Longest Zipline in the World


Simon Wilson


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afternoon hope you're all well before we get into the video those of you who saw the series new york to la with no money might have joined in on some of my live q and a's along the way and i love doing them but for some reason i've just not done many more since well i want to do more and i'm going to start doing more and i've teamed up with a new app called stereo where you can actually send the voice message instead of me just reading a question that you've typed kind of like this where's somewhere in the world that you've been that is a must-see i've got a few but i'm gonna say this petra in jordan i'm just saying mayo's much better than ketchup oh wow wow do you think with youtube being so saturated now it's easy enough to get your videos noticed you know if you're passionate about something and you love doing something you know you're gonna stick at it and you know what if you don't build a following and you don't turn it into a career at least you love doing it and you know you're experiencing it anyway i've already done two live conversations on this so far which brought back so many memories and thank you so much to everybody who jumped on and sent their voice messages it's crazy that it's the same people jumping on stereo that it was jumping on when i was going through america with no money love that thank you if you missed the last two live streams you can catch up on them on the app and i'm also going live tonight at 9 00 pm if you're free and fancy jumping on make sure to download the stereo app if you haven't already so you can join in later if you're over 18 i've put a link to the stereo app and my next live conversation at 9 pm tonight at the top of the description go check it out look forward to catch up with you later and i hope you enjoy the video [Music] i don't know why i'm doing this but i'm about to do the longest zip wire in the world hey how are you looking for the zip line yeah zip line is in here is it yes yes okay how long is the zip light 2.83 kilometers 2.83 kilometers only one line oh wow so it's 140 150 kilometers per hour and it's the longest zip line in the world it is that is insane so from this point we just uh verified the waivers uh yeah you designed the waivers online i did it you do it you never know the waivers just in case the line breaks right exactly that's it right i'm just signing my life away let's hope this line doesn't break perfect thank you thank you okay follow me cool thank you so you can proceed now to the middle to get the gear to get the harness yeah perfect thank you i'm looking good the thing is i don't know how i feel about this now i sort of rushed into this thinking it was cool and now i'm studying waiting to be harnessed up it's actually starting to kick in i'm from the uk how about you where are you from costa rica costa rica yeah awesome hey i've never been to costa rica you have to bro i know i would love to go so let's go through this okay you can lean on my shoulder right now okay yeah to make it easy for you has there been any bad stories with the zip line no no no all good all good you see the number check the number yeah this is the people who has done the flight 55. so that's how many people you've done yeah man 55 780. this is a unique number for you again that number represents how many people have done the zipline yeah and in 55 780 people there's not been one problem do many people get up there and then they decide they can't do anything many are good many people what sort of percentage would you say five five six a day five six a day they go up there and they say no i'm not doing it they are in the position they are clipped to the wire and when they say are you ready they say no take me out really really man the only have to do is release the carabiner and that's it and they say no i can't oh my god hopefully you won't be seeing me back in no clear man one day we have yeah 12 people they say no 12 people say no yeah was one group of six can you say all six no i can't that's insane they came together to do the flight yeah and they say no well so six people in the same group at the same time bro they all come up and they just said no we're not doing it exactly wow okay boss everything is set okay cool i hope you enjoy your ride what was your name oliver oliver simon lovely to me thank you very much for all this to meet you bro i really appreciate you my pleasure have a good one you too bro see you later now because if you i tighten now you will have a headache on the top okay yeah my colleague's there i'm gonna fix everything for you okay cool awesome oliver thank you man cheers this is what i look like this is a legit this is no joke oh i don't know how i'm gonna feel about this to be honest we'll soon find out when we get to the top now one point five to two minutes you're scared two minutes maybe like two days one more thing for the mask we advise everybody to pick up their mask and put it in your pocket the reason is because based on the speed and the wind [Music] you so it starts there goes all the way over there and you can't even see the end point the end point is our like little white thing in the back [Music] i've never done anything like this before i've never done a zip line i've never done a bungee jump i've never done a skied out nothing oh wow here we go this is it this is it oh my god my legs are going like jelly yeah don't worry were you from me uh uk from wales in this position oh yeah what's going on here whoa whoa whoa oh man honestly i'm breaking it now there's no going back you're gonna go down like push-ups i'm not gonna move i'm not gonna go down you're not gonna go oh my god i feel sick this is so uncomfortable me you're not gonna move i swear this is so uncomfortable i can't let my house be like that hanging my other hand is struggling to move oh my god me i am the most unrelaxed at the minute i've ever been in my life oh my god oh oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my jesus oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god i am so glad that is over me i am so glad this is over stand up jesus christ wow what an experience that was oh what's going on here now there's one more oh my god this is just as scary as the actual one what am i doing now just yes you want oh my god oh my my honestly i don't like this really at least that bit they let you go this bit i've got to go then show me where it's done oh my god let's screw it and then what am i holding on to this [Music] oh my god i still can't even sum up how i feel about that the most uncomfortable thing i've ever done in my life hello how are you hi how are you you good how was that oh my gosh i i can't work out if i enjoyed it i can't work it out that is just insane when you see like oh my god have you had a gun yeah do you do it do you enjoy it wow what an experience that was jesus so literally we've come from the top of there's a mountain over there we've then come down to that and then there's a platform down there for me it just felt like it went for ages it just went so long for you and quick at least two minutes though in it oh my honestly when i was in i thought it was going to pass out yeah you know it's 120 kilometers an hour top speed 120 it doesn't feel that fast but honestly right if you said to me now did you enjoy it i still couldn't it was just an experience honestly wow to be fair though i would recommend if anybody is in the uae i definitely recommend doing it because whether it's good or bad it's an experience right that's the end from the uae zip line what would you say dale would you recommend people do it yeah it's a good laugh there isn't it how are you going to do it cause we can't sit at the beach all day at uae you've got to come and do some adventure exactly i'd just like to point out as well that the welshman beat the scotsman what have you got to say about that dale it wasn't a competition it was a race who said it was a race and i won i don't know anything about any race you at the end the scotsman what are they like make sure to download the stereo app if you haven't already so you can join in later if you're over 18 i've put a link to the stereo app and my next live conversation at 9pm tonight at the top of the description