Louis CK Talks Everythings Amazing And Nobody Is Happy Clip His Comedy Tour More TIME




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in the past month comedian Louie CK has become a youtube sensation I was on an airplane and there was internet high-speed Internet on the airplane the newest thing that I know exists footage of his October appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien has been viewed more than a million times and then it breaks down and they apologize the Internet's not working the guy next to me goes burgers I'm sat down with Louie to discuss the clip everything's amazing nobody's happy and his ongoing comedy tour which takes him to Tampa on March 19th so first I want to ask about this clip because it's actually an older clip is from last October why do you think that so many people just loved it it resonates so well we I did that in October I remember when in October but it was soon after the markets that first big tumble happened that was material I was actually saving for the my next special but I thought this really means something right now like nobody had lost any jobs yet it was just things look like they were about to get ugly and people were afraid that capitalism was failing and so to me the idea was well maybe that's not terrible as long as it's happening there might be a good view of it well and it's funny how many different ways you can kind of take that clip and and stretch it I don't think anyone in any comment that I've read has really understood what I meant by the whole thing I don't think it's made any real but I don't care it was also was just joke one kid said so what if something doesn't work I have a right to expect it to work if it advertised that it was fast and it wasn't why wouldn't I be mad and you know that's the way some people look at it and I think though it's a trap it's an unhappy trap you don't really need that picture of Axl Rose in your phone that quickly do you like was it really important anyway you know what that's interesting by the clip to me is it's really about me it's not about other people like the story I tell on Conan about the guy on next to me on the airplane when the internet shuts down suddenly there wasn't anybody next man that plane it was me there was nobody next to me people don't talk to me on airplanes any any time you see me doing a bit where some stranger says some it's me the fact is I was really upset that the internet shut down I was livid and then I caught myself and said wait a minute what are you what are you upset about this was this was incredible that this was possible even and I sort of started it was kind of like an epiphany for me I started seeing things differently like realizing that when we get to a gate and they go we need ten minutes because the guy at the gate the plane that our gate hasn't backed out yet and I go okay come on like that was me let's go why it's actually not going to get me there quicker it's not going to get you know I mean like I'm not I'm losing nothing I just feel bad but if you can just like take a breath and calm down and go yeah this is as good as they make these right now this is as good as it is and it's pretty goddamn great but somehow we don't know doesn't make us happy and that's too bad I don't think that means people are bad people it means that they're unhappy the jet pack that they have all this great shit if you had a jet pack you'd be like I have the shittiest jet pack I can't believe I got this jet pack who's yours your service provider on your jet pack is who do they make the new one hate this thing it sucks and then we'd all sit there and talk about that part of me feels like if people have to go back to basics a little bit they'll start to see that because there's no you have a job and then you don't even you don't make it up for the shit you even own you have a house full and a car and a house of all shit you can't have you can't afford it and you don't even get the pride of saying like I have this job and because of it I have that car that I have this job and because of it I have custody of this car that the bank is paying somebody else for and if they ever come calling I'm going to go to jail it's really a it's a shit life I think that we're living right now and I feel bad for people because I see it in their faces all the time so that's really more what it was about I didn't mean to say we're a shit generation I meant to say that we're shitty generation oh yeah so you mentioned that this Conan clip a lot of material was from when the markets kind of first bottomed out seems like you've got a lot of material to work with now yeah it's a nanana also that that bit is a big part of my like that's four minutes I think and it's about 40 minutes now of stuff about that area and it changes every day every time I do it I change it because the world is changing every day so the gravity of the situation is much deeper than it was it was kind of an easy playful thing to say back then as so wide what do we need all this for anyway and now I say it and I was in Seattle doing a theater there and I'm I was saying oh okay so capitalism is dead and the economy screwed up oh well and everyone's like yeah we all lost our jobs yesterday like in Seattle I was like literally looking at an unemployed audience and that doesn't mean I can't as a matter of fact the material means more to them but you got it you have to be aware of who you're talking to in an audience are there any shows that stand out that you just think the audience was great one of the best shows I ever had was not in this part of the world at all it was in a Baghdad one of the country-western guys he was on stage and the lights went out and the sound went out all at once there was like 2,000 soldiers standing and it was cold and they're all just standing there in her you know then their camels just you know waiting and all of a sudden is no show and they said it would take an hour to fix the generator or half an hour or something like that so I said I'll go on because I can I don't need a guitar I don't need electricity the thing that hit me was that the guy I was standing with this guy sergeant white and he said he looked at the soldiers and he said if this was Madison Square Garden they would be yelling and throwing stuff and wanting their money back but these guys were just standing there just waiting it just broke my heart you know so I just went onstage and I and they were in I mean it's the best audience I ever had they weren't like an audience of American consumers that are like well I wanted to see you show it's for me I you know then they leave they go I wasn't crazy but the first wasn't really didn't really work just the way we are now and then they'd write up blog the next day subpar show not really great you know that kind of thing these guys are like this guy doesn't have a mic he needs us and so they everyone that was there noticed us they all crushed in like they came they all pushed in to each other's backs to get closer to me and every joke they would laugh way harder then the joke was funny and I was filthy I mean that's the dirtiest show I ever did and I think it was ice it stands out to me as one of the best shows I ever did