MAKE IT HAPPEN Best Motivational Speech Video 2020




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[Music] there was a light inside of every one of us an ember that burns and begs us to become more than what we have ever been this is the flicker of creativity the spark of an idea the outline of a design [Music] you gotta make it happen keep it like this do it for you you're in charge of your in every day the clock is ticking every year the calendar moves your it cannot be delayed for that one you're it gotta start with your first step you're it gonna start with your first move matter of fact get begins in your mind it is your dreams it is your purpose it is your future it three types of people in this world there are people who watch things happen there are people who wonder what happened and there are people who make things happen you got a determine which person you are you can make a wish or you can make it happen I must first believe that you can that you will that you must when you are no longer willing to tolerate being in the road of failure den that's when you're gonna break through are you gonna rise and go higher and go stronger than you ever get in your life are you gonna look in the mirror and see that image and realize that you are more than an image in the mirror there's enough fire inside of you everything you have been through you've got to be able to see your face are you gonna realize that it's time for you to step up or you're gonna put aside all your doubts and fears are you gonna be strong enough oh you're gonna love me yes to tell you that you don't have what it takes to make it there is no one like you and all of the are there is no one that can do what you can we play nobody else is gonna be able to do when you keep that in your hair do this that nobody's gonna give you a handout that you have to make this happen that - you show up a new show out and you leave it all on the table we don't have time the second it's how it arrives up it was happy to make their first step it's time for you to start it at the end of the got to be strong you got the fight for you got to make you must accept this truth that you were born to such a time as this and that at this very moment all you have is all you need [Music] persistence consistency resilience courage establishing your priorities mastering self-awareness maintaining focus believing others have failed others have gone others have missed their moment this is the hope that strokes our measures it's our aspirations that must become our allies do you really have what it takes when someone tells you that you're not good enough and you're not strong enough to prove them wrong and make it happen do you have the faith and the resilience to go through the storm to go through the fire to go through all the things that I've been trying to put you down to make it happen you gotta fight through all of that all of your challenges all your limitations all your haters you gotta fight through all of that and that's why victory will taste so sweet the moment that you destroy the door the way out in the role of your joy that's mimic them what you do while you are in pain will echo through the ages realize that you are the greatest creation and what you create relies in you you may get knocked down but so but you may feel like you can't carry on but so what that doesn't mean that it's over for you it doesn't mean that you can't go forward that means you got to rise up process is money the process is murky the process is dark the process is cold leave you in places where you're gonna feel like you have been abandoned you nobody supports you when you don't see the light at the end of your tunnel you gotta remember the light on the inside of you person on this planet that can stop you sometimes you gonna do don't have it anymore you must reconnect with your possibilities it means you got to be that means you got to be strong that means you got to have the power that means you Oh and make it happy [Music] nobody cares until you make it happen worth it worked hard for days what if you stopped listening to the wrong people and start listening to the right people and let their voice be louder people that love use voice gotta be louder people that care about you that voice gotta be louder people that want you to succeed their voice has got to be louder locate nobody's voice be louder than yours you got to understand what voice to listen to you might be hanging on by a thread right now burned out on the verge of dropout but I need you to take a moment at garner up all the belief that you have left in yourself and in the idea of what it's possible to make this thing happen it's those who are not dating the idea but married to the reality that they are the only option but until you understand that is up to you it is up to you to make it happen then nothing will move nothing can happen don't depend on other people to give you permission you have the power to make it happen so move push make moves and go forward be strong enough be willing enough and make it happy for you [Music] opportunity is everywhere but I need you to girl from been ready for this opportunity maturity is knocking wisdom is knocking you are stronger now you are wiser now it's terrible either answer the call which it just stuck out it's time for you to answer the call with your head held high will you keep the land of better life don't keep letting everybody pass you by why not you why not you no sunrise without a sunset there are no roses without if you can remember that then you obstacle as opportunity that your process may be messy will become you can't just a steel you can't just a cute but you've gotta rise up right now are you you are powerful and you gotta focus on your get to turn the moves that you make will echo throughout the ages as there is a generation of people who are attached to your why and if you don't succeed they'll never believe so make it happen [Music] [Music] [Music]