[Music] everybody just know but you have to get out of bed because Maddie's I Clarence coming over and Welby was doing research on her last night and I found out she's a huge freaking liar so I have to confront her about this today's sweep pass there I only slept a wink 11 in a half hour it was almost a hopefully right he'll be a little bit late so I can't sleep it's me Miranda and today I'm here with Matt design one of someone here she is and she's what Ziegler not you so anyways she's here today normally I teach her how to dance but luckily she's given up on that so I don't have to teach her that anymore just finished a tour in Australia doing lawrence dancing with hello see ya who's that cuz i remember my video where i where the blond wig and the nucleotide is I thought that was your song oh yeah it's very difficult exercise no I've recently discovered that humanity is a liner I picked up some of these magazines but we're gonna see if you are indeed oh I love a sister that's you what's the kitties exactly like you Mackenzie is unmarked same intensity my sister magic she helped me to be more confident and always tells me that I can do it is that a truth or a lie and it's true yeah because I used to watch Dance Moms and I remember on you are not nice to her lungs yeah we used to fight so this is haha here she is again you brought a classic all-american style muted colors clean silhouettes and a breezy attitude are all essential parts of your fashion time you think that's true I think so ok let's see what I can find in here look at that is the opposite of what it said unit colors basically the darkest red color purple in color okay but that tonight I like oh I'm in the girl next door casual this is bold oh thanks that's not a compliment Oh next next next you in 13 she's 13 years old she's in there so probably alignment on 11 changer thing 7-eleven sure so you guys have parently best friends yeah you just told me all right here it says your girl who finds young girl positive energy yes I'm going to clear that out by was confused if you look where you you have done videos where you're Nikki and you have no practices I've never been naked it you've seen unique it you ran away it's hard literally make it a new no crema since you're a girl you're confront your own girl she could be lying you don't know you're all mine join every moment and inspiring others to do the same is that true this year spread your natural thoughtfulness but anyways to give compliments to stranger I do compliment you don't ya just admit to me that you know sometimes people will come up to me that I've never met before and I'll tell them that I like that shirt is that a lie because you just said it to me and you don't even know who it's gonna be you don't know if you like their turn you just tell all your fancy like that sure no look it she's a liar but picture her and Joe Josie want we're all one big family it's really cool to get to hang out with him okay so she says that I'm family but you said you have a sister her name is Mackenzie Jojo is not your sister she has blonde hair so you can color fine magazines don't do it I'll show it to you in your own mouth your own mouth is liar hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm here with my good friend Jack who's that my friend your boyfriend Jack aim look at this first crush was that good yes you knew Jack when you said these words Jack know about your other boyfriends and he's not my boyfriend also that is money that is a mind thing right no you need to just a celebrity crush didn't want to thats okay tell me what this is kingi live in the studio G no secret she has the secret boyfriend oh he's not telling you about she tells it was all on chat my point from my boyfriend meanwhile she's trying to hang out with Zac Efron and she's trying to kiss you want to name Johnny sure okay this is me being a hundred percent honest to everyone watching and to you I have a boyfriend named Jack I wasn't dating him during this I had to do a dance where I had to kiss a boy and it was the worst experience of my life I had a celebrity crush on Zach well anyway I feel like my work here is done I just prepped you guys that Maggie's 9 Garner has a secret crush a secret relationship and she's only I only love Jack that's it girl you love it don't you love it don't you love him I love Jack do you know what our ship name is it's very it's Giada jack javi is that sounds like Daddy you know people don't hang that and I think you're Liam you're the only person sense of that okay single hey Johnny never trying I might not have a boyfriend if I say that well then he'll be single oh no Danny all right that's all we're gonna do today I just wanted to prove to you guys that Maddie is not believing you thought she wanted sure to subscribe to heart and keep an eye on huh awesome um can you do me a favor sure I'm having a huge New Year's Eve party all yours and you can you and Jack come to it I will I will be here you will you're gonna change your plans you're gonna change your plan so Maddie will be at my New Year's Eve party and so will Jack [Music]