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Oh guys I'm Adam will Warner from walk culture and I'm Andy Lorcan from what culture happy birthday and this is the news so Story number one is from everyone's favorite topic of conversation at the moment not being a PW we have an update from shagger Dave who obviously is toiling down the newsletters at the moment after breaking his hand in bicycle accent but any breaking news audio over the weekend he has reported that aew are currently locked into talks with two major TV networks and once one of them signs which you presume is going to happen if they're at this advanced stage it will be the biggest non WWE TV deal signed by any wrestling promotion since the WCW were on TNT back in the day very interesting stuff this yeah well this is huge news whenever we talk about aw all people say in the comments is well they are at the moment just kind of a bit of a speculative company gang up on in these shows yes you know the guys behind it were responsible for all in but we haven't seen anything that they can do yet why you speculating about all these guys go in there from WWE you don't know if they're gonna be successful or not but this is an indication than they are not only aiming high but they're looking effectively a bit like WCW to compete with WWE yeah with a major deal which is exactly what they need and obviously they've already trademarked Tuesday night dynamite that suggests their main show will be on the Tuesday night which will be very convenient when smite down moves to Friday in October they will have the monopoly of that evening apart from 205 live if it still goes out and the Tuesday after that but here's a little thing fee I've done some more actual journalism Adam Warren check this so the beam Lilly crew Cody the Bucks everyone Adam page they were all hanging out on social media in Atlanta Georgia this weekend so given that Meltzer reported that they were in talks with at least one network this weekend what TV network is based in Atlanta Georgia yeah a little-little corporation you may know of called Turner Broadcasting who is the head honcho of Turner Broadcasting WCWS Ted Turner very interesting obviously we're just putting two and two together here we're not seeing that they're gonna sign with big Ted but they could be in the run they get to say in the infamous war room I hope so I hope so I mean we should be conscious of drawing these parallels between WCW which was obviously a complete business disaster where she saw people turn either way indeed let's move on to our next story today and an update on Seth Rollins you're not the only journalist in the office I've been doing research myself a Jackson Pollock of post wrestling John Jackson Pollock's John Pollock of post wrestling is reporting that Seth Rollins is suffering with an injury he looks like it's gonna be an out for the next month he isn't seriously injured only the WrestleMania main event is in jeopardy or not the main event he's big match at WrestleMania it didn't appear to be in jeopardy but he's suffering with an injury no specifics on this but he looks like certainly for the next month or so not knowing ring work for him just a lot of promo yeah it's a pretty interesting story this he's been taking off house shows he hasn't wrestled on a house show in two weeks his last match was on Raw against Dean Ambrose which let's be honest wasn't the best match he's apparently been dealing with this injury for a while since before the Brock Lesnar beat down on Raw last week obviously no WWE will probably try and turn that into some kind of angle because he gave what six F fives yes exactly including one on the belt on the belt so that that's pretty interesting because obviously set is everyone's big great hope heading into WrestleMania I think a lot of people are gonna go into that event thinking he's going to win but given that Vince McMahon is kind of notoriously cagey when it comes to guys he team are injury-prone if staff is out for a number of weeks here do you think it's a double as a double I'm here first of all we were already speculating that they could quite easily as they've done in the past have the bill being Seth Rollins is colluding with mania Seth Rollins is clearly gonna win a million you know at mania day of mania Vince goes signed Brock for another day skim the belt Plus not only that I know there's always this discussion about the main event of Wrestlemania and Becky Lynch and Rhonda and him but also I think they're to build intrigue in that match the best thing you can do is have Seth Rollins compete because at the end of the day that is his best work we talk so much about them say all he's a company man and he does of course all these promos so I'm going to sell any more tickets seeing him in the ring seeing him be that incredibly talented guy their ears will sell more tickets him not being in it in or being out of in-ring action for the next month he's a real probably Mike he will be doing for my promo work but he's not going to be on Raw this weekend this weekend tonight apparently speaking of guys who won't be on Raw I have an update from the AJ community nice professional rollerblader AJ style so there was a rollerblader there was a report circulated over the weekend I have a direct tweet from AJ here a wrestling news world for some reason uploaded to this story stating the AJ had agreed terms on the new WWE contract guess what they just kind of means that just made it up and it's not the old Meltzer excuse of plans change they just made the made the ball it's up so they posted this story and AJ in the latest example him for him being really confused by things we didn't respond so I'm gonna do it inside saying so why not what was that are you sure please let me know more about this because I know nothing about this and he's done a little emoji there as well so you smoked that belt and yeah interesting this way is because Dave shagger Dave wrote last week that AJ is expected to resign with WWE and I think we'd be very surprised if he doesn't but he has it all ready for a contract that reportedly expires in April it's kind of interesting yeah it's gonna spark speculation like this but I sense with him responding to a tweet like I would suggest he's gonna be leaning one way rather than the other yeah you think so I mean he will smartly use aew as leverage against WWE to drive off his own price that's just good business but I would be astonished if he went elsewhere either way I'm just really enjoying this new angle with AJ where he just doesn't understand stuff everything tied to masculinity what's that I don't get it once watched you later don't know why do you know that woman matter sales how much is Batman very good accent I'm sure it would be absolutely section well before we to move on to our questions from the Q&A community we have a final update on Kevin Owens who tweeted recently had a match with Adam Cole at the performance center but don't expect even a WWE ring anytime soon he says he's gonna see the WB fans in a few months he looks like he's slowly getting back to fitness sir any recent photos of him look like he's dropped a fair bit of weight yeah we're all really excited I can't wait see him back me until you do earring but having said all that I feel that it's probably best for him to come back post WrestleMania a just for his well being and B because they won't have anything for him to do well yeah they want they really want like I mean there's so many things you can do now if Kevin ones returning obviously Romans away Brock is probably our way after the next time your baby ensure so there's a clear spot there in the main events well for more than one wrestler but they could also do something really cool with him and Sammy Sammy Sammy perhaps is a tag team really elevate that division as well because it really sucks at the moment so lots of interesting possibilities but things are gonna be very complicated heading into WrestleMania 35 obviously was a hard reset coming after that maybe he'll come back on there after Mia that'd be cool cuz yeah I know a few guys who are gonna be there absolutely let's move on some of your Twitter questions from today they're nothing by the way I wasn't dropping any better don't forget hidden Twitter's at what culture do we do we let's move on to our first question from mark Gallagher who sent us a video question for today nice hey sir mark I was gonna say it looks a little bit like Jerry why here I'm liking this blade Luke man that's very very porous steel in the business of the moment so these get mark Gallagher it's not yeah the first question it comes from mark gallagher and he asks in june in 2016 to three years ago there were only 5 titles around now three years later s 16th ones and fails do you think they should calm it down just what you need on a Monday morning I've actually a lot of belts not be less than three years ago here properly what do you what do you make them on the question of whether or not they have too many belts yes I do believe WWE you need to calm the proverbial tits and those far too many like I gather they need certain amount of them because they have to main roster brands now but does each front really need a mid cart belt does NXT really need a mid car belt do we really need all these other regional titles that will be coming in it just seems to me to devalue the whole thing and then of course every single show has a top title in it is it really necessary I'm kind of the opposite side of this I enjoy the amount of belts we've got I think the midcard belts are good because you've got if you just if you bring people up or you're starting people off where you need something for people to fight over there isn't the major belt I'd much rather them have a midcard belt fight over other than some nonsense view that creative are in charge of for instance but I never really beat or anything and I'm a big fan of the the mid cop-out on NXT I mean look we were gonna get a great match between Johnny gaga no and ricochet anyway but just have a belt on the line adds that little bit more entry having having said all that I do draw a line following the women's tag-team belts I think that's a great thing to have but no more for a while now and the good thing about that is that it's gonna swap between branch so exactly once the pot from maybe a hardcore belt although that's very much wishes or think what they did the network sure it was just no okay the next question comes from gry on Twitter exists if the halftime he got got viewers do you think those guys don't deserve a main event status now I'll watch this last night in the middle of Super Bowl you know young CD but judging by the the stuff on social media and judging by the questionable marine v performance and the Super Bowl look the response I don't know what the viewership is yet laughter --we on we'll hear that in the next she'll probably it was on everything was on YouTube Facebook Twitter probably was on the network I certainly tuned over on was not disappointed it was fantastic out of Nicholas watched it as well it was exactly what they needed to do for that match some people made argue was a bit of a spot fest but what you gonna do with those six incredibly talented guys and that we already knew they needed calling up to the main roster yes yeah but this just evidences that there's an audience there for yeah I think putting them in his main event or so is up way too much and I like Luke but I I love everyone in that match I mean they're all very good not all of those guys are stars let's be honest Ricky she is a phenomenal professional I completely agree with I completely believe that but that is in the performance and her arena physical charisma spoken charisma it's a big jump I think out of those six guys tomaso Champa absolutely main event potential each of the other ones phenomenal wrestlers personal favorites of mine not so sure Velveteen dream but Oh dream sorry he's yeah dreams um he's money but he needs to be handled crazy yeah but well blue your average row inspired ownership but having said all that I think that the exciting around it will continue because it was just a fantastic night you should do this every day yeah absolutely final question today comes from Marquis Luigi says if Ambrose truly is leaving WWE which of course he isn't missing all the work everything's at work who would make a great send-off viewed him personally I'd go with Alistair black but what do you guys think and well we could definitely see it here and I think Alistair blog would be a very good food good idea while we could say here in fantasy book a number of different scenarios that we'd like to see him quitting a younger star over on the way perhaps I think what's most likely is the usual a either not appear at all before he leaves and I do believe he's leaving or be they will job him out Bo Dallas not they're obviously not good job Mike to Bo Dallas but I think he'll be treated like dirt if he's on TV maybe if we're gonna do this interchange of stuff he will lose to niya job that is literal I was about to say is I don't think he's leaving I've convinced myself it to work and no one will convince me otherwise but if it isn't and they're gonna get rid of him I'd like to see him in a few Alistair black would be a fantastic you bringing anyone up from NXT talent few of them would be brilliant but if he is leaving knowing WWE as my good friend Andy Murray said it's probably gonna be tonight Jack's so well have fun with that comment section we'll talk about a big match with EC reason he's a I was always brought up to see if you got nothing nice to say in a suit let's move on to today's and finally because we're struggling new employment and today's and finally it's a little bit of an update on the main event of WrestleMania you see over the weekend posted a vote when go on and say what would you like to see in the main event of Wrestlemania is of course Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey or brock lesnar vs seth rollins i went on this morning and i voted you can very guess which way i voted he's a Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey do you know what the percentages were for those two matches and honey only guess because you know you know smokey your fans I hate using that term entire clans would say was obviously gonna bekanich but your casual fans keep clearly supportive in the media he closed out the room rumble so what's wrecking the vote was I'm gonna see because I'm gonna say it's in favor of Becky because it's the Internet and the Internet is skewed 5545 it's a good guest the correct answer or at least when I voted on it may have changed by now 82% of people wanna see Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey at restaurant yeah realize yes you say it's the internet it's different it's yeah that's God's sake Vince listen to your audience no one wants to see Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar in the main event or eighty percent of people do but they don't really matter everyone wants to see Becca Lee vs ronda Randy Razzie so for God's sake make it come on WWE listen to the magic Booker wes is here closer is somebody holding the battle isn't it you know all those wrestle me all those companies we've run no well there's no your thoughts on that and all of today's news stories in the comment section below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe and check out our wrestling podcast by searching for what kultur s think on either iTunes or Spotify bye thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon