MAJOR WWE Angle CONFIRMED What You Didnt See On Raw

[Applause] hello there everybody what culture wrestling's art of clear here y-yes well observed I do look very smart we've got a executive box at Newcastle United at all going there bit later on yes thank you very impressive I know anyway it was raw last night Andrew boy is there a news first off though please rewind your brains to the Royal Rumble and this image of Sasha banks flashing beam number four now I'm sure you're well aware that is in reference to WWE /nh T's four horsewomen of wrestling Sasha banks Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair and Bayley now on the off chance you've been paying precisely zero attention over the last few years they are of course not the only four horsewomen in women's sports there is a four horsewomen arguably a more famous four horsewomen of MMA and they are of course Ronda Rousey massive UFC star Lee recently debuted on NXT Jessamyn Duke marina Sofia Shaffer Chevy I've never totally sure and of course the NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler now I'm not telling you anything you don't already know here but the idea of doing the four horsewomen of WWE versus the four horsewomen of MMA has been around forever but the news coming out of Raw last night is we could be getting it as soon as next month yep now this was not caught by the WWE cameras perhaps very very deliberately but caught by fan footage at Raw last night was this Becky Lynch flashing the four and Bailey who immediately flashed it but now if you remember Sasha doing the exact same thing at the Royal Rumble that now means three of WWE's four horsemen to be giving it this in the space of 24 hours so what is the bottom line here well we know from last night's Raw that Ronda will be facing Becky in arguably the most anticipated women's wrestling match of all time can I say that I'm gonna say that of all time but between now and then we have countless hours of television and two full pay-per-views to film now add to this the increasingly strong increasingly vocal increasingly credible rumors that run to a leave WWE some time just after WrestleMania to go and focus on having a family and the window with which to use for these mega matches is getting perilously perilously small plus you have to say after the WrestleMania main event the next big one fans wanted to see what the four horsewomen versus the four Waterman so they want to do it while she's a full-timer then they'd have to do it soon meanwhile on Twitter notable wrestling journalists and confirmed fan of my baking Dave Meltzer said the match was indeed in the pipe I know he wasn't quite sure of the timeframe on it me personally just me here this is the match I would do if you've got Ronda on like a Brock contract I would bring her back sometime in the future to do the full Ottoman versus the four horsewomen but hey why do I know actually to tell you the truth the timing for this might actually be quite quite perfect while there are still tensions between Becky and Charlotte to put it quite mildly all four women on the WWE side baby Sasha Becky and Charlotte are largely on the face side of the spectrum while Ronda is now a de facto heel because she's facing Becky you've also got the three of them down in NXT being absolute bastard so it naturally kind of goes together I mean I'm not an expert here by any stretch of the imagination lul just kidding I am but Lynch and Flair's inability to co-exist could give you a very obvious match finish and a reason to put her into the main event of Wrestlemania and is there a better way to debut Shayna Baszler and make a look an absolute monster and so so yes there you have it one day need any little detail on Raw that everybody miss but which could prove to be very big and very exciting going forward to keep the getting this done in the middle anyway let us know what you made of it by leaving a comment below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe in the meantime thank you very much for watching and of course without I'm clearly the one horse man of wrestling Trey bakes yellow go star I'll see you soon that means bye bye