hey guys it's me Miranda as you might know it's very popular nowadays to eat time ponds on the internet and love the internet so I've got to be fun to mix a very popular internet thing with something delicious like a cake pump now so as you can see this is a tide pond but I've already put on to a sink it looks delicious however I've been told by many people on the internet you're not supposed to eat these because you'll die but I do want to eat this cake pop because I look squishy and bright and colorful and delicious so I'm gonna figure out a way to make a type odd edible so join me in case you really want to try it me a time pod how about you don't die this video is for Hannah so all I need for this adventure is a cake before she wants to make one and then dump it into a bowl so now you just dump this inside with all the cake and then you just mix it together [Music] some people say that you should wash your hands before and do this I disagree and I think it's really good to have the flavors of whatever you ain't that game with in your kit here you go so now we just have to make the little bowl note iPods are like balls but they're also like squares so like then as you continue time pods have a blue and orange Gibby's so we gotta make that so I got blue dude beans I'm at McDonald's our our I mean you know orange newbies let's drive it seems like science ok so I thought that red and yellow made orange but I guess it just makes skin color the best part about eating time ponds is that stuff pushes out like a freaking gun shots from the nine beads cakepops don't have anything gushing inside of them so we have to make something good so we have corn syrup I'm just gonna pour the corn syrup inside of my old frosty box and I'm gonna put some blue in there so concussion out see see this will gush out when you take a bite into the cake pop won't we're Bill Nye the Science Guy Moran the stinky dog the last thing we have to do for the cake pops is you have to dip them into a chocolate or something like that that hardens so we have to melt some chocolate chips in here or white ones and die those no color cuz I want it white not racist or anything I just the King but this is white and so that's why I'm not racist I swear all right thanks what the goop inside the balls so basically what you have to do is you take your little ballsy's and you just poke a little hole inside of it open it up right why the grandmas we take your time pot solution and you just pour it inside the cake home okay so I'm onto my chocolate and I just have to dip my tie pong balls in today no I just have to stick my sticks in it and wait for them to dry I put my frosting inside of the sack so now I have to make it basically look like this so look at that a time Kade pawpaw tight ball Dom tied paint pot top cop punk cock-block Tom so this is what the original looks like this is what the kink one looks like I gotta admit the original does look more to like Jase but we're gonna test it out anyway [Music] but is this cutscene highly recommend whether you guys go back to me showing you guys how to make edible Tide Pods so if you guys want to make an edible type on cake pop this is the way to do ants please do not eat real tight pods I don't want any my Marfan design and I heard that's what happens when you eat them so do you know it does please thank you alright so I love you guys and see you next time I love the Internet [Music]