our own country protected by laws passed by Parliament to carry out political activities and do what if we want let's go the whole point of operation fight back confronted all the hate preachers is to try and strangle and suffocate Islamic extremism in this country you're the leader of this group is there a military commander from history who particularly inspires you well you had Winston Churchill who led us for the Second World War he said that Islam in the human is as bad as rabies in the dog we are out here doing the police job if they're unwilling to do it because of absolute terror of being branded races they just simply turned a blind eye to what's going on but we're not do you think people would brand you guys racist how can you be racist against a multiracial religion that includes lots of white people I don't dislike Muslims themselves I think that they've been led astray by a seventh century very intolerant very totalitarian ideology if I was to say all the Nazis of this that and the other you wouldn't say oh you being racist would you know I don't know some people might say that your organization is closer to Nazis than it is to most other political organizations in the UK what's the basis that after saving your Anansie i could say anything Talk's cheap ways to prove why we're going to be going into brick lane now Oh especially alcohol and harassing women you see anything because it just makes you throw could be you intercept you should stick up your ass reactions we know it please ever walking down Brit Lane handing out the flies some people are telling them to off some people looking angry it's a few police sides a circle and certainly having an impact Britt Lane is an area with a huge Muslim population which is why handing out pamphlets covered in crusader iconography might be considered to be in poor taste it's down to their communities to police these people that are doing this thing in the Muslim population they're big rooms bigger should worry everyone in this country just keep things going yeah there was a little bit of anger perhaps on Brett Lane where they were leafletting but unsurprisingly Mohammed's army didn't rise to try and behead them all it's it doesn't have the same kind of physical presence as the EDL had maybe 18 months ago he claims that this is because he's currently working with a squadron of the elite far-right back his followers don't look in particular great shape look we're just driving past my house this is how weird this is we're following an armored vehicle and it's just in the streets that we live and working since the first time we'd gone out with Abdul in his patrol in East London the guys responsible for the Muslim Patrol viral videos had been arrested and imprisoned for harassment and assault it turns out the pair who had been arrested had been members of Antrim Choudhary's crew who we had met during the course of making this bail normal City disobey Allah is gonna be bad you know since their whiskey the truth and that's what we came to do so I don't care about the consequences don't care about what people think we've only worked appease a lot we went to Whitechapel to see many people living in London which isn't illegal we've away from the math people about the gay community they've been harassed supposedly by the Muslim control I have my patrols I haven't come across something with it are you dating again if you see someone doing something that you don't believe is correct will he go up to and say what you were doing is wrong being non-muslim according to me is wrong and so this is a crime in my eyes ultimately there's a day of judgment and will be held to account to the actions which were not in line with the teachers of Islam the deeds deny that some people have friend people I don't deny though with us entirely possible possible in the papers that reported few people have been arrested for assault yes as part of the you know the Muslim Patrol you know they have not been convicted for the Muslim Patrol videos they were attacked by a group of drunks and it wasn't anything to do with the Muslim Patrol videos it may have had nothing to do with the videos but Jordan Horner got sixty eight weeks for assault and using threatening words or behavior and Ricardo McFarlane got 12 months for a frame crimes committed whilst on patrol all the businesses and Rowdies been preaching Sharia law around Britain for many many years the British media love to hate him he's always on the cover of newspapers with tabloids screaming kick him out kick him out but I think it's an interesting time for Chowdhury because suddenly Britain first have really targeted him personally so and room can you explain to us what the purpose of the Muslim patrols in East London is if we look within society today we find that some of the biggest CEOs I think that alcohol drugs prostitution so basically the youth who are affiliated with us have been going out and really addressing these issues and we have a right to come out and address this may be the stars of Muse could be different but nevertheless I think these guys are doing a service to society are you worried about the safety of the people on these patrols and now that people like Britain first to be running effectively rival Christian Patrol well I think that Britain first are you know one in a long line of extreme right-wing fascists but I think it's very healthy for people to have emotive feelings about things you see I mean whether they love love it or they hate it I think yourself in summer phobia is healthy I mean what do you think of democracy obviously we will benefit from freedom of expression because we will probably get what we believe but that doesn't mean that would give me kind of respect to that system so you use what democracy gives you but you won't respect the system and against that will use it what we're saying is that you know we live in a society where we are not being stopped from propagating us and publicly so whether that said democracy or communism whatever system may be we will continue to do that the events of the last year would join to their natural conclusion it was the day the willit killers were going to be sentenced and the far-right pool golden and his Christian Patrol marched on the Old Bailey to celebrate get the flags ready we're gonna be moving off respectively what's him scum Muslims have killed him put in a Cell it's still a good enough they should be taken to the nearest tree and um give me 10 years to be a right-wing government and that will happen we're losing our heritage because of immigration government ain't our side the police down to us never unify because a lot of these groups are there simply to fulfill the egos of a few people being very hostile so I have a lot of the other groups they come from the pubs that's what they're here for they're here to get boost our called trouble I think it's okay to behave English soldiers on our own soul yeah we're ready now as a right and then this happened a mob of the far-right attacked a family of Muslims who had left the court for a separate case [Music] the mother and her grieving family were greeted with racist abuse and threats of viable the thin veil of respectability had drop and the nasty atmosphere became overtly violent [Applause] [Music] [Applause] well if the only one of these groups here today that's taken on engine charge he made him uncomfortable chased him up the road confronted him opposed him Paul Goulding and Anjem Choudary are marginal figures they each represent a tiny minority of Britain whose philosophies are at total odds with the rest of the nation and Jim Chowdhury and these are doing all the upper bosom extremists in his country you're not interested in any of these other groups they're only interested in us as much as they mock and despise one another Paul's insecure Islamophobic agenda and and Rome's anti British preaching actually justify each other's existence [Music] but easy as it is to dismiss them as nasty eccentrics their rhetoric is violent and as the murder of Lee Rigby or the subsequent arson attacks on mosques show there can be serious consequences to this type of crosslet izing even if only a few people in this [Music] [Applause]